To the Bridgerton family, the identity of Lady Whistledown was more of an urban legend than an actual mystery. But when Penelope Featherington, youngest daughter of the Earl of Calloway and dear friend to Eloise Bridgerton, receives an anonymous letter informing her that she is actually Lady Whistledown, not only does Penelope find herself dealing with questions about her identity but also with uncertainty about her place in society and her career as a writer. The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton: Penelope Featherington is the Real Lady Whistledown

How many Featherington daughters are there?

Despite being a very close friend to Eloise Bridgerton, no one knows that Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) is actually Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Even when she arrives at Pemberley for Christmas, she doesn’t let on who she really is; instead, Elizabeth waits until her betrothed, Darcy Fitzwilliam (George MacKay), asks her to write a column about him—and that’s when things get interesting. She isn’t quite as taken with him as she was with Lizzie’s Mr. Darcy—but then again, he doesn’t instantly fall in love with her either. Still, it doesn’t take long for them to grow into an adorable couple worth cheering for!

What is known about Penelope’s life in London?

Where is she living? How old was she when we first meet her? What kind of a childhood did she have? How did her parents feel about her marriage prospects before they died and who, if anyone, took on that responsibility after their death? Who were Penelope’s friends in London? We have only one major clue to suggest any significant relationships – that her and Eloise are close. Is that because they are close in age or because they shared interests or experiences similar to each other (or both)? Does Eloise know what has happened to Penelope and why she no longer writes for Lady Whistledown even though Eloise supposedly writes it herself?

The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton: Penelope Featherington is the Real Lady Whistledown
The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton: Penelope Featherington is the Real Lady Whistledown

Was Amanda Goode right about Penelope being the lady who started the gossip column?

In her interview on The Today Show, Amanda Goode said that she got a feeling that it was Penelope. She pointed out how similar they were to each other and how both were able to create an air of mystery around them. She also said, however, that she didn’t want to force it because then people would notice. Ultimately Goode had no concrete evidence, just a hunch. However, her hunch was correct! In The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton , not only do we learn more about what makes up Penelope’s character—we get an inside look at what truly caused lady Whistledown to start writing. What made her feel compelled?

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How did she meet Lord Trevelyan?

She met him while out riding with her brother. He was dueling with some men and she came over to help because he needed more people fighting against them. When they won, he was amazed that she had helped so much when no one thought that a woman would be able to do something like that. From then on they started spending a lot of time together, and eventually got married.

Where did she live?

Mrs. Daphne Bridgerton had only one request for her funeral – to be cremated and have her ashes scattered at sea. Her five sons think that a fitting tribute to their mother, but as soon as she’s gone and they don’t have another excuse to bicker with each other, they realize they miss her terribly. The only way they can find comfort in her death is if they find someone who shares their mom’s love of life…and arranges funerals. Enter Nicola Coughlan.

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How did she die?

She was only 27, says Coughlan. Although I don’t think she really died at all—Lady Whistledown pops up as a ghost in lots of books. But I had to die—quite dramatically—in ‘My Fair Gentleman’. It wasn’t that long ago that television viewers across Ireland (Coughlan hails from Bray) would have been used to seeing her character perish in TV3 soap The Clinic, in which she played Sister Lisa for three years. The great thing about writing your own story, though, is that you can choose your own ending. In real life you have no control over what happens to you and how your story ends.

The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton: Penelope Featherington is the Real Lady Whistledown
The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton: Penelope Featherington is the Real Lady Whistledown

Does Eloise know Penelope is Lady Whistledown?

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington, the youngest Featherington daughter and close friend of Eloise Bridgerton, and the real Lady Whistledown in The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton. She likes to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, especially those she finds dull or overly formal. She values her friendship with Eloise greatly; she also likes Colin, but considers him a close friend rather than a romantic interest.

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Is Penelope Lady Whistledown in the books?

In The Duchess War, Daniel tells Anthony that he knows who Lady Whistledown is and it isn’t him. Because Penelope wrote a post making fun of his blue coat and how he came home covered in paint when they were children. The thing is, she didn’t become friends with Anthony until several years after that post was published.

Who plays Penelope in Bridgerton in Season 2?

There are various people on IMDB who have an acting credit for Season 2. That said, there are none listed that look like Penelope Featherington (the youngest daughter). If anyone knows who plays her, please do comment below! We’ll get back to you with an answer! I’m curious if they’ve given her a different name. As we did not identify one true LADY WHISTLEDOWN in Season 1, it seems strange that they would alter one of their characters names in season 2.

Does Colin know Penelope is whistledown?

A couple weeks ago I reviewed Lauren Royal’s Wicked Charmed and gave it a glowing review. Today I am going to be reviewing another book in a similar vein, The Surprise Lady of Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. It was even better than Royal’s book, it was one of my favorites all year. But there were a couple parts that dragged just slightly where they didn’t need to be.

Who did Eloise marry?

Eloise married Benedict Bridgerton, a close friend and heir to a dukedom. She followed him to London and helped plan his wedding to her dearest friend, Harriet, before returning home with an understanding that she would eventually marry Rupert Sheffield. He proposed soon after and they were wed within weeks. Eloise spends a great deal of time traveling between her various homes but makes her home in London most often these days.

Who does Eloise marry?

Everyone wants to know who Eloise Bridgerton marries. Is it Anthony, her childhood sweetheart? Is it Benedict, a rugged army officer? Or maybe Colin, an aristocratic peer with shocking secrets in his past? With so many possible matches for such a desirable lady, everyone keeps asking: Who does Eloise marry in Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers?

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