The Squid Game is the latest South Korean film from director Na Hong-jin, and it follows an elderly man with a brain tumor who spends his last days playing an online battle game rather than interacting with the outside world. While O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam (오일남, Korean pronunciation: [o il nam], 001) has become a beloved character in South Korea, many people are curious about how he’s portrayed by the actor, O Yeong-su (오영수), who plays him on screen. The Squid Game: O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam


A recent Korean movie, titled The Squid and Winding Road (스컬공략이 끝나다), is set to open in theaters across Korea on January 7th. This movie tells a story of a young man named Oh Il-nam, played by actor O Yeong-su. Although just two months away from death due to brain tumor, Oh Il-nam remains ignorant to that fact and prefers to enjoy playing his favorite online game. The director of The Squid and Winding Road (스컬공략이 끝나다) focused on two things while working on Oh’s character – making it realistic and endearing.

Beginner Tips

There is a reason why so many netizens play games on their smartphone. Not only are they convenient and easy to access, but many of them contain various social components that make it easier for players to connect with each other. In fact, some games go so far as to include voice chat options, not unlike playing with friends face-to-face. If you want to become more engaged in gaming communities and play with your peers from across the globe, however, it may be worth your while learning how to speak Korean and then diving right into one of these three games. Each has its own unique features that will appeal to people of all ages and levels of experience. Just make sure you have your phone ready—you’ll need it!

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Intermediate Tips

1. Take a break from work and play one of those silly online games in your leisure time. These games can be a great stress reliever and help you relax. 2. Be careful about how much time you spend on these types of games and make sure that it’s not interfering with any of your obligations in real life, especially when it comes to prioritizing other things like family, health or friends. 3. If you’re serious about getting rid of your addiction to such games, then start by setting a timer for just five minutes at first.

The Squid Game: O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam
The Squid Game: O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam

Advanced Tips

At first, I wasn’t really sure what to do for my final project. For my second rough draft I went ahead and finished a blogging assignment, but that still felt incomplete. After thinking it over for a few days, I decided to write about Squid Games because I feel like that might be an interesting topic on which to base future work. However, at first glance it seems that Squid Games is more of a short story than anything else (in fact Kim Young Sam wrote several short stories based off of these games), so deciding how to proceed was tricky.

Final Thoughts

Squid game might not be for everyone. However, if you are a fan of Dark Dramas and unique characters, then I highly recommend that you watch it! Its cast is amazing, with great actors and actresses in their roles. Some of my favorite characters are Professor Lee (Seo Min-jung), Dadna (Lee Mi-sook), Moo Hyuk (Oh Seung Yoon) and Yoon Jae Sung (Jung Woo). Their relationship dynamics are different with each other but make an amazing drama because they end up creating great chemistry together. Squids have many meanings to them; one being an immature person who refuses to grow up because he or she doesn’t want to leave behind his or her childlike innocence.

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Is Oh Yeong-Su North Korea?

The protagonist of The Squid Game is a lonely old man named Oh Il-nam, who chose not to live on in physical form beyond his few remaining days. As he saw it, there was no point; death was coming for him whether he liked it or not and there was little reason to leave an imprint on other people’s lives if they would soon forget him anyway. Instead, he decided to remain active by playing an online game called Squid, thus giving himself an opportunity to choose his own role, craft his own world and invite (or reject) people into it who might interact with him as much or as little as he wished.

How old is the old man in Squid Game?

He is a young man in his forties, but with a brain tumor. He doesn’t want to live like that and wants to experience dying all over again, he chooses to be alone with just a console playing squid game. By doing so, he will be able to embrace death like other people. It is not easy but I guess it’s better than ending his life prematurely.

Who plays II Nam?

He has been compared to a squid, but is that a fair comparison? A squid is able to see very well in its natural habitat, but we don’t know if there are any surroundings in which II Nam feels at home. It would be easy to assume he’s not happy with his current situation, but judging by his age and his serious interest in playing The Squid Game, it’s safe to say that Oh Il-nam was just fine before he got sick.

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When was squid made?

The game, which was formerly called Life, was created in 1969 by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer scientist named Steve Russell. In his game, players moved their dots around a field of squares according to specific rules; different games were created by changing these rules.

How tall is Yeong su Oh?

186cm (6’1.5) tall, he’s considered short, although he believes it to be a nice height. He is a gangly man with no muscle mass to speak of and still has baby fat in his cheeks. He has a thin neck and small hands. His nickname was Toad due to his tall stature and somewhat long face.

Where is Oh Yeong su from?

He is from Daejeon, South Korea. He lives with his daughter and her family. Before that he was a farmer. He went to school up to grade 12 but never went to college or university because of poverty. Instead he started work at age 17, working his way up in a factory until retirement in 1989 when he was 48 years old. Then he lived with his daughter and her family while playing squid games (online computer game) every day.

The Squid Game: O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam

Are Gi-hun and Sangwoo brothers?

To my surprise, Director Kim Jin-woo did not say that Oh Young-sook and Oh Il-nam are definitely siblings. The relationship between them is still under discussion within Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. The director is just going along with it for now.

Is Oh Il-Nam the father of Gi-hun?

Gi-hun himself claims that his father has brain tumor and wants to die in a game. While Oh Il-Nam also had a tumor and also wants to die in a game, Gi-hun does not believe that Oh Il-Nam is his father. He even calls him Yeong Man, which is not his actual name. Meanwhile, there are more hints that confirm Gi-hun’s doubt on whether he is really part of Oh family or not.

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