He’s the newest addition to the cast of The Sound of Magic, and while it’s probably safe to say that many people have never heard of Ryu Min-hyuk before, he’s quickly become one of the most talked about people among Korean drama fans. And that’s because not only does he star as one of the main characters in what could be the next major hit series, but he also happens to be playing an adult version of himself as an 18-year-old on screen! In other words, you’re getting not one but two actors in one! The Sound of Magic: Ryu Min-hyuk as the Mysterious Lee Eul

When did you first know you wanted to be an actor?

After watching a drama with my older sister, I told my parents that I wanted to be an actor. My parents asked me why and I said it was because after watching that drama, even my mouth was tired from smiling so much. From then on, they said If you really want to be an actor, then we will support you. My father is a construction worker and he doesn’t talk very often with other people. He just says things like ‘yes’ or ‘hmm.’ But during one phone call with my agency, he talked for about 20 minutes straight about how well actors are paid in dramas and films compared to other professions and what types of education I should go through if I do decide to become an actor.

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Ji Chang-wook Played as Lee Eul / Ryu Min-hyuk

An Intense Game! The mysterious magician ‘Lee Eul’ in a drama The Sound of your Heart will be played by Actor Ji Chang-wook. He has previously appeared in films such as SBS TV Drama Wonderful Mama, SBS TV Drama Gap Dong. Last year, he took part in KBS 2TV Movie Father’s House and also took part in MBC TV Drama Ruler of Your Own World. It is another character that fits well with his image. This time, he will attract attention by showing off a different image than before. In fact, ‘Lee Eul’ is a person who wants to remain a child even after becoming an adult due to his sad past which he was deeply hurt by love.

What was it like when you first got into acting?

I was pretty young, but I remember watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal with my older sister. She fell in love with Song Joong-ki so she became a fan first, and then she started to introduce me to her favorite dramas. At first, I just followed her lead. (laughs) But when I actually watched an episode myself, it was really fun! Since then, my sister and I watched all sorts of dramas together. And one day when we were discussing our favorite actors, someone asked me if I wanted to become an actor like them some day. When they asked me that question my answer was no because I didn’t think anyone would ask me that in a real life situation.

How do you spend your time on set?

Ji Chang-wook and Nam Da-reum were busy with their own shoots for two other drama series, Healer and Suspicious Housekeeper. But despite how busy they were, I don’t think I saw them once make a phone call or check their messages. They kept themselves focused on filming. I heard that Ji Chang-wook would fall asleep holding his script during long takes! Do you get up early like Ji Chang-wook?: It’s not that he got up early specifically to go to set; in fact, it was just the opposite. If he didn’t have work scheduled at night then he’d probably sleep in until noon!

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Nam Da-reum Played as young Ryu Min-hyuk

Nam Da-reum is a 9 year old child actor in South Korea. He won many awards for his role in The King. The drama broadcast on Korean cable network tvN between May 14 to July 25, 2013 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 23:00 for 20 episodes. It is written by Yoon Sun-yeong and directed by Kim Jin-won.

The Sound of Magic: Ryu Min-hyuk as the Mysterious Lee Eul
The Sound of Magic: Ryu Min-hyuk as the Mysterious Lee Eul

Do you have any tips for aspiring actors?

I think if there is one tip for aspiring actors, it would be to never let go of your dreams. As an actor you are not always in control, but if you believe strongly in your work and keep moving forward no matter what obstacles come in your way, then I believe that you will be able to overcome them and achieve success. (Nam Da-reum)

Where would you like to go from here as an actor?

Ji Chang-wook and Nam Da-reum who have found success in Healer with outstanding performances were asked about their plans for next year. It was a chance to give aspiring actors advice. They said, First, you should know what kind of role you want to play in a drama before looking for it. Also, when you get cast into a particular role, keep your eyes on your role and prepare well. They concluded by saying that if he keeps looking for new roles for himself like his character does in Healer, then he can expect more projects coming his way in 2015.

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What happened to Ri eul in sound of magic?

The method used to hide young Ryu Min-hyuk’s face in sound of magic was actually inspired by a novel written by Guiyeoni. When he’s disguised as a high school student, his face is blurry to prevent anyone from recognizing him. This form uses a special device that can distort images. He also uses glasses and colored contacts when necessary. The producers didn’t want it to be obvious since they were focused on showing off Ji Chang-wook’s acting skills, so they limited their use of prosthetics and made sure he appeared handsome under normal circumstances too. His face was also blurred out whenever possible during scenes where we couldn’t see close up shots or at least saw his entire body.

Is the sound of magic a musical?

Yes, you will listen to amazing music and see an awesome performance. You will laugh so hard that you cry, then after tears roll down your cheeks, you will be happy and smile like a child. This musical is filled with lots of unforgettable moments – humorous and heartwarming all at once – and it’s been performed by some of Korea’s best young actors. If you are not a fan of musicals yet, The Sound Of Magic will be your first love!

How old is Ji Chang Wook?

Before Ji Chang Wook became an actor, he was a trainee for 7 years at YG Entertainment. He debuted in 2009 as a model and began to appear in Korean dramas in 2010.

How many episode is Sound of magic?

It will be a complete 20 episodes long, with a total of 102 episodes if you include The Legend and The Fugitive Of Joseon . Although it’s scheduled to air for 20 weeks, it may end sooner depending on its ratings. And don’t forget about  Beyond The Clouds . It will be simultaneously filming with Sound Of Magic starting in May. I hope that helps! 🙂

Can Ji Chang wook sing?

Nam Da Reum gave a good performance and delivered impressive vocals, but Ji Chang Wook’s portrayal of young Min Hyuk didn’t quite capture my attention in The Sound of Your Heart. He has great singing ability—the soundtrack is completely worth listening to—but I didn’t feel his actual vocal talents shined through in his portrayal of a young Ryu Min Hyuk.

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