When I was asked to review Netflix’s new series The Sound of Magic, I did not expect it to be anything amazing, since most television series fail to deliver as expected (or they have very low ratings on IMDB). However, this is not the case with The Sound of Magic; it exceeded my expectations in every way possible and has become one of my favorite shows (of any kind) in recent years. If you’re looking for shows that encourage character development and progression, then the Netflix Original Series The Sound of Magic will give you just that. The Sound of Magic Netflix: Supporting CAST & Character

How Does the Sound Design Support the Story?

Sound design is often viewed as an afterthought, but in film and television it’s usually one of a handful of factors that can make or break a production. The sounds editors work with not only aid in telling their stories, but also enhance and create emotional moments that are integral to bringing viewers into them. In one instance, Yoon-Ah (Lee Da-Hee) goes through her deceased father’s belongings and sees his old diary. As she flips through each page we hear pages being turned slowly in the background.

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Jo Han-chul Palyed Yoon Ah-yi’s father

Do you think you’re my only son? Yoon Ah-yi: What do you mean by that? Jo Han-chul Palyed Yoon Ah-yi’s father:You must respect your elders. I was working like crazy to support our family, but it looks like you can easily live off from a make believe place. Na Il-deung Agah The mother and father of Sewoon High School start to have tension about going on a trip with Na Il-deung family. The debate is that it would be difficult for Jisun (Sewoon High School) parents to go out with other families.

The Sound of Magic Netflix: Supporting CAST & Character
The Sound of Magic Netflix: Supporting CAST & Character

Hong Jung-min Played Yoon Yoo-yi

Hong Jung-min is an actor who played a role as Yoon Yoo-yi, a student in Sewoon High School. The character was an arrogant and cute boy from Jang Yeong-sil’s family. His first love was Cha Eun-ho (played by Hong Jong-hyun). He was friends with Choi Jin-gyu (played by Park Seo-joon) and Song Woo-bin. He had a twin sister named Yoo Sae-rae (played by Kim Soo-young). In addition, he also played Seo Young Hwa, a vocalist for band EXO that he formed with his fellow students when they were high school students in Music class.

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Yoo Jae-myung Played Na Il-deung’s father

Yoo Jae-myung who had played Na Il-deung’s father was another actor who caused a stir. When he first appeared in episode 11, viewers were surprised by his appearance, not just because it was unexpected but also because he looked older than Yoon Ah-yi’s father, played by Song Young-chang. Yet, as much as they resembled each other physically, they could not be more different. Mr. Song acted softly and gently, while Mr. Yoo acted roughly and abruptly.

Kim Hye-eun Played Na Il-deung’s mother

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Ji Hye-won Played Baek Ha-na

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Kim Bo-yoon Played Kim So-hee

The Sound of Magic Netflix: Supporting CAST & Character
The Sound of Magic Netflix: Supporting CAST & Character

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Oh So-hyun Played Seo Ha-yoon

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Lim Ki-hong Played homeroom teacher

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How Does the Score Support the Scenes?

The main character Eun-bi is played by IU. In episode 9, Na Il-deung’s parents are going through a tough time when Na Il-deung brings Yoon Ah-yi over to have dinner with his family. During dinner, his mom asks him if he likes Ah-yi and Na Il-deung answers her in a roundabout way saying that she’s kind and strong. These adjectives get used repeatedly throughout The Sound of Your Heart OST while they share scenes together. Yoon Ah-yi is played by Seo Ha Joon and in episode 9 he tells Eun Bi to sit with him after school on their walk home from work together.

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How Can Music and SFX be Used to Support Emotion?

There are many ways to use music and SFX in a film to strengthen or add emotion. In movie The Sound of Music, Maria Rainer is an Austrian woman with musical talent, who goes on a strict abbey where she meets Captain von Trapp’s seven children. She finds them difficult to handle at first but later develops a strong bond with them. By listening to how sound is used in The Sound of Music, we can learn about how sound can be used for character development, set design and even political movements that happened at that time.

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