Na Il-deung (Hwang In-youp) from the Korean drama The Sound of Magic seems like a pretty cool guy, doesn’t he? Smart, good-looking, and rich — but he’s also incredibly sweet and romantic under that serious exterior! He falls in love with Ah-yi (Kim So-yeon) at first sight and works hard to get close to her. If you watch The Sound of Magic, be sure to keep an eye out for Na Il-deung — you won’t regret it! The Sound of Magic – Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung

A gifted and wealthy high school boy

There is a character in Korean drama, who shares many similarities with Hwang. That’s Ah-yi’s classmate, named Na Il-deung. A gifted and wealthy high school boy who comes across as cold and silent, always being immersed in his studies. He is Ah-yi’s classmate, and develops a liking towards her. He is an ideal student who carries all good qualities that are expected from a youth; he possesses excellent grades in school, plays an instrument skillfully like a prodigy and demonstrates respectfulness towards his elders and authority figures while displaying great skills in martial arts. The only problem is that he looks bored out of his mind most of time because he’s way too perfect to fit into our mortal world!

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The Sound of Magic - Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung
The Sound of Magic – Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung

He is Ah-yi’s classmate

When Ah-yi is still seen talking to Wang Baek, Na Il-deung, who is not happy about it and finds out that Ah-yi is also studying to be a teacher. At a skating rink one day, he goes up to her and asks if she will go out with him after they get their college degrees. But she turns him down, saying that she’s already studying to be a teacher because it’s her dream job. After a lot of persuasion by both sides, Ah-yi finally agrees and starts dating him in secret without telling anybody. She tells Wang Baek first however when he asks why she stopped coming out with him. He gives his blessings and wishes them luck with their relationship. Later on in episode 5 of Finding Mr.

How did you prepare for the role?

First off, I listened to a lot of his songs and talked with Choi Seung-hoon on what I could do better. I learned a lot during filming, including how to play instruments like drums and keyboards. When acting with my co-star Kim Jung Soo (as Kim Jong Ho), we got along well so it was fun. He’s older than me but we were almost always together because our characters are close friends from high school. He taught me a lot about acting when things went wrong and helped with physical parts too; for example, he taught me how to ride a bike for one scene in which my character was supposed to ride around campus on his bike all day long!

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Choi Seung-hoon as young Na Il-deung

Choi Seung-hoon’s acting is almost on par with veteran actor Hwang In-Youp, and those who have seen him in his new drama are swearing by it. At first glance, Choi Seung-hoon looks very serious in his role as young Na Il-Deung, but he has shown just how great an actor he is. What makes him shine more than anyone else is that he can portray a wide range of expressions so naturally while saying very little. If you watched episode 3 of The Sound of Magic , you probably would have seen his performance in a kiss scene with Krystal Jung. Although many viewers didn’t find anything amiss about it initially, they became aware that it was extraordinary later on when talking about it online.

The Sound of Magic - Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung
The Sound of Magic – Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung

What do you think about Na Il-deung?

I would like to start off by saying that I’m very excited to see how Choi Seung-hoon is able to portray his character. I have seen a couple dramas and movies he has been in and have loved them, so seeing him take on such a mysterious character is what makes me even more excited. His personality is a very difficult one to portray because it doesn’t come off as human or empathetic. So I am quite interested in seeing how his performance will be. He’s doing great with historical dramas so far, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens! As for Hwang In-youp, my first thought was wow when looking at her pictures; she looks absolutely beautiful!

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How do you feel about your character’s relationship with Boong Ga?

So I find it interesting and fun to play around with what our relationship really is like. (Choi Seung-hoon) He’s a real goofball but he doesn’t think twice about saving a life or helping out a friend in need. He even makes big decisions without hesitating so he needs someone by his side who can keep him in check. (Hwang In-youp)

Have you ever been bullied like Boong Ga was?

I have never been bullied. I didn’t go to a great school and was also constantly being picked on by other kids. It made me feel like something was wrong with me and so I quickly became an introvert that would rather stay at home reading or playing games than socializing with other kids. However, Boong Ga is obviously much worse than what I went through. Seeing how she has been treated so badly by those around her makes me very sad because all she ever wanted to do was be herself, but these cruel people around her are trying to change her in order for them to fit in.

What are your thoughts on the conclusion to The Sound of Music?

The conclusion to The Sound of Music left viewers in tears. I personally was not satisfied with how things turned out in terms of my OTP (Song Hyun-jae/Lee Yoo-bi) who, for me, were just beginning to build a relationship. While I am aware that many other dramas end on sad notes, it still saddened me that, after finding his father and overcoming so much hardship to reunite with him and live as a family, he is separated from his father yet again. No amount of happy endings could help ease my feelings at that point.

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