If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders season 6 yet, stop reading this immediately and go watch it. It’s the best season of the show yet and one of the best seasons of television in 2019 so far. However, if you’ve already finished it and can’t wait until season 7 drops, then read on to discover six of the best moments from Peaky Blinders season 6. This includes an unbelievable scene that may be the most brutal thing you’ll see in television all year!

The best scene

Tommy’s call to his mother. Tommy may have spent most of season six in America, but he made sure to call his mommy on Mother’s Day! I phoned my mum for Mother’s Day, did you phone yours? Tommy says with a sly smile, as Polly answers her cell phone.

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The worst scene

At times, season six felt like nothing more than a bloated finale that was made up of scenes left on the cutting room floor. Many character storylines wrapped up themselves with little or no explanation, while others were prolonged beyond belief just to delay their inevitable conclusions. Tommy’s demise was an embarrassment and Adrien Brody’s character was an unnecessary add-on that just led to plot holes and confusion as his motivation wasn’t well established.

My favorite character(s)

Tommy Shelby and Polly Gray (I love Polly! I wish she was my best friend!). My favorite quote: Never give a fuck about what other people think. – Tommy Shelby Favorite episode: Episode 3. I cried through that whole thing! And it made me so sad to see Arthur leave, but at least he did it on his own terms. But then again, since when has anything in Peaky been fair?

My least favorite character(s)

One of my least favorite characters from season six was Inspector Campbell, because it seemed like he was always hounding and interfering with Cillian’s character, Tommy Shelby. Also, Inspector Campbell seemed to have no respect for Alfie Solomons, even though Alfie Solomons had been loyal to Tommy since day one.

The Six Best Moments from Peaky Blinders Season 6
The Six Best Moments from Peaky Blinders Season 6

How does it compare to season 5?

Every season of Peaky Blinders has had its own distinct flavor, so it’s tough to compare them; after all, if we compared The Godfather I and II, there wouldn’t be much to say (they were both excellent). That said, seasons 2 and 3 were pretty dark.

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What were your thoughts about the season overall?

The season started off with high expectations and those expectations were met. I think with all things Peaky Blinders, what really makes it work is that even though it’s a crime drama at its core, there’s also plenty of thematic depth in how such events shape people’s lives.

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