The White Violin (AKA Vanya Hargreeves) was the seventh member of The Umbrella Academy, the brother of Luther Hargreeves (AKA Spaceboy), the adoptive brother of Number Five (AKA Five Fingers), and the great-grandson of Hazel Hargreeves (AKA The Monocle). He was also the only known member of The Umbrella Academy who did not exhibit any supernatural abilities. In fact, he had no special abilities whatsoever, and was constantly teased and bullied by his siblings as a result. The Shocking Transformation of Vanya Hargreeves

Act 1: Childhood

Elliot Page plays Vanya Hargreeves (Umbrella Number Seven), a violinist and an unseen member of a superhero family on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. As a child, his siblings would use their extraordinary powers to solve problems while he tried to keep up with them—and failed. In one case, he had to shoot himself in order to stop time so that another sibling could save his drowning classmates. He could never live up to their standards, despite being academically gifted. His siblings write him off as useless because they believe he can’t develop powers later in life like they did. When their father is accidentally killed by Sun (Portia Doubleday), his older sister and they are put into foster care and separated from each other.

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Act 2: Adult Life

In The Umbrella Academy, Vanya – or Number Seven – is a meek violinist who is somewhat alienated from his siblings as he has no apparent supernatural abilities, and later wrote a damning tell-all book about his childhood. In reality, he can convert sound into light and uses an invisibility spray to make himself invisible. He was designated White Violin because Oscar said that he would probably play something classical. Like The Kraken in season 2, he has violet eyes; however, unlike The Kraken, those eyes are completely natural.

The Shocking Transformation of Vanya Hargreeves
The Shocking Transformation of Vanya Hargreeves

Act 3: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The White Violin is not a man you want to cross. He has demonstrated incredible feats of strength, speed, and agility that are unparalleled in his family. And with his violin bow as a weapon, he is virtually indestructible. It’s no wonder then that Elliot Page was able to kill him and take over his role within The Umbrella Academy—but how will he fill those size 13 shoes? We don’t know yet. All we do know is that something big will happen in season 2… and it may involve Elliot Page taking on a new identity.

Act 4: Discovering His Superpower

Elliot Page, a.k.a. Number Seven, could’ve been played as a villainous character from his introduction. Instead, in Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá (writer) and Peter Bagge (artist), he became one of my favorite characters to date with his deeply emotional story arc. While I wish there had been more time for him, he was definitely one of a kind—and that alone makes him worth rooting for. Thank you for reading about my top 10 favorite moments in Umbrella Academy. I hope it was insightful and enjoyable!

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Act 5: A Bittersweet Ending

It’s no secret that The Umbrella Academy is a show about outsiders. This is reflected in some of its most shocking transformations, like that of leading man Vanya. Though he had one less amazing super power than his siblings, he was certainly not any less special or important. Without giving too much away about season two (which is being released on Netflix February 15th), just know that Vanya goes through a rough transformation that leaves him unrecognizable from his former self by season’s end. It’s both shocking and difficult to watch—and yet, viewers will be glad they stuck around for such an unexpectedly great conclusion to one character’s story arc. It seems there might be a bit more happiness in store for The Umbrella Academy next year as well!

The Shocking Transformation of Vanya Hargreeves
The Shocking Transformation of Vanya Hargreeves

Does Elliot Page actually play the violin in Umbrella Academy?

Yeah, he does. Is he good? I wouldn’t say good, but it’s his own spin on a classical instrument. Elliot Page is actually a musical prodigy who has played since he was young and did everything from folk music to metal to salsa. He’s got more talent in his left pinky than most people have in their entire bodies! As for his character in The Umbrella Academy though, he had three years of private violin training, so that helped him fake it… at least for some time. Where is Violin Number Seven (Elliot Page) now?

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Does Elliot Page play Vanya?

Yes, he does. Who is Elliot Page, you ask? He’s an actor that played a troubled high school student on Mr. Robot and has also been in a few big movies such as The Hunger Games. He was originally cast to play Spaceboy, but since Spaceboy is actually dead in The Umbrella Academy comics, instead they rewrote his character to be Vanya, who is still alive in The Umbrella Academy comics.

Is Vanya a good violinist?

It’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t pick Vanya out as a world-class violinist. He’s short, he has a pudgy face, and he carries himself like an awkward teen. And yet, when it comes to music, there are few who can match him on violin or piano. And why? Because somewhere in that weird little head is one of history’s most talented musicians. Now all he needs is a reason to get back into music again…and maybe some new powers would be nice as well!

What is Pogo in Umbrella Academy?

Pogo is one of The Umbrella Academy. She is technically dead after a birth accident, but has been revived to serve as an assassin for her father Reginald Hargreeves. Her weaponized umbrellas spray lethal acid and somehow she can see hundreds or thousands of people at once; however, these strange talents have left her personality somewhat scattered and disconnected from reality. It’s okay because I’m already dead anyway! Pogo is portrayed by Aidan Gallagher.

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