The School for Good and Evil, which will be directed by Paul Feig, is scheduled to begin filming in 2016 and will be released on October 19, 2022. The screenplay will be written by David Magee and Paul Feig, based on the book of the same name by Soman Chainani. It will star Saoirse Ronan as Sophie and Ellie Bamber as Agatha in their feature film debuts. Production companies involved with the project are Aggregate Films, New Regency Pictures, and Columbia Pictures, who are hoping to improve upon the $1 billion worldwide gross of Sony’s 2012 comedy The Lorax . The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig

The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig

The Adaptation

In The School for Good and Evil, the line between good and evil is drawn at birth. Sophie (Sophie Turner) has lived her whole life believing she’s a fairy-tale heroine out of the storybooks – innocent, beautiful, kind. Agatha (Lena Headey), on the other hand, is darkly ambitious with an unrivaled thirst to conquer anyone or anything in her way.

When they’re both sent to the mysterious boarding school where students are trained in how to succeed in their predetermined roles as either heroes or villains, Sophie quickly realizes that there’s more to her past than she could ever have imagined.

Production Design

Designing the film was a challenge in many ways. First, it’s a period piece set in medieval times, but it also had to appeal to modern audiences. The producers wanted to avoid anything that would date the film or make it look too much like Lord of the Rings. They had some general ideas of what they wanted, such as people wearing layered clothing with lots of textures, but they didn’t want to be too specific. So they hired an art director who could take these general concepts and turn them into something real that could be photographed on location in Belgium. The production designer had a lot of latitude because she was working with a team of experts who were all trying to achieve the same goal: making this world feel believable without being too literal about historical accuracy.

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The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig

Effects & Editing

With the help of best friends Sophie and Agatha, director Paul Feig brings to life a magical world where every child’s worst fears are realized. Now, he has been tasked with adapting this epic story into film. I just love how the book is so much about both sides of the coin, says director Paul Feig. It has such a sweet message that friendship conquers all. The plan is to begin filming in late summer 2013, and we can’t wait to see the end result!

End Credits

Director, writer, producer and actor in his own films, Paul Feig is a household name. His work has contributed to some of the best known sitcoms on television. This includes directing for shows like Freaks & Geeks

Sophie is a beautiful but vain 16-year-old who believes she has been chosen to attend the prestigious School for Good. Agatha is uglier than she should be but is one of the most intelligent girls in her village.

The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig
The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig

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Paul Feig is an accomplished director, actor, writer, and producer who has a wide range of experience in the industry. He is best known for his work as the director of films such as Bridesmaids (2011), The Heat (2013), Spy (2015), and Ghostbusters (2016). It’s not surprising that he also co-wrote the screenplay with David Magee. Together they have created a story that is both captivating and empowering to young girls. Based on Soman Chainani’s book series, The School for Good and Evil follows two lifelong friends Sophie and Agatha who are swept up into a world where fairy tales come true.

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Based on the novel of the same name, The School for Good and Evil is an adventure film about two best friends who are swept into an epic battle between good and evil. Sophie (played by AnnaSophia Robb) is kidnapped while Agatha (played by Bailee Madison) escapes, but she knows her friend is still inside that school. With help from a young man named Tedros (played by Ben Barnes), the two girls find their way back to rescue Sophie in time. This movie is a coming-of-age story with colorful characters, heartwarming friendships, and thrilling action sequences. In theaters September 12th!

The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig

This movie is Quirky,Exciting

People who go to the theater are looking for an escape. Often times, they don’t want to watch a film that is similar to the ones they see on TV or in theaters every day. They want something new, something different. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that The School for Good and Evil was a success. This movie offers not only a fresh perspective on an age old story, but also an excellent cast of actors who bring their characters to life. Quirky humor mixed with exciting action makes this movie one that viewers won’t soon forget.

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From director Paul Feig comes an epic tale of action

It’s a story of two best friends, Sophie (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) and Agatha (played by Lilla Crawford), who find themselves on opposing sides of an epic battle when they’re swept into the enchanted world of Gavaldon. Sophie is a natural born leader with an unquenchable thirst for good. Her best friend, Agatha, is sweet as sugar but can’t resist doing the wrong thing. Sophie refuses to believe that her friend has been corrupted, and she’ll stop at nothing to get her back. This film will have you rooting for the underdog in more ways than one!

The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig
The School for Good and Evil: A Film by Paul Feig


Sophia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie, and Charlize Theron star in this film directed by Paul Feig. The story follows best friends Sophie (Caruso) and Agatha (Wylie) as they are swept into an epic battle against one another. Sophie, who is beautiful but spoiled, falls prey to the forces of evil at the School for Evil where she learns that her beauty makes her a powerful weapon if used wisely. Agatha, on the other hand, is kind-hearted but plain which leads her to being sent to the School for Good where she discovers that it’s not about what you look like but what’s inside that matters most.

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