Ross and Rachel are one of the most iconic relationships in television history, but their relationship definitely has its ups and downs. We’ve all been through the ups and downs of an on-again, off-again relationship at some point in our lives, but what actually goes on in these relationships? Can you really still love someone even when you’re not together with them? What are the odds that your on-again, off-again relationship will last? The On-Again Off-Again Relationship of Ross and Rachel

Facts about their on-again/off-again relationship

Over 10 years, 5 seasons (94 episodes), lasting 7 episodes total. The longest running on-again/off-again relationship in TV history. Also called their I don’t. Their breakups were caused by too much conflict between all their friends – which became known as a Will they won’t they storyline or referred to as Ross and Rachel. In a Reddit AMA with David Schwimmer, he commented that he always envisioned that they never ended up together on screen. He went on to say his preference was to have them break up at some point after getting married with kids so that she could move on and find someone else who could be the one for her since it wasn’t Ross anymore

What it means to be in an on again/off again relationship

While many relationships start off as casual hookups that gradually evolve into a steady relationship, there are some where things never seem to be on. There’s always something causing one person to pull away from another. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid to admit their feelings for fear of being hurt.

The On-Again Off-Again Relationship of Ross and Rachel
The On-Again Off-Again Relationship of Ross and Rachel

Maybe it’s because they’re not in love with their partner. Whatever the reason may be, people in on again/off again relationships will find themselves stuck between getting back together or moving on completely. If you’re looking for tips on how to handle an on again/off again relationship , we’ve got you covered right here!

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When relationships work

Friends fans will remember David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, a paleontologist who found true love in his best friend Monica’s sister Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). But even more memorable than their love story was their on-again off-again relationship. We often joke about how crazy relationships are that we wonder if any two people could ever last more than three years without breaking up. Luckily for us Friends fans out there, David Schwimmer has some pointers on what makes a long lasting relationship work. He says that it’s important to stay friends while in a relationship with your significant other; meaning you should spend at least some time apart from each other so that when you do spend time together both of you can enjoy it.

Things to consider before being in an on again/off again relationship

There is a lot that you need to consider before getting into an on again/off again relationship. Many relationships work out fine because neither person really wants anything serious. However, when you start dating someone who truly means something to you but isn’t available right now or isn’t interested in a monogamous relationship it can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you through one of these situations

Tips when entering into an on again/off again relationship

Monica’s advice for going into an on again/off again relationship: When you’re in one [of these relationships], you should always follow your gut feeling. If you have a gut feeling that it’s not working out but you stay with that person anyway because they haven’t found anybody else or whatever—that is a mistake. You can only really find someone when your gut tells you that they’re right. Even if your heart is telling you they’re wrong, they could be right for your gut.

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How not to end up like Ross and Rachel

So you’ve spent months or even years dating someone, only to break up with them after a big fight or something equally dramatic. Now it’s been a few weeks—maybe even a month or two—and it seems like they can’t get over you. They send you funny texts all day. They pop up on Facebook every couple hours. They show up at your apartment unannounced after midnight asking if they can sleep on your couch because their roommate has been calling them crazy. What’s going on?

The On-Again Off-Again Relationship of Ross and Rachel
The On-Again Off-Again Relationship of Ross and Rachel

Are Ross and Russ both played by David Schwimmer?

When Chandler wanted to borrow money from Joey, Joey gave him a list of names to ask around. Ross’s name is on that list. Monica was married to Ross Geller in The One with All The Poker. It is likely that although they are both played by David Schwimmer, they are different characters. Another possibility is that Joey once knew Ross at some point before he moved in with Chandler, which explains why his name comes up when he wants someone to borrow $20 from.

Is Russ in Friends actually David Schwimmer?

) Friends was one of those shows I watched when I was in elementary school. I thought it was hilarious and as an adult looking back on it, I’ve come to realize that these 6 characters were perfect representations of young 20 somethings in a big city. If you haven’t had a chance to watch any episodes (or re-watch them), then here are some reasons why you should pick up your Netflix queue: 1) Start with Season 1 – There are many theories out there saying that Seasons 3 & 6 were not so great. So if you’re only going to watch part, make sure they’re at least pre-Season 3.

Did the Friends cast get along with David Schwimmer?

We didn’t really know each other that well because we weren’t in a lot of scenes together. I thought he was great and hilarious in those scenes we did have together. In some ways, it felt like there were four different shows going on at once: You had Joey & Chandler going through their thing; you had Monica & Phoebe with their thing; you had Rachel with her job. And then there was me & [Courteney Cox]. We all sort of knew what our part was to play within that world but they all felt very different from one another. — Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)

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Who was originally supposed to play Ross on Friends?

Jim was originally intended to play Ross. He made two cameo appearances in Seasons 1 and 2 asRoss’s father (before reportedly demanding $10 million to appear in a Season 3 flashback episode), at which point David Schwimmer stepped into his shoes. However, before Schwimmer took over as Ross, Paul Rudd had been offered a chance to play him. Rudd turned down Friends because he didn’t want to move from New York City back to Los Angeles with his then-girlfriend (and now wife) Julie Yaeger. Rudd would later reunite with Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston on Saturday Night Live when she hosted in 2005.

Did David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox date?

Why Ross and Rachel were never meant to be together. The iconic relationship between ‘Friends’ Monica Geller’s (Courteney Cox) older brother Ross (David Schwimmer) and her best friend Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) was an on-again off-again one throughout 10 series. But what was behind its longevity? Why did they keep coming back to each other when their breakups were always quite bitter? And what made them finally get together for good? Relationships between fictional couples are often spiced up with tension created by unresolved sexual attraction, but in a way it was precisely that which made our two protagonists so perfect for each other.

Why did two actresses played Carol on Friends?

The producers originally planned to have Cox play a single character throughout all ten seasons. Cox stated that [I]t was my understanding when I signed on for six years that [I would be playing] one character. She later explained that I was calling my agent, ‘Please make them fire me! I will do a movie in Russia with a dog as my co-star rather than spend another minute with these people. Within days after Cox’s departure from Friends, she began receiving scripts for film projects. However, according to her own statements, she felt like it wasn’t right to accept any other roles until she had filmed at least six episodes of Friends’ tenth season.

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