A key member of the Umbrella Academy is Number Six, also known as Ben Hargreeves. Played by Justin H. Min in the Netflix series, Ben is an important player in the series’s first season, and even though he has passed away, he continues to make appearances in the second season of The Umbrella Academy . However, many viewers still don’t know what makes him so vital to this team of superhumans who are raising their adopted and biological kids together after they were saved from apocalypse-level destruction and death at birth. The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member


The character who embodies everything that is most interesting about The Umbrella Academy series and Netflix’s first season, for me at least, is not Vanya or Klaus. It’s not Reginald or Allison either. It’s not even Ben himself—the time-traveling teenage detective whose spirit possesses his adult self when he comes back to life in a fight with a Lovecraftian creature called The Horror and whose mind has been fractured since infancy by an experiment gone wrong. No; it’s Number Six, portrayed perfectly by Justin H.

Who is Justin H. Min

If you watched The Umbrella Academy, you may be asking yourself what happened to Ben? In season one, he was a key character and one of Klaus’ favorite brothers. Then, in season two, he was largely absent for five episodes. Justin H. Min plays him in both seasons but he appears only in flashbacks and as a voiceover (after his body is used to murder someone). At least, that’s what it seems like…the truth may be more complex. After all, most people never really got to know who Ben really was or how his abilities worked.

The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member
The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member

Justin H. Min portrays Ben Hargreeves also Sparrow Number Two

The actor in charge of keeping us on our toes with his knowledge (and death!) Justin H. Min is no stranger to our culture, as he’s been a part of it since 2004, when he starred in a Korean sitcom called Miss Freshman and had his first role in Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2004). While Min was involved with other projects throughout his career, such as The Virtuoso (2008), The Color Purple (2010), and The Avengers (2012), it wasn’t until 2013 that he made a name for himself as a member of Netflix’s hit series House Of Cards. Since then, Justin has also appeared in movies like Captain America: Civil War and wrapped up working on Power Rangers.

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What are the powers of each umbrella

The members of The Umbrella Academy are actually superheroes, although not all of them realized it. The team is made up of seven kids who were part of a government program to weaponize children for use in war; each one has some sort superhuman ability. Spaceboy can teleport objects or people from one place to another.

My name is Number 6… I am a monster. — Volume One

Dallas, Chapter 1[1]Every monster has a story. But some monsters have more stories than others. — Volume One: Dallas, Prologue[23]You… were The Horror… but now you are The Advocate. I’m sorry for what happened to you … and grateful that it was me that found you. Will you help us? I promise we will find answers together. Because they took my brother from me too and they need to pay for what they’ve done. — Ben Hargreeves to Diego (Vols.

The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member
The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member

A family that slays together stays together.

The Season 1 finale opened a whole new world for fans to explore as it introduced a new group that also has some pretty powerful abilities. But who are they and why do they mean so much to our heroes? Well, thanks to Justin H. Min, we might have just gotten our answer and it is one heck of a revelation. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed that he thinks Number 6 may be the most important member out of all of them. As Min explains, I think all that’s left to be answered is how deeply important Number 6 is to them.

When does he become an adult?

I found it interesting that, according to Michael Goldsmith in his book The Art and Making of The Umbrella Academy (2009), they originally didn’t know what age to make him. His character was supposed to be between twelve and fourteen years old, but they ended up making him eighteen because he sounded too young. It seems like most people end up making Ben older than everyone else in his class. That makes sense; as he is number six, some fans consider him an important part of The Umbrella Academy – if not THE most important member! Let’s explore why that might be…

When does he meet Allfather?

It’s implied that The Horror is Ben when he asks Klaus Who am I?. The show has made it clear that present-day Hargreeves are not Allfather. The oldest (Allfather) is well over 100, while Ben died in his early 20s. So, who exactly is he? During season 1, episode 9 (A Glitch in the System), Seth mentions that an Asian man came to visit him when he was young and sick with diphtheria. This could have been Allfather healing Seth or it could be a younger version of The Horror visiting before he joined up with Uncle Monty.

The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member
The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member

Why isn’t this series more popular?

Is it a superhero story? Is it a sci-fi epic? Is it a horror show? The truth is, The Umbrella Academy is all three — but with less focus on each genre than most other shows. Instead, writer and executive producer Gerard Way goes for something more offbeat by combining them. It’s worth noting that Way was one of My Chemical Romance’s primary songwriters, so Umbrella Academy isn’t his first project dealing with pop culture. Still, if you look at it like an MCR song (and what fan wouldn’t?), then you get an idea of how warped and thought-provoking Umbrella Academy can be.

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Where else has he appeared in other media?

Justin H. Min portrayed The Horror, who appeared in two episodes of season one and was recurring throughout season two. It’s a tiny role in The Umbrella Academy but it stands out as a fan favorite and is important to fans because it’s fun! Since The Umbrella Academy, Justin has gone on to play roles in some pretty big productions, like Black Panther (2018), Maze Runner (2018), Tag (2018), and Avengers: Infinity War (2018). His portrayal of T’Challa / Black Panther is sure to have caught your eye as he was one of many actors that we all remember for playing a superhero!

Fandom Appearances & Official Graphic Novels Section

Netflix has already made an official graphic novel about The Umbrella Academy, so whether you love or hate it, there’s no debating that there’s interest in these characters. Fans might remember, too, that Emmy-winning screenwriter and producer Steve Blackman (Heroes) has been working on a second season of The Umbrella Academy as well. Blackman serves as executive producer along with Bluegrass Television and Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg from Dark Horse Entertainment. Gerard Way is co-executive producer. Netflix greenlit production on a 10-episode first season in January 2018,[23] with shooting planned to begin in early 2019.[24] While we wait for more details, here are five graphic novels based on or featuring members of The Umbrella Academy

The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member
The Mystery of Ben Hargreeves: Why Umbrella Number Six May Be the Most Important Academy Member

Does he ever remember being brought back to life or was it just a dream?

Like any superhero, there are always going to be questions about how their powers work and what it’s like to live with them. In regards to The Umbrella Academy’s Ben, these aren’t just idle queries but rather ones that could have profound impacts on his life—and death. We know that Ben was killed by a group called Breach; we also know he was brought back to life through one of his father’s experiments involving time travel and immortality. However, we don’t know whether or not he remembers anything from before being killed.

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Final Thoughts & Opinions

The older you get, you start to realize that there are all sorts of people. Some may seem bright, but actually aren’t very helpful at all. Then you have those who seem like they are a problem but actually have something to add. Lastly, there is a person who doesn’t really look like he belongs with everyone else, but will quickly prove his worth by being not only strong but also capable and level-headed. This is what we see in Klaus Hess’s adopted son: The Horror (aka Ben Hargreeves).

How old is Justin from Umbrella Academy?

Justin was born in 1975. Justin was born in April 27, 1975, meaning he is now 43 years old. If you’re wondering how old is That 70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly who plays Herr Starr’s Daughter-in-Law Beverly Hope—she was 39 at time of death, meaning she would have been 42 in season 2 (this includes flashbacks). This means that to still look younger than Lisa, Justin must be wearing a very skilled makeup team to make him appear 25 and still alive!

Does Ben come back to life?

This is something we’re going to explore and delve into a little more in season 2, Headey says. I’m not going to give away too much, but I’ll say that it’s really delicious. It’s really good stuff. (Source)

Are Ashley Park and Justin Min related?

One theory going around is that Park and Min are actually related, possibly twins. The evidence? When at least one Reddit user pointed out that Park looked remarkably similar to Min in shots from earlier episodes, another redditor responded with side-by-side comparisons showing that Park does look a lot like Min’s character from The Umbrella Academy . And now more fans think they might be siblings. It could all be coincidence (as some of us have argued), but it’s fun to imagine these two siblings meeting each other for the first time onscreen after growing up apart. Of course, there’s also a chance they’re not related at all; perhaps Parker is just a big fan and wanted to do her best imitation of her new costar. We’ll just have to wait and see!

What is Ben in Umbrella Academy?

We first meet six-year-old The Horror/Umbrella #6, when Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts him. We learn that he was left in a box at their doorstep after his mother had died and his father had disappeared. For those who have not read any of The Umbrella Academy comics, you will find out why Reginald specifically picked little 6 to be part of his experiment. This is because young number 6’s psychic powers start manifesting from a very young age. Many times it happens spontaneously, with no explanation whatsoever as to why or how it happened.

Is there an umbrella Academy 4?

Rumors have been circulating that Netflix is going to create a new season of The Umbrella Academy, but if they do, it will likely be quite some time before they even get around to planning it. Still, we can’t help but wonder what might happen in a hypothetical season 4. There are so many questions we need answered. To that end, let’s review everything we know about Ben and imagine what his future might hold.

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