Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost, played by Melanie Liburd, has been a fixture on the series since it began, but we have learned little about her character outside of her relationship with Zeke and teaching at the school. In this episode, Liburd opens up about her time on the show, her thoughts on her character’s relationship with Zeke, and what to expect from Carrie in the future of Power Book II: Ghost and beyond. The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost

Actresses often play characters they have nothing in common with

Melanie Liburd is no different. The British actress portrays the role of Carrie Milgram on the STARZ show Power Book II: Ghost, a character who couldn’t be more different from Liburd herself. For starters, Carrie is American while Liburd is British. Secondly, Carrie is a law professor while Liburd has no formal education beyond high school. Thirdly, Carrie is reserved and proper while Liburd is outgoing and bubbly.

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Actresses have to develop their own backstory for the characters they play

Melanie Liburd had to do the same for her role as Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost. While the show’s writers may have had a general idea of who Carrie was, it was up to Liburd to fill in the details. She decided that Carrie was a woman who had been through a lot in her life and had developed a tough exterior as a result.

The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost
The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost

Who is your favorite character you played? Why?

I absolutely loved playing Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost. She was such a complex and interesting character with so many layers. I loved exploring her backstory and her relationship with Tariq. She was a tough cookie who didn’t take any crap from anyone, but she also had a vulnerable side that I think people could relate to. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to play her.

What was your inspiration behind playing this character?

I was inspired by the character’s strength and determination. I wanted to play a character who was powerful and in control, but also had a vulnerable side. I think that’s what makes her so relatable and interesting to watch.

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What do you think sets this character apart from others on the show? (five sentences):

I think Carrie is unique because she’s able to be both strong and vulnerable. She’s a complex character who is always evolving.

If you could only watch 10 movies for the rest of your life what would they be?

1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Forrest Gump 3. The Dark Knight 4. The Godfather 5. The Silence of the Lambs 6. The Godfather, Part II 7. Schindler’s List 8. Pulp Fiction 9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 10. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost
The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost

Who is Caridad Milgram?

Caridad Carrie Milgram is a professor at Tariq’s university and one of the main characters in Power Book II: Ghost. She is portrayed by Melanie Liburd. Carrie is a smart, independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and family. Even though she can be tough, she has a kind heart and is always willing to help others.

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Who has Professor Milgram slept with?

Carrie Milgram has had quite a few lovers in her time. She’s been with Tariq, Zeke, and most recently, Lamar. While she may not be the most faithful person, she is definitely someone who knows what she wants and goes after it.

Is Carrie Milgram still alive?

The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost
The many facets of Carrie Milgram on Power Book II: Ghost

While it’s not explicitly stated, it’s heavily implied that Carrie Milgram is no longer alive. In the season 2 finale, it’s revealed that Tariq killed her in cold blood after she refused to help him with a project. This act led to Tariq becoming the newGhost. He went on to be one of the most powerful and ruthless Ghosts in history. He manipulated people into doing his bidding, even killing them if they didn’t comply.

Who plays Carrie Milgram in power Book 2?

Melanie Liburd does an excellent job portraying the many facets of Carrie Milgram in Power Book II: Ghost. We see her as a tough professor, a loving mother, and a woman with a complicated past. Liburd brings depth and dimension to the character, making her someone we can’t help but root for.

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