The Lincoln Lawyer was adapted from the novel of the same name by Michael Connelly and directed by Brad Furman. The film stars Matthew McConaughey as defense attorney Mick Haller, Jennifer Carpenter as his assistant, and Ryan Phillippe as his investigator. Other notable actors in the film include Marisa Tomei as his ex-wife and John Leguizamo as his friend and police contact, Bobby Monday. The Lincoln Lawyer: Maggie Gets a Surprise Visit from Detective Lee Lankford

The premise

In The Lincoln Lawyer, we meet motor mouth defense attorney, Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey), who is hired by an extremely wealthy man, Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe) to defend him against allegations of rape. Mickey meets his new client in jail; he was arrested by detective Lee Lankford (Jamie McShane), and roughed up by cops while still trying to wear his expensive suit. Throughout the film, Phil Seymore Hoffman plays Jack Grossman, Haller’s investigator. Among other things, he provides comic relief as well as tips on how to try your case in court. And then there’s his assistant Billing (William H.

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Introducing the key characters

The Lincoln Lawyer is basically LA noir adapted to a big screen. Liam Neeson, Marisa Tomei, and Ryan Phillippe (along with others) star as characters caught up in all of it. Jamie McShane plays Detective Lee Lankford, who works under District Attorney Bonnie Weber (Marisa Tomei) and spends most of his time on what he calls cold cases. The movie also features William H. Macy as Mickey Haller, Will’s defense attorney brother.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Maggie Gets a Surprise Visit from Detective Lee Lankford
The Lincoln Lawyer: Maggie Gets a Surprise Visit from Detective Lee Lankford

What happens in Chapter 1

Angelo Soto is taken into custody after confessing to Jamie McShane (Lee Lankford) that he hired someone to kill Mick Haller. According to Soto, Haller hired him first, but then backed out of their arrangement when Haller realized that Soto was not really investigating Laura Kim’s family. The next day, in court, Maggie (the prosecuting attorney) argues against releasing Angelo on bail because he has many contacts throughout Los Angeles and may try to flee or harm others if allowed out of jail. With his record, she argues there is no way he should be released on bail.


In conclusion, I would like to discuss what can be learned from The Lincoln Lawyer. One thing that can be learned is that you should never judge someone before you get to know them. There is much more than meets than eye in all aspects of life, and if you are not careful, it could end up hurting you in a big way. In fact, in my opinion, when you start judging people for their own actions before getting to know them on a personal level (and accepting them for who they are) one of two things will happen – Either your relationships with those around you will quickly and dramatically decrease or those around you will stop talking to or inviting you places completely because they cannot trust what comes out of your mouth.

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Where is Jamie McShane from?

Jamie McShane is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in movies such as The Dark Knight, End of Watch, and A Good Day to Die Hard. He has also appeared in TV shows like ER, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Pacific and True Blood. In 2011 he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for his portrayal of Robert E. Lee in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (2012). His brother is actor Andrew McShane who portrayed on Da Vinci’s Inquest.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Maggie Gets a Surprise Visit from Detective Lee Lankford
The Lincoln Lawyer: Maggie Gets a Surprise Visit from Detective Lee Lankford

Where does Ian McShane live?

Of course, McShane has made a career out of playing hardened characters in films and television. He’s also delivered his fair share of heartwarming performances; especially as Brother Ray on HBO’s Deadwood. Still, there is something sinister lurking behind those blue eyes and mischievous smile. Perhaps it’s just that air of mystery that has led to McShane becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors. Despite being best known for his rough-and-tumble screen persona, McShane actually enjoys traveling abroad and spending time in secluded locations like Malta or Berlin, where he can unwind without running into fans or paparazzi every day.

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Who plays Zhaban?

My favorite movie has to be The Lincoln Lawyer. This week, I decided to watch it again. In one scene, there is a man named Zhaban played by Ritchie Coster. Although his part was very small in the film, I realized that I still remembered it and really enjoyed watching him perform in that scene.

Who played Ned Mason Deadwood?

Brad Dourif played Ned Mason in Deadwood and Johnny Burns in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. He was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, and two BAFTA Awards. He won an Emmy Award for his role as Gríma Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings. He is also known for playing Doc Cochran on Deadwood.

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