plays Carol Dubois in The Lincoln Lawyer . If you’re not familiar with the movie, Carol Dubois plays an insurance agent who ends up as the victim of the movie’s eponymous lawyer, played by Matthew McConaughey . In this scene from The Lincoln Lawyer , Carol Dubois gives Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) an ultimatum regarding his representation of Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), one of her clients accused of rape and attempted murder.The Lincoln Lawyer: Carol Dubois Is An Insurance Agent

Who Is Heather Mazur

Heather Mazur’s first major break came in 1996, when she had a bit part in Jerry Maguire. She also starred opposite George Clooney and Julia Roberts in The Perfect Storm. Her most recent movie was The Lincoln Lawyer, where she played insurance agent Carol Dubois. Mazur is also an avid philanthropist; among other charitable endeavors, she supports United Service Organizations Inc., which provides entertainment to US military members overseas, as well as Operation Smile, which works to improve children’s health by raising money for surgeries. In addition to her film work and charity efforts, Mazur has been a teacher at Santa Monica College and is working on developing a Filmmaking 101 course with her husband.

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Obvious Emotions

Heather Mazur’s portrayal of Carol Dubois in The Lincoln Lawyer was memorable to say in least. She brought a new aspect to being an insurance agent with her deadpan tone and subtle facial expressions. This brought a lot of humor to her character, as did her interactions with Marissa, who portrayed Maggie McPherson.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Carol Dubois Is An Insurance Agent
The Lincoln Lawyer: Carol Dubois Is An Insurance Agent

It is also important to note that she showed a very vulnerable side when dealing with Emmett (Ryan Gosling), but also showed compassion for him. Overall, Heather Mazur created a believable character that can be interpreted differently by different people.

What Does She Really Mean?

One of your goals as a writer is to tell a story that holds your reader’s attention from beginning to end. As you write, ask yourself what each scene, event, and even each sentence in that scene or event means. This may seem complicated—but it really isn’t. In fact, there are only two things every sentence needs to do in order for it to mean something in a story: It needs to be motivated, and it needs to be essential. That’s right!

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More Suspicions

After she quits her job and takes out a loan for $120,000 to buy a building in which she can start a new firm, Dubois discovers that she is under investigation. I thought you were calling me to tell me I was getting promoted, she says when Carson informs her of his suspicions. You should have known better, he tells her. They are now facing multiple felony charges as they scramble to find ways to put away innocent people into prison so they can get convictions on more serious crimes like child molestation and murder. (link)

Oh no! She’s found out

The Lincoln Lawyer is an incredible movie about a lawyer’s fight to clear his name. Although it might not have been my favorite film of 2011, it had some great attributes that made me think hard about what exactly makes a movie great. The acting was phenomenal and well worth watching for Matthew McConaughey alone.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Carol Dubois Is An Insurance Agent
The Lincoln Lawyer: Carol Dubois Is An Insurance Agent

We all like to throw around phrases like Best Actor but we rarely stop to consider what that really means. In my opinion, McConaughey deserves every ounce of praise he has received for his acting because he always does an exceptional job at portraying characters with substance; both good and bad qualities in others come across so well through his talent on screen.

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The insurance agent is a very important role in our society. They are responsible for many of our needs. Without them, insurance claims would be more confusing than they already are. The Lincoln Lawyer shows an insight into many aspects of an insurance agent’s job. These include how they deal with their clients and how they file their paperwork to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We can see that Carol is a reliable employee who plays by her company’s rules and procedures but also shows compassion toward her customers who need help when they really need it most.

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