Lyne Renée, star of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, talks about how playing Kirsty, Hargreaves’ helper, helped her channel the wrath of man in her latest movie. Her most favorite part of acting? It’s creating something entirely unique with your imagination, she says. Then you present it to an audience that becomes involved with what you’re doing. When you go see The Incredible Wrath of Man in theaters this March 14th, make sure to look out for Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ helper! The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ Helper

From my perspective…

I was really impressed with Lyne Renée’s performance in The Wrath of Man. She played the role of Kirsty, Hargreaves’ helper, with such conviction and strength. I really believed her as a tough and capable woman who could handle anything that came her way. She was a great support to Hargreaves and I thought she added a lot to the film. My only issue with her character is how often she used an accent that sounded like Australian when it seemed like Kirsty would be from another part of the world – maybe something from England or Ireland? It seemed out of place for me. Other than that, though, I really enjoyed her acting and hope to see more from her in future projects!

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Pay Attention! (to what is happening on stage)

In the play, Wrath of Man, by James Glennon, there is a character named Kirsty who is Hargreaves’ helper. She is played by the amazing Lyne Renée. Throughout the play, Kirsty’s main purpose is to help Hargreaves with whatever he needs, whether it be getting information or simply being a sounding board for his anger. However, what many people don’t realize is that Kirsty is also paying attention to everything that is happening on stage.

The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves' Helper
The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ Helper

Common sense backstage etiquette!

It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and who you’re sharing them with when you’re backstage at a show. This is especially true when it comes to the wrath of man. Lyne Renée is an absolute powerhouse as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ helper, in the play. She commands the stage and brings an incredible amount of energy to her performance. It’s important to be respectful of her space and give her the room she needs to do her job.

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Where do we get our inspiration from?

We often look to other people for inspiration, but sometimes the most inspiring people are those who we don’t even know. Lyne Renée is one of those people. She was born with a rare condition that causes her to have severe facial deformities, but she hasn’t let that stop her from living her life to the fullest. After graduating from high school, she joined the modeling industry and went on to become a fashion blogger. Her photos show how beautiful she is inside and out, and her story will leave you in awe.

I think it’s incredible how someone can be able to inspire others just by doing what they love–in this case modeling–and sharing their stories with us through their blog posts and social media accounts.

The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves' Helper
The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ Helper

Who is Kristy in wrath of man?

Kristy is one of the main characters in the film Wrath of Man. She is Hargreaves’ helper and is portrayed by Lyne Renée. Kristy is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself. She is a loyal friend and an excellent fighter. Kristy is an essential part of the team and helps Hargreaves take down the bad guys. Together they do everything from saving people from burning buildings to fighting off hordes of cannibals. She’s tough, brave, and even funny sometimes! If you like action packed films with great female protagonists then this movie is perfect for you!

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Who plays Rebecca on strike back?

Rebecca is played by the incredible Lyne Renée. She’s a total badass and helps Hargreaves with his business. She’s also an amazing actress and totally believable in the role. I’m so impressed with her performance! Not only does she have to go toe-to-toe with guys twice her size but she manages to be tough, sexy, and intelligent all at once. What’s your favorite scene?

The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves' Helper
The Incredible Wrath of Man: Lyne Renée as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ Helper

What is the story of wrath of man?

In the movie Wrath of Man, Lyne Renée plays Kirsty, a woman who helps Hargreaves (Jason Statham) get revenge on the people who killed his son. The story is full of twists and turns, and Renée’s performance is one of the highlights. She brings a sense of humanity to her character that makes you care about her, even as she’s helping Hargreaves commit some pretty terrible acts.

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