The new horror-thriller M3GAN has been making waves in the film industry due to its unique take on the genre. At the heart of this film is the character of Cole, played by Brian Jordan Alvarez. In this interview, we’ll be exploring the human side of M3GAN with Brian Jordan Alvarez and learning more about his character and the process of bringing Cole to life on screen. The Human Side of M3GAN: An Interview with Brian Jordan Alvarez

How Brian Jordan Alvarez got his start in acting

Brian Jordan Alvarez, who plays the role of Cole in the movie M3GAN, is a talented actor with a long and impressive career. Before he found success on the big screen, Alvarez began his acting journey on stage. He got his start at the age of five, performing with the West Coast Ensemble in Los Angeles. From there, he began to hone his craft, learning from some of the best acting teachers in the industry.

After attending a prestigious acting school, Alvarez then moved to New York City where he gained further experience. During this time, he appeared in several Off-Broadway shows and even did some improv work. This gave him the opportunity to try different types of roles and explore a variety of characters.

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From here, Alvarez moved back to Los Angeles and continued to pursue acting as a career. He quickly made a name for himself, appearing in television shows such as Mad Men and Two and a Half Men. In addition, he was cast in movies such as Palo Alto, The Oranges and M3GAN.

Alvarez has proven to be an incredibly versatile actor, willing to take on any role that comes his way. With his skill and dedication to the craft, it’s no surprise that he’s one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood today.

What it was like working on the set of M3GAN

Working on the set of M3GAN was an exciting and rewarding experience for Brian Jordan Alvarez. He found the atmosphere on set to be collaborative and inspiring, filled with talented individuals working together towards a common goal.

Alvarez was thrilled to be working with such a talented cast and crew. Everyone worked hard to bring the best possible performance to the screen. He found it incredibly rewarding to be part of a team that was passionate about making an impactful story.

Alvarez especially enjoyed the challenge of playing Cole, a character with a unique set of emotions and motivations. He embraced the opportunity to take on the role, delving deep into the complex layers of the character’s psychology. It was a gratifying experience, to bring such a complicated role to life in an honest and powerful way.

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Overall, Alvarez had nothing but positive things to say about his time on the set of M3GAN. He believes it was a wonderful experience that will stay with him forever.

What it was like to play the role of Cole

Brian Jordan Alvarez had the honor of playing the role of Cole in the sci-fi thriller M3GAN. When he first got the part, he was excited about the challenge of taking on a character that was so different from himself.

“I was immediately drawn to the story and its unique blend of science fiction and horror,” Alvarez said. “It was interesting to see how the movie explores a world that is both familiar and strange. I knew it would be an amazing journey.”

When it came time to portray Cole, Alvarez worked hard to understand the character and bring him to life in the best possible way. He wanted to make sure that Cole’s arc as a character was something audiences could empathize with.

“Playing Cole was both a challenging and rewarding experience,” Alvarez said. “The character has a lot of complexities and nuances, which allowed me to really dig deep and explore all the nuances of his story. I wanted to make sure that the audience could relate to Cole and feel for him throughout his journey.”

In order to do that, Alvarez made sure to stay in tune with Cole’s struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams throughout filming. He also focused on staying in character while on set and made sure to immerse himself into the world of M3GAN.

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Overall, Alvarez found that playing Cole was a unique and unforgettable experience. He believes that viewers will connect with the character’s arc and feel like they have gone through a journey alongside him.

What Brian Jordan Alvarez hopes people take away from M3GAN

Brian Jordan Alvarez hopes that viewers of M3GAN take away an appreciation for the difficult topics and challenging conversations that the show tackles. “I think it’s really important for us to keep these conversations going, even when they’re uncomfortable,” he said. “There’s a lot to learn from each other and that’s what I hope people can take away from M3GAN.”

The Human Side of M3GAN: An Interview with Brian Jordan Alvarez
The Human Side of M3GAN: An Interview with Brian Jordan Alvarez

He also hopes people can appreciate the human elements of the show, as well as the technology. “I hope people can appreciate both the tech side of M3GAN and the human side,” Alvarez said. “At the end of the day, it’s about the relationships between these characters and their journeys. That’s where I think the heart of the show is.”

Alvarez believes that the show has something to offer everyone, no matter their background or beliefs. “M3GAN is a reflection of our world today,” he said. “It’s about being open-minded and understanding each other in ways we may not have before. I think that’s really important for all of us to remember as we watch this show.”

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