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The Short Story

A mother makes her child go to school, despite all signs that it’s no longer safe. The zombie apocalypse has begun, and with each passing second, more and more people turn into zombies! How many can she save? Will anyone survive? Has our humanity left us? What does it mean to be human if we lose our compassion? And just how much is your life worth? This film was horrible…I did not enjoy watching it at all.

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How it Came To Be

You’re on your way to work, minding your own business when you hear a sudden strange announcement over your car radio. This is not a test! This is not a test! Please remain calm. The body politic has been compromised. It has been determined that an unnatural state of affairs has arisen in which…our government no longer represents its people…. A new regime is being formed to correct these mistakes, but will be operating under strict martial law until it comes online. The Horror of Our Reality- All of Us Are Dead

Crafting an Effective Zombie Apocalypse Series

There are so many zombie movies and television shows available these days, it’s easy to see why most viewers don’t get that excited about yet another one. In a world where both The Walking Dead and Z Nation are on television every week, how can you make your show stand out? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you take your project from conception to completion.

Why This Is Important in Today’s Society

The Zombie apocalypse has been a constant fear for many over generations. Each generation lives in fear of the outbreak, and we constantly question our government about how prepared they are to handle it should it occur. A government report released earlier in 2016 listed out 10 locations that would be best suited for handling a zombie outbreak. You can view them here. Despite these precautions, however, many of us still find ourselves questioning whether or not society is prepared if/when it actually occurs.

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Interesting Parts of All Of Us Are Dead That You Might Want To Know

The series is about students that are fighting to survive their high school after a mysterious virus begins turning people into zombies. The story takes place in Sanggye Paik High School and first began airing on July 31, 2016. The main actors include Kim Seung Soo, Lee Woo Jin, Jang In Ah, Baek Ji Yoon, Park Sun Young and Min Dohee. The group B1A4 made cameo appearances in episodes 4 and 7.

All of Us are Dead, Yet Alive

There’s nothing more terrifying than being trapped in the heart of an apocalypse, and not knowing how to escape. As undead creatures relentlessly pursue you, you realize you’re running out of options, and your chances of surviving are slim to none. While it might seem impossible to escape from this kind of scenario, there are ways to ensure that you can get out alive with minimal injury and maximum supplies from scavenging nearby buildings and houses.

The Horror of Our Reality- All of Us Are Dead
The Horror of Our Reality- All of Us Are Dead

How did the outbreak occur?

Though many details surrounding the zombie outbreak remain unclear, one thing is clear: The zombie outbreak began in South Korea at Sanggye High School. A government investigation into what sparked it led them to a single student’s computer. They’re still trying to find out who was responsible for hacking and uploading a computer virus that caused countless students to suddenly become infected with an unknown pathogen. For now, they’ve put out a warning that says all people should be on alert because it could happen again.

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Is there any evidence that zombies exist?

You may be wondering whether zombies could possibly exist in real life. This is not an uncommon thought. Zombies have become increasingly popular over time—especially since there was a huge surge in zombie films and TV shows released over decades like Walking Dead, Dawn of The Dead and 28 Days Later. Many people ask do zombies exist?, and if so, how can we prepare for them?

What behaviors will I exhibit in the midst of a zombie apocalypse?

One way to prepare for a zombie apocalypse is to imagine how you will react in its midst. What will your priorities be? Will you lash out or try to survive with humanity? Are you willing to shoot a loved one if they turn into a zombie? Try running through different scenarios and figure out how you’ll react. If nothing else, it might make for some fun role-playing games with friends or family.

How will I survive as an individual when everyone else has become zombies?

While zombies may be slow-moving, their sheer numbers make them a formidable enemy. As a zombie outbreak is sure to overrun every corner of our world eventually, it’s important to learn about methods for surviving in such harsh conditions. Here are some basic tips for surviving in a zombie apocalypse , The Horror of Our Reality- All of Us Are Dead

Will there be other survivors? If so, who?

It is entirely likely that there may be other survivors who can help provide support in continuing their human existence. However, it will be difficult to determine who is a zombie and who is still human at first glance. Just because someone looks dead doesn’t mean they are—it might just mean they’re playing dead.

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