When you think of the biggest and most powerful characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you might think of Sauron, Gollum, or Aragorn; but the character that most nearly matched Sauron’s power was Pharazon of Numenor, one of the earliest kings in Numenor and advisor to Queen Miriel during her reign. Pharazon had magical gifts given to him by the Valar, but he also possessed political genius that allowed him to match Sauron in secret power. The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor

Actors who have played important roles

Peter Jackson’s Academy Award-winning film The Lord of the Rings was based on a novel by J.R.R. Tolkien that follows three hobbits, a wizard, and other creatures in their quests to destroy the powerful Rings that can corrupt those who wear them and to save Middle Earth from the dark lord Sauron. The most essential character in the film–and arguably in all the novels–is Gandalf, a wise and powerful wizard who aids each group on their journey.

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Surprising facts about characters in Middle Earth

Pharazon is one of the lesser-known characters in The Lord of the Rings series. He plays a key role in advising Queen Miriel when it comes to her rule and in keeping balance within Gondor.

Pharazon is actually the long lost son of Tar-Calmacil, king at that time, and who died before Tar-Miriel became queen regent. This left her with two children and one always scheming brother.

The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor
The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor

Key events featuring Pharazon

The Rings of Power hold an incredible power that only a select few know about. They’ve been used by the Dark Lord Sauron to rule over Middle-Earth and those who wield them are in danger. Pharazon’s character attempts to explain the power and importance of the rings to Miriel, queen regent, when she comes into possession of them during The Return of the King film adaptation. He gives her pause before she destroys them as they’re too powerful for her to control or destroy.

Memorable lines said by Pharazon

It is a beautiful story and the lilt of your voice captivates me. Though I am anxious to learn more, I must rest now.

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The stars in the heavens are always above us, here and away.

I know that your love for this land will never die.

If we do not stand against them, who will?

Historical connections between real life and Tolkien’s works

The Rings of Power play a significant role in the Lord of the Rings story because they had an immense amount of power that could only be controlled by the one who held them. A common idea is that each ring has a specific use which makes them so powerful and it was this idea that drove Queen Miriel to steal all nine rings from the Nine Men, an order founded by her father.

The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor
The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor

Insight on why actors were chosen for their roles

The filmmakers are meticulous about picking the perfect actors for their movies. The cast was chosen based on not only talent, but also the size and features that matched with the script. When given an important role like a Numenorean advisor to Queen Miriel, they look for someone who is charismatic enough to captivate us from the moment he enters a scene.

The Background & Appearance

Pharazon is a Numenorean advisor to queen regent Miriel and the keeper of the Great Book of the Virtues, an ancient record in which prophecies and warnings about Sauron’s quest for The Rings of Power are recorded. A lifelong confidant to Miriel, he is also her constant companion. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that he might be kin to her because they both have sea-colored eyes and dark hair.

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What Does the Character Do?

Pharazon is a Numenorean advisor to Queen Regent Miriel. He is first seen when she journeys with Eärendil to see the Valar and learns that Sauron has risen again. She asks for advice on what to do about it and Pharazon tells her that it is up to her whether or not she returns, but Miriel decides in the end to return home with Eärendil and never sees him again.

The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor
The Hidden Power of Pharazon: Trystan Gravelle as the Numenorean Advisor

Who are his Friends & Enemies?

Pharazon is sworn to serve Miriel, the queen regent and Ioreth’s sister. His allies include Miriel, who is largely a supporter of peace between Gondor and Arnor; Idril, who seems to care more about his intellect than his physical appearance; and Anárion, a warrior-prince who looks up to him.

Why should you care about this character?

Pharazon is an ambassador to Gondor who never leaves Queen Miriel’s side. But despite this, he’s also one of her most trusted advisors. We don’t hear much from him until Boromir comes to Gondor with the Ring in his possession and offers it to Miriel. He scolds Boromir for not giving it directly to Aragorn, but she allows him to stay for a few days until he can sail back home.

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