The Handler of The Umbrella Academy, played by Kate Walsh, was introduced as Five’s (Aidan Gallagher) former boss and mentor in the first season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. She was incredibly important to Five’s development, shaping him into the killer he becomes. In the second season, she returns as an antagonist, a member of the new Organization, and an antagonist to the entire team once again. What happened between these two seasons that would cause this reversal? Let’s take a look at The Handler in The Umbrella Academy! The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy

Who Is The Handler

You can read about Kate Walsh on Wikipedia, or you can watch her portray The Handler in season 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy. For those who are unaware, the series is based on a comic book written by Gerard Way, front man for alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. The story follows a group of adopted siblings (or more accurately half-siblings) with special powers who are brought together to investigate their father’s death and must work together to save us all from impending doom. This premise seems ridiculous, but at its core it’s an ensemble drama—so expect some fun character development.

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How Does She Feel About Her Daughter

While we don’t know much about her family life, what we do know is that she wanted a child badly enough to steal one. We can only imagine how hurt Lila must have been when her adoptive mother—the woman who killed her biological parents and claimed her for herself—abandoned her right before Five went missing.

The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy
The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy

In season 2, there was no love lost between them, and even though they worked together to find Five after he went missing again, it doesn’t seem like she was ever anything but cruel to Lila. The Handler has never shown any signs of remorse for anything she did to get where she is now, so it doesn’t seem likely that she would be tender with Lila.

What Is Her Relationship With Five

In Season 2, Five tells Hazel and Cha-Cha that she used to work for The Handler. She also says that they were friends, but admits it may not have been a friendly friendship. However, her true feelings toward her former boss were more complicated than they let on. When Lila (Emmy Raver-Lampman) shows up at Blackwood’s dinner party unannounced with a new fiancé, Five and Hazel are noticeably less than thrilled to see their former handler again.

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Where Will We See Her Next

According to her IMDb page, Kate Walsh will appear on a couple of episodes of Trial and Error. She also has film roles lined up for I Feel Pretty (2018) and Before You Know It (2017). She is currently filming Into The Dark: Down Below which is expected to air in 2019. There are likely other projects she’s working on that we don’t know about yet. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any new appearances and update accordingly!

The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy
The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy

What episodes of The Umbrella Academy is Kate Walsh in?

In season 2, she is mentioned by Luther (Tom Hopper) and Hargreeves (Colm Feore) early on. Her first appearance is in episode 6, when she gives Five (Ellen Page) a pep talk. Then we see her again briefly at episode 9 where she talks to Five on the phone. In episode 10, she hands over Lila’s body to Vanya (Ellen Page). Episode 11 has her at one of Hargreeves’ parties where she meets Klaus’ girlfriend Davina and hands over an extremely important item/person to Klaus – Olivier.

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How much does Kate Walsh make?

How much does Katherine Kate Walsh make for playing The Handler on Netflix’s hit show, The Umbrella Academy? And what does her role as a Hollywood executive mean for production of season 2? A new film pays homage to classic Hollywood glamour. Plus, we reveal how much Ms. Walsh makes per episode and what else she has coming up! Keep reading…

Who is the white haired girl in The Umbrella Academy?

Who is Lila — an important character on Netflix’s new show, The Umbrella Academy — and what are her powers? Spoilers ahead for season 1 of The Umbrella Academy. We don’t see much of Lila (played by Tom Hopper) in season 1 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, but she remains an enigmatic character nonetheless. Lila, who goes by her last name Hargreeves, is both Klaus’ girlfriend and Vanya’s roommate. She has a few memorable scenes early on and then disappears for a chunk of time toward the middle of season 1 until returning at its end. Who is Lila? Read on to find out what we know about her so far.

The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy
The Handler: Kate Walsh as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy

How old was Kate Walsh in GREY’s anatomy?

32 years old. [3] In 2013, Kate was cast to play a senator who accidentally runs over someone with her car and becomes involved in an affair with her married lover on season 11 of Greys Anatomy. [4] In 2018, it was announced that she would appear on two episodes of Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things , where she will play Kari Anderson, a Department of Energy employee. [5] She also co-starred alongside Emmy Rossum and Justin Kirk in Joshy .

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