Sex/Life has been called one of the greatest television shows of all time, but which moments are worthy of being called the best? Here are my picks for the five best moments from Sex/Life, plus a special bonus moment as well.

First Episode: You’ve never done this before

you’re on a show that people love, a show that you’re proud of. All of your friends are watching it too and every week they share with you how excited they are to see what’s going to happen next. In today’s world, it doesn’t get much better than that. But just in case, let me remind you why tonight is so special…

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Second Episode: Just ’cause I’m a feminist doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy sex

One of my favorite moments from Season 1 was when Jamie, who has had a traumatic sex life due to childhood trauma, finally has a truly satisfying sexual experience. He was so blissful that I couldn’t help but feel happy for him—and relieved that it wasn’t just women who can suffer at times from not getting what they want or need out of sex. I’m excited to see how many other great things there are to come in Sex/Life as we continue into Season 2.

Third Episode: Sometimes you gotta shut up and do what you gotta do

During an argument with his wife, Sarah (Nicole Kidman), Adam (Thomas Jane) reaches a breaking point and threatens to tell his parents everything. She doesn’t respond well to that. Instead of calling his bluff, she begins telling him how she feels about their relationship. When she stops talking, he just tells her that they’re done and leaves. At first it looks like things are going to get physical between them, but instead Adam actually ends up leaving her house for good.

The Five Best Moments From Sex/Life
The Five Best Moments From Sex/Life

Fourth Episode: It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it

This episode showed that love is a beautiful thing. Having little money or many resources, does not matter as long as you are with someone you can enjoy life with. Showing someone how to use your resources and even teach them about their own body is an act of love. Some people do not understand it is okay to teach their partner about something they do not know or understand. Teaching a partner new things about themselves and their body can help both partners grow closer and understand each other more than ever before.

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Fifth Episode: What’s the future of our relationship?

The season’s best episode is Episode 5. That isn’t because it is necessarily better than any of its predecessors, but because it has everything that makes Sex/Life work. The episode opens with Matty and Jackie reuniting in what appears to be a hotel room. Matty tells Jackie that he wants to end their relationship because he misses her too much when they are apart.

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