If you work at an office, chances are you spend much of your day in front of a computer screen. You might consider yourself lucky if you have access to an ergonomic chair, but what about the right tools to help make your day as productive as possible? A number of useful Chrome extensions can help with just that – check out this list and find out which ones can help improve your workflow! The Five Best Chrome Extensions for Office Work

The Five Best Chrome Extensions for Office Work
The Five Best Chrome Extensions for Office Work

Content Manager

This chrome extension is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s still useful to have. There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot to save a draft and your whole document is lost—and if you have any more tabs open, they are also gone. Content Manager lets you recover all open tabs in case of that inevitable crash.


If you’re writing a longer piece or just have a lot of material to keep track of, then you might want to give Scrivener a try. Developed for authors and journalists, Scrivener allows you to keep all your work organized in one place and compile it into one finished product. It can also export your project as HTML, PDF, ePub or even Word format files.

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Ensuring everything you publish is written in a clear, uncluttered way is vital to writing good content. Readability scores, which are available from most major proofreading services such as ProWritingAid and Hemingway, measure readability on a scale of 0–100, with higher scores indicating that text is more readable.


If you’re an avid Google Docs user, Grammarly is a must-have add-on. It integrates directly into your document, making it easy to check for and fix errors wherever they appear. You can also opt to highlight strong writing in certain areas—like action verbs and powerful nouns—as well as target your vocabulary use with Thesaurus integration. No matter how fast you type or what tools you already use to check grammar, Grammarly will make sure nothing slips through unnoticed.

Copy and Paste Multiple Sheets from Excel Into Word

For people who have to deal with lots of data, often you’ll find yourself having to copy and paste multiple sheets from Excel into Word. This can be time-consuming, but not when you use Copy Multiple Sheets.

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