Mickey Haller, Junior, in the novel The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly, has more family ties than his name would lead you to believe. Even though he’s not related to the main character of the novel, Harry Bosch, he does have a connection to Bosch that makes him seem like he’s part of the same family. The Family Ties of J Michael Mickey Haller

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J. Michael Mickey Haller, Junior is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in the 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer .Haller, a Los Angeles-based defense attorney, is… Wikipedia Article :J. Michael Mickey Haller, Junior is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in the 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer .Haller, a Los Angeles-based defense attorney, is… More Details on Wiki :J. The Family Ties of J Michael Mickey Haller


Michael Connelly is a journalist and author from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has written 21 books, all of which have made The New York Times Best Seller list or been nominated for an Edgar Award. His most famous creation is Harry Bosch, a fictional detective who takes to readers on rides through Los Angeles that are full of both danger and insight into American culture at large. Many of his works also feature Mickey Haller, another great fictional detective and half-brother to Harry Bosch; both characters appear in several novels together. The Family Ties of J Michael Mickey Haller


In Michael Connelly’s best-selling novel The Lincoln Lawyer, defense attorney J. Michael Mickey Haller is a single father and half-brother to LAPD Detective Hieronymus Harry Bosch (as seen in his earlier novel, The Black Echo). We recently discovered that Harry is one among several members of an extended Los Angeles family full of brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts. Author Connelly himself grew up with seven siblings! The Family Ties of J Michael Mickey Haller

The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller
The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller


Father/Son, Part 1 of a 2-part episode. When the body is found in the trunk of a Lincoln Town Car with the bullet wound typical of a gang execution, the LAPD team assigned to the case assumes that it is just another black-on-black crime.

Physical info

J. Michael Mickey Haller, Junior is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in the 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer. Hieronymus Harry Bosch’s half-brother and former defense attorney, currently practicing as a plaintiff’s attorney in LOS ANGELES, CA.

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Career —–>>>>> An attorney who focuses on defense cases only and works out of his Lincoln Town Car. He has never lost a case. Haller is the son of flamboyant defense attorney Jerry Vincent, whose murder was one thread in Connelly’s best-selling 2008 novel The Lincoln Lawyer . The fifth book featuring the character, 2013’s The Gods of Guilt , debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction. The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller


The Lincoln Lawyer won the 2005 Dilys Award for Best Mystery Novel and the Barry Award for Best First Novel by an American Author, both presented by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association; nominated for the 2005 Nero Award for Best First Novel by the Norwegian Publishers’ Association; and nominated for the 2006 Edgar Award in the Best First Novel category, awarded by members of the Mystery Writers of America.

Net worth

$ 2 Million : $ 2 Million – The Lincoln Lawyer was a successful best-selling novel and went on to be made into a movie starring Matthew McConaughey as the title character, with Marisa Tomei cast as his ex-wife Rachael, who is also a defense attorney and played the role of antagonist in the film.

Mickey Haller

The Lincoln Lawyer, by Michael Connelly (2005) is an action-packed thriller about a Los Angeles defense attorney who works out of his Lincoln Town Car solving high profile murder cases in the justice system. The main character, Junior (J.

The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller
The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller

Harry Bosch

Though the two are half-brothers, Bosch and Haller have an estranged relationship that comes to a head in The Lincoln Lawyer. Harry discovered he had a brother after Connelly ran into Dennis Wojciechowski at a Dodgers game in 1993 and learned about Wojciechowski’s stepfather, Michael H. Haller, who was also Connelly’s grandfather.

Terry McCaleb

McCaleb is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in his novel The Poet (1999). McCaleb was a former LAPD detective and FBI agent who becomes an investigator for California’s Bureau of Investigation, which later became known as California’s Bureau of Forensic Services. He works with FBI agent Rachel Walling to track down a serial killer referred to as The Poet.

Billy Meadows

In The Lincoln Lawyer, Billy Meadows is a victim in a car accident that Haller believes was intentionally caused by Louis Roulet. While originally under police protection and unable to testify as a witness, Meadows was kidnapped by Roulet and his associates, but eventually escaped with no memory of what happened during his kidnapping due to an amnesia drug he was given. After recovering from amnesia, Meadows testifies against Roulet at trial for attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

Who is J. Michael Mickey Haller?

J. Michael Mickey Haller, Junior is a fictional character created by Michael Connelly in the 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer . Haller, a Los Angeles-based defense attorney, is the paternal half-brother of Connelly’s best-known character, LAPD Detective Hieronymus Harry Bosch . He appeared as a supporting character in two other novels by Connelly: The Brass Verdict and The Reversal , both of which featured Harry Bosch as their primary protagonist.

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Harry Bosch – Father/Husband/Detective

Son to a homicide detective and a homemaker, Harry grew up in a tight-knit household that drove him toward his career in law enforcement. He is currently married to Dr. Eleanor Wish and has a daughter named Maddie Bosch who attends UCLA.

Lucy Soto – Daughter/Sister/Nurse

One half sister was born in Mexico, another was born here, and one is from a father from El Salvador and mother from Guatemala – so she is 1/4th of each but all have Soto surname. She’s a nurse in a county hospital in LA but looking for work closer to home to care for an elderly grandmother.

Roy Lindell – Son/Cousin/FBI Agent

A Los Angeles County homicide detective and Bosch’s partner in their mutual search for Chilton Hardy, a convicted serial killer who disappeared from death row shortly before he was to be executed for his crimes. Lindell is shot twice by Armand Muscles Bracamonte, a former associate of Braddock’s who was employed as Bosch’s bodyguard during that same investigation, after being lured to an isolated beach house under false pretenses.

Jerry Vincent – Father/Friend/Attorney

Jerry Vincent was Haller’s father, who disappeared and was thought to be dead but was instead a prisoner in North Korea for over 20 years. Harry Bosch set up an elaborate ruse involving Vincent’s former partner, Minton, to fake his death and get him back home. After he returned to L.A., he visited his daughter Marlee at St.

Edgar (Ed) Gunn – Partner / Old Friend / Chum

A Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney who was a contemporary of Harry Bosch at UCLA Law School in 1967. Gunn and Harry worked as interns together for Judge Reuben Sohl on felony review at L.A.

Bill pritzker – Partner / Friend / Buddy

If you are fortunate enough to have an attorney friend like Mickey Haller, he’ll tell you that it’s far easier to get a client to fire you than it is to get one to quit or go away. It all comes down to trust, and how much of your life do you want someone else making decisions for?


Haller has a close relationship with his half-brother, Harry Bosch, who is a lead character in many of Connelly’s novels. What’s your brother or sister like? Do you share any hobbies or skills? If not, have you ever tried to learn from each other or teach each other something new? If so, how did it go? Did it help strengthen your bond?

Haller’s primary role as an attorney seems to be getting clients off by finding technicalities and loopholes that would allow them to walk free. Do you know anyone else who specializes in looking for ways out instead of solutions? How do they do their job differently than what you might think?

Haller has quite a few ties to crime, especially when considering that he is often hired by criminals as their defense attorney and relies on them for cases.

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How is Harry Bosch related to Mickey Haller?

Both Connelly and a character from one of his earlier novels, The Poet (1997), take their names from famous people in Irish literature: author John Banville and poet Thomas Kinsella. Likewise, Mickey Haller is named after playwright J. M.

The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller
The Family Ties of J. Michael Mickey Haller

Is Mickey Haller in the Bosch TV series?

Yes and no. Connelly introduced Haller, played by actor Mick from Law & Order (video above), in The Lincoln Lawyer. The character was so popular with readers that he has since appeared in four more novels, including 2016’s One Wrong Move and 2018’s Chasing Darkness.

Do you need to read Mickey Haller books in order?

When Connelly wrote his first book, The Black Echo, he introduced Harry Bosch as a supporting character. It was only after that book became a New York Times bestseller that Connelly went back and introduced Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer, along with Bosch’s half-brother defense attorney Jack McEvoy.

What order should I read Michael Connelly books?

Connelly wrote The Lincoln Lawyer in 2005, before any of his other books, so if you’re interested in starting with a new-to-you author (and Connelly is generally considered one of our finest working writers), you should definitely go for it first. However, if you’re looking to meet up with some familiar faces from previous novels or dive into an established series, there are certain books that would make more sense to read before others.

Who is Harry Bosch’s half-brother?

Although Harry Bosch’s half-brother, J. Michael Mickey Haller, was introduced in 2005 with The Lincoln Lawyer, his history actually goes back much further than that. He made his first appearance as a minor character in Connelly’s first Bosch novel, The Black Echo—first published in 1992—but it wasn’t until 2002’s A Darkness More Than Night that he became a major player in Bosch’s life and gained a voice and presence on par with Hieronymus himself.

Who is Mickey Haller’s driver?

Mickey’s driver is named Micky McDowell. He was a former LAPD officer and was one of Harry Bosch’s best friends, before Harry killed him in self-defense when he caught him beating a suspect for answers during an interrogation, which was against policy.

Is there a spinoff of Bosch?

Fans have been wondering if there’s going to be a sequel to Connelly’s Echo Park, which saw Bosch teaming up with his half-brother Mickey Haller to try and clear his name for a murder he didn’t commit. (Spoiler alert: They did.) Is there going to be a sequel in which we see more of their relationship? Will we get another one-off story like Echo Park? And how does Harry feel about Mickey getting married and moving away from Los Angeles?

What will the Bosch spinoff be called?

The Lincoln Lawyer Show is a proposed drama that would be developed and produced by Robert De Niro’s TriBeCa Productions company, with Connelly reportedly serving as an executive producer. The potential series, which was initially announced in 2013, will star Bosch co-star Titus Welliver in a recurring role as well as Jerry Orbach reprising his character from Law & Order. A pilot was ordered by USA Network in 2014 but was not picked up to series due to production issues.

In what book did Mickey Haller run for DA?

While many fans want to know if Bosch and Haller will meet or team up in a future book, Connelly recently surprised them with an answer to a different question – how is Harry Bosch’s half-brother related to him? The family ties between Mickey and Harry go back to Hieronymus Bosch, who was born in Amsterdam in 1550 and arrived in Antwerp, Belgium around 1585. His stay was brief; he moved on for England within ten years.

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