In the series premiere of The Umbrella Academy, we are introduced to Cha-Cha, a former hitwoman and the more ruthless of Hazel’s two assassin partners in their business The Gemini Office. While not much is revealed about Cha-Cha’s personal life outside of the job, there are definitely some things that make her worthy of our admiration and attention. Let’s take a look at how Mary J. Blige embodies Cha-Cha in The Umbrella Academy and why she fits right into the role as if it were made just for her! The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy

I guess you could say I had some issues

Mary J. Blige’s voice was certainly an issue for Netflix. In fact, Blige will be forever known as Cha-Cha from The Umbrella Academy to many comic book fans who aren’t familiar with her work as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what she did for comics but it is certainly not her strongest work (it was still really good). First, let’s break down some statistics: In Marvel Knights 20th: Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Vol 1 , Mary J.

Drugs are bad mmkay?

Mary J. Blige plays Cha-Cha in Netflix’s original series, The Umbrella Academy. She is a comic book character I definitely did not expect to be enamored with; and despite my initial reservations, it was impossible not to fall head over heels for her when she walked into that first scene with her trademark, swaying hips and an attitude dripping from her lips.

The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy
The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy

It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was much more than just another comic book baddie.

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Don’t Get Me Started on Love…

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The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy
The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy

But uh … Hm… Are my hands cold?

I love my hands. … People compliment them all day, like: ‘Ooh, you have such beautiful hands.’ Or: ‘Man, those are cold hands.’ But uh … Hm… Are my hands cold? Blige said in that interview. Because I thought they were warm. I don’t know if I just have weird circulation or what. It’s not that big a deal to me. My feet get cold, too. They’re usually freezing when I’m out somewhere and people are like: ‘Oh my God! Your feet are so hot!’ And I’m like: What? You guys should see my hands! It’s not even close to being true! Oh well … Cold hands, warm heart. That’s how it goes.

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She’s violent … but at least she’s honest about it!

She’s a character that does what she wants, when she wants—and for whatever reason she deems necessary. At one point in Hated in the Nation, Hazel (played by Amber Benson) tells Cha-Cha to listen to her even though it goes against her nature. With a couple days between seasons, we can all be thankful that Cha-Cha did … just not exactly how Hazel would have liked. But hey, at least it was honest—even if it didn’t change anything. In Hated in the Nation, Blige’s menacingly charismatic performance shined like no other on screen during its two episodes.

What can I say? She smirked, almost seductively. I’m a weirdo.

I stared back at her. She was definitely a weirdo. Her hands kept clenching and unclenching, like she was twitching to get going, I think my head is deadlier than my hands.: I thought, smirking as well. Just then a blade snapped out from each sleeve on either side of her arms, giving me pause. I had no idea she could do that! : That’s how Mary J Blige describes her character Cha-Cha in The Umbrella Academy series based off comics by Gerard Way (vocals) and Gabriel Ba (art), with showrunner Steve Blackman I watch everything now. It’s just what we do.

The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy
The Dangerously Charismatic Cha-Cha of The Umbrella Academy

Is Cha-Cha Mary J Blige?

Mary J. Blige is a multi award winning singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. She has won nine Grammy Awards (and is one of only two artists ever to win Best New Artist twice) and sold more than 70 million records worldwide in her over 25 year career, as well as having starred in movies such as Rock of Ages and Think Like A Man Too. She recently starred in Netflix Original Series The Umbrella Academy (season 1). Now that I’ve sufficiently impressed you with my vast knowledge on MJB we can get into why she’s so charismatically amazing.

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Is Cha-Cha in Umbrella Academy season 2?

Yes! Cha-Cha is played by Mary J. Blige in season 2, episode 4 (Seventeen). I wanted to see her in Season 1 so much that I lobbied hard for an appearance and finally got my wish. She’s glorious… and also dangerous as hell. In fact, Blige may have changed some minds about how people feel about [the character] Hazel – both with her charm and her ruthlessness. And as you can see from my enthusiasm on Twitter, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Who is Cha-Cha in The Umbrella Academy?

Mary J. Blige as Cha-Cha (season 1), a Commission agent partnered with the character Hazel, she is [a]ll-business and the more sociopathic and ruthless of two assassins. Screenwriters Jeremy Slater and Steve Blackman describe her as like a female Bobba Fett. She also exhibits ruthlessness on par with that of Hazel’s, going so far as to threaten one of her targets in front of his infant son for withholding information when he refuses to give up his boss’ location. She is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat thanks to training from Number Five, making her similar to Hazel.

Who is hunting number 5 Umbrella Academy?

Number 5 from The Umbrella Academy is getting hunted down by an unknown killer. I can’t tell you who number 5 is but you might be able to figure it out in Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. In Season 1, it was looking like Hazel was hunting Number 5 but there’s always more than one villain in a show like that and as we found out at the end that wasn’t actually true so what happened with number 5 will be revealed later on in future episodes. If you want to know which character from The Umberlla Acadaemy I would say Number 4 definitely. No, not Five, no just kidding! Anyway…this person [number 4] gets involved right away in season 2 since their brother had been abducted and they have some supernatural powers too.

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