PUBG Mobile might be the most popular mobile game right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win matches. Just ask the thousands of people who’ve tried and failed to master this epic game! While there are plenty of ways to improve your skills, you can also take advantage of some neat tricks that other PUBG Mobile players don’t know about. Many players will tell you that the cursed objects in PUBG Mobile are useless; if you listen to them, you could miss out on some awesome gear! The Cursed Objects of PUBG Mobile

The Colt M1911

The first pistol that you’ll unlock in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile (PUBG MOBILE) is, in my opinion, one of best weapons for those starting out. There are three reasons why I recommend it so highly to beginners.

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The Kar98k

If you’re looking for a sniper rifle that’s just as accurate and powerful at medium-long range, with an attachment that can add to your gun’s handling, consider using the Kar98k. This rifle is basically a perfect weapon in PUGB mobile, but if you want it you better hurry! In recent versions, it appears less often as in previous ones. It also holds 10 rounds which makes your work easier during mid-round fights.

The Mini 14

It was an okay assault rifle in real life, but in PUBG mobile, it’s cursed. The Mini 14 is outclassed by every other gun available, which means you won’t see a lot of people using it. It also looks super plain, like someone just took out a Sew Cool sticker and slapped it on their gun.

The Cursed Objects of PUBG Mobile
The Cursed Objects of PUBG Mobile

Mapset 1 Knife

You find it on Erangel, under a dead tree just outside of Berezino. Be careful when searching for it: there’s a level 30 bear nearby that’ll probably want to fight you over it. To make things even more difficult, there are claymores in front of and behind you once you pick up the loot, so watch your back.

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Mapset 2 Blade

This weapon is a really popular choice for high-level players, due to its high fire rate. The tradeoff comes in its low damage. You can’t rely on getting headshots with it, but you will have to get used to hitting center mass in order to be effective with it. This knife can be found either on Erangel or Miramar. It spawns at Sanhok.

Mapset 3 Machete

The Machete may be useful early in a game, but any player who’s stuck with it after that has few options. It’s a one-hit kill only if you land a headshot, and even then your opponent can survive by crouching. On top of that, if you miss, it doesn’t deal much damage—so even if you do kill someone with it, you might not live to celebrate for long.

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