Oslo, the character in Money Heist Korea played by Lee Kyu-ho, has been one of the most popular characters in this show that has captivated and swept the country by storm! While he’s not one of the main characters of the series, he’s still an important part of this story and you’ll find yourself sympathizing with him in no time at all! The rest of this Money Heist Korea write up will explain more about who Oslo is and how he’s involved in this giant plot! The character of Oslo in Money Heist Korea is played by Lee Kyu-ho.

A brief summary

In Money Heist, Lee Kyu-ho plays An Oslo, a mysterious man who goes from prison to billionaire with no background or reason other than to help Ok Bae (Jung Gyu-woon) escape from prison. Despite having had no previous dealings with Ok Bae, he helps him for seemingly no reason at all and offers to make him his right hand man if he ever gets out of jail. He makes several deals and works with many different characters throughout the show’s plot but seems focused on one goal: helping Ok Bae escape imprisonment in exchange for money.

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A more detailed breakdown of his role in the show

Lee Kyu-ho was born on March 1, 1986 in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He attended an actor’s training program at Dongduk Women’s University, but left due to dissatisfaction with his teachers. After leaving university he joined Red Circle Theater Group and made his acting debut on Cinemart (2006). In 2007 he took on a supporting role on All My Love (Bamsae) and became known for playing a gay vampire from Chinese lore; this portrayal led to him being voted most popular newbie at various award ceremonies that year.

The character of Oslo in Money Heist Korea is played by Lee Kyu-ho.
The character of Oslo in Money Heist Korea is played by Lee Kyu-ho.

By 2009 Lee had become more selective about projects he chose and took on fewer roles than before; only five roles in 2009 compared to twelve or more previously.

Some other works from this actor

He’s a well-known South Korean actor known for his roles in variety shows and comedy series. His career has spanned more than 10 years and he was even part of a kpop group called NRG (New Rising God) back in 1999 where he was a member alongside fellow actor Kim Sang Ho among others. He’s also one of two cast members for the variety show Married At First Sight along with Steven Yeun, who plays Dae Gil. In his early days as an actor, he used to live with BIGBANG Seungri, who went on to become one of South Korea’s most prominent artists and entrepreneurs.

Other things you might like about him

He’s been featured in so many dramas, and he has a big fan base, but what stands out about him most is that he’s not just one of South Korea’s best actors; he’s also an amazing singer! You can check out his singing career here . He performed an OST song for another drama called ‘Signal’, which you can watch here .

The character of Oslo in Money Heist Korea is played by Lee Kyu-ho.
The character of Oslo in Money Heist Korea is played by Lee Kyu-ho.

A review of the movie

Oslo, The Insurer, was one of my favorite characters out of all of those that I saw play out on screen during Part 1 or Part 2 and I will admit that there were times when I had to cover my eyes because they were making him seem as if he was so cold blooded. He always managed to keep a calm head even when everyone else around him started to panic. However, before his death in part 2, he was already accepted into our hearts for who he was and no longer just for being a character with a great story line. Here are some things about his character that have been revealed from interviews from cast members from Season 1 through 3

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A brief biography of Lee Kyu-ho

Oslo is a French hacker who grew up on an island and loves it there because it’s peaceful and quiet, with only a few close friends. He has great pride for his art and believes that he alone can crack codes no one else can solve. Later, after undergoing plastic surgery and changing his name to Alex, he meets Simon; with whom he shares a similar past as well as fate. As they work together to earn an A+ score while also robbing banks at night, they fall deeply in love; setting them on a journey to reveal their secrets as well as each other’s…

His family and friends

Lee was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. He attended college at Dongguk University, where he studied music composition, but then moved to Seoul to pursue a career as an actor. His family consists of his father who works for a trading company and his mother who runs a seafood business with her sisters back home in Busan. Oslo’s close friends include detective Jo Dal-joong (played by Kim Sang-joong) and money launderer Song Myung-soo (played by Kim Ji-seok). Though he seems jovial onscreen, many people have questioned his mental stability due to his bizarre appearance during interviews that seem uncomfortable to watch . . . Also, he likes dogs! _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

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The upcoming sequel

Money Heist 2: Oceans 11, Which will be released on December 21st, will be upgraded with a new storyline and scenes featuring special effects that are beyond imagination. The new episode of Money Heist: Oceans 11 will contain stories about how Eun Bong Hee met Seoul after his death and what happened between Moscow and Hong Kong when they escaped from prison at last moment. Let’s see if everything goes well for our heroes as they join forces with powerful allies as they continue their struggle to get back all money stolen by Wolfram Pfaender (Dieter Bachmann). Meanwhile, it seems that Bong Hee (Jun Hye Bin) has a crush on Mo Yeon (Kim So Hyun) too!

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