It’s safe to say that the Season 2 finale of Amazon’s superhero comedy The Boys was nothing like what many fans expected from the show, but that was by design according to co-creator Eric Kripke. In fact, The Boys season 3 will connect back to the events of the season 2 finale, including the meaning behind one of its most important moments, as Kripke explains in this interview about how ‘Diabolical’ connects to ‘The Boys’ Season 3: Yes, That Finale Is Canon. The Boys Connects to the Meaning of ‘Diabolical’: Why It Matters in Season 3

Part I – Setting Up the First Question

What Does Diabolical Mean? – [Begin by introducing or briefly explaining what diabolical means.] The first question is how exactly are you going to define diabolical? For our purposes, let’s go with a broad definition—it’s something evil. This season that comes up over and over again. The entire plot is based on superpowers manifesting as either good or evil.

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Part II – The Second Question

The Last Thing You Watched/Read. Tell Us What’s Going On. In Detail. Do you believe one is ever truly prepared for what happens next? Do you have a plan? I’ve seen people go their entire lives without planning for their future, and at some point their house catches fire, so they run around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for something important that they never thought about needing until then.

The Boys Connects to the Meaning of 'Diabolical': Why It Matters in Season 3
The Boys Connects to the Meaning of ‘Diabolical’: Why It Matters in Season 3

Part III – Answering Diabolical

As fans, we’re lucky that The Boys and Preacher are so frequently filled with characters to whose thoughts we can eavesdrop. In Season 1’s See, Mr. Glenn finds himself having sex with a minor when Annie walks in on them; he accidentally kills her (and makes it look like a suicide), and drags her body away.

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