If you need to print from your phone, tablet or computer, Google Cloud Print can make it possible. There are other apps that also offer this service but none of them come close to how great Google Cloud Print is! In fact, Google Cloud Print was made with the purpose of making printing from all devices convenient and easy. The best thing about Google Cloud Print is that you can print from anywhere!

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Cloud Print

#10. Offline Printing: You want to print a document while traveling and don’t want to risk being without data/Wi-Fi connection, or perhaps on a roadtrip in which you won’t have any access to an Internet network. #9. Getting Wireless Printers Connected In Your Home: Having issues getting your wireless printer connected? Just add it through your cloud print account and then access it with any device connected to your wireless network at home! #8.

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Printing From A Mobile Device

One of my favorite features of Google Cloud Print—and perhaps its most useful—is its ability to connect a mobile device and a computer. This feature comes in handy when I’m on-the-go and want to print something for an important meeting or assignment (or when my printer decides it doesn’t want to work). Since Google Cloud Print eliminates the need for me to carry around multiple devices, printing documents off my phone has never been easier.

Printing From Desktop And Laptop Computers

On your computer, first install a printer. Next, download and install a Chrome browser extension called Google Cloud Print Connector to your machine. Once installed, you should see an icon for Google Cloud Print in your Chrome browser toolbar. It looks like a small cloud with an exclamation point inside of it.

Connecting To An Email Account That Has Been Printed From Before

If your email account already has documents stored in it, Google Cloud Print will automatically load these for printing. The process of connecting with a new email provider isn’t difficult, but it does take some time.

Why Even Have Printer Drivers Anymore?

You no longer need printer drivers to get your documents printed. You don’t even need to connect your printer to a computer for it to work; all you have to do is install a special piece of software on your system. Once it’s installed, just turn on your printer and head over to any computer running Chrome—it doesn’t even matter if it has Wi-Fi or an internet connection, as long as it has Google Chrome.

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How to See What Has Been Printed, Where and When

You can see what you’ve printed (where, when, and what), if you look in your accounts under Google Cloud Print. Here, simply click on Settings. Under Print history, click on a printer to see details. Then choose which view – hourly or daily – is most helpful. Click View list to see a detailed list of printed pages by date and time range.

Self-Destruct Printers

One of my favourite features of Google Cloud Print is called a self-destructing printer, so if you find yourself in a bad neighborhood and someone tries to steal your $800 Epson, your document will be instantly deleted. (To be honest, I don’t know how easy it would be to hack into your printer and intercept data transfers, but at least now we have an excuse for accidentally leaving documents behind.)

How To Customize Your Printers For Easy Access Through Different Devices

Did you know that printers could be changed to be shared devices, and accessed by many different devices? With a few simple steps, your printer will appear as an access point in any device connected to a wireless network. This means that all users of devices on your wireless network will have access to your printer. To change your printer’s settings, follow these steps

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Printing From Online Services and Applications Such As Facebook, Twitter And Gmail

These days, many people do more and more business online. One example of an activity that a lot of users do online is blogging. If you are writing a post on your computer, it’s nice to know that you can easily print out all or part of it if necessary. With Google Cloud Print installed, you have access to printing services no matter what computer, tablet or smartphone device your using as long as there’s an internet connection.

The best thing about Google Cloud Print is that you can print from anywhere!
The best thing about Google Cloud Print is that you can print from anywhere!

Using Images For Creative Use Rather Than Text

You may find that your text-only post receives a high number of views, but doesn’t generate a lot of comments. But when you include an image in your post, chances are it will be more engaging to readers and will probably receive several comments. So try to use as many images as possible to keep readers’ attention. They will stick around longer if they like what they see.

Best Thing About The Future Of Cloud Print…It’s Free And It’s Getting Better All The Time.

One day soon, printing a document may no longer require firing up your computer, connecting to a printer and dealing with messy cords. This will be thanks to Google’s upcoming cloud-print service, which was announced at yesterday’s I/O conference. The service will allow users of devices running Android 2.2 or higher to send documents over Wi-Fi to a compatible printer. It also integrates with Gmail so users can choose which email account they want to print from.

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