When you need to sign one or more PDF documents, you may be inclined to print them out, sign each page, and scan each document back into the PDF file. But there’s an easier way to accomplish this task using the convenience of the internet. Online signing tools allow you to digitally sign and store your documents in electronic format without having to print anything out first, which saves you time, money, and effort. Learn how online signing tools help you more easily complete a task that used to require too much work. The Benefits and Convenience of Signing PDFs Online

You’ll save time

Signing your digital paperwork online is the best way to cut down on the time you spend running back and forth between appointments. Plus, some programs allow you to have an attorney sign on your behalf to ensure that everything’s in order. The great thing about signing pdfs online is that there’s no need for physical ink signatures, which means there are less chances for smudging or tampering with your documents. With some services, you can even authorize someone else to sign your documents for you-giving them full legal authority to do so-in a process called e-signature. As long as you trust whoever’s taking over the e-signature process, this is a convenient way to get things done!

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You can do it anytime, anywhere

Being able to sign a document remotely is great for people who are always on the go. The most important thing is to have your webcam set up correctly. Once you’ve done this, you can go ahead and sign as usual. Another option if you are signing documents when commuting or traveling abroad is to scan the document and send it back in email format to be signed by someone else who has their own webcam set up. For some, this will be more convenient than having the document physically sent back home.

The Benefits and Convenience of Signing PDFs Online
The Benefits and Convenience of Signing PDFs Online

Easy access when you need it

Everyone would agree that we live in a digital world. Most people would say they couldn’t remember the last time they read an actual paper magazine. And, more importantly, most people don’t think about signing physical documents. But now you can sign your legal documents anywhere with any device and even at your own convenience. Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to sign pdf online! First, download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Then navigate to the document you want to sign electronically and click File then Send for signature. Next choose Adobe Reader from the drop-down menu, then select Send By Email. Send as email attachment or link by email address field on target person’s contact card (email address is shown when selecting Send By Email) and complete form fields such as sender name, recipient name, subject line etcetera.

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No need to fax anything

Filing for unemployment online, signing a lease online, signing up for the Affordable Care Act. It seems like more and more services are transitioning to being paperless. In order to go paperless with all your documents, from forms to contracts to other things that need signatures, a service like DocuSign might be right for you. You can sign a document by scanning it into your computer or mobile device, or importing it via email attachment. You don’t even need to print anything out! Just sign electronically with a mouse, finger or stylus on a touch screen tablet. The best part is there’s no need to fax any documents anywhere! And now they offer free e-signatures too so you can get started without having to pay anything!

Save up time for important things

Signing documents can be a lengthy, complicated process that takes a lot of time. It’s also not always convenient, especially when you’re at work or in the middle of something. For these reasons, there are a number of companies that offer an online signature solution. This type of service enables the signer to view the document on his or her own device without requiring him/her to print out any physical copies.

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Reduce errors

PDF documents are becoming more prevalent these days, with many organizations and businesses using them. One common use for PDFs is as a document to download and electronically sign without the need to print out paper copies. A drawback to this process, however, is that human error can easily enter into the equation. An improper spelling in the recipient’s name or email address can result in delays or even worse, not getting the signature where it needs to go.

The Benefits and Convenience of Signing PDFs Online
The Benefits and Convenience of Signing PDFs Online

Sign with a click – no printing, faxing or scanning needed

There are many benefits to signing a document from the convenience of your home. One is saving time, but there are other advantages as well. For example, it prevents forgery because you need the private key that only you have access to in order to digitally sign a document. You can also set up document signing approvals with co-signers so it’s not just one person holding the accountability or liability.

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