Full disclosure: I am no stranger to the award-winning series The Crown, thanks to its engaging storytelling and intriguing historical context. However, one character in particular stood out to me as the best of the whole season – Robin Woods, the Dean of Windsor played by Tim McMullan . In this article, I’ll describe my reasons why I think McMullan’s performance is so impressive while discussing his career as an actor in more depth. Keep reading if you want to learn more about one of my favorite actors! The Accomplished Robin Woods: Tim McMullan’s Charming Performance in The Crown

Who is Robin Woods?

Robin Woods is a fictional character and the Dean of Windsor, who appears in the third season of Netflix series The Crown. Actor Tim McMullan portrays the character during the first four episodes. He is replaced by actor Clive Carter for the final two episodes. Woods is a clergyman who has been friends with Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Elizabeth II since they were young men at Cambridge University together.

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Where did he come from?

The show is filled with well-known actors, but there was one actor who was new to me. His name is Tim McMullan, and he played the Dean of Windsor in season three. I have never seen this actor before, but now that I have, I know he will be on my radar from here on out.

What can we learn from him?

The first thing we learn from Tim McMullan is that he is a versatile actor. He has taken on many different roles and played them with the same grace and elegance that The Crown deserves. He was perfect as Robin Woods, the Dean of Windsor at the University of Oxford and Queen Elizabeth II’s personal chaplain.

The Accomplished Robin Woods: Tim McMullan's Charming Performance in The Crown
The Accomplished Robin Woods: Tim McMullan’s Charming Performance in The Crown

His Story Arc in Season Three

Robin Woods is a minor character for the most part, but he does have his own story arc. In Season Three, he becomes Dean of Windsor and is tasked with planning the coronation. He has to deal with King George VI’s death and Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne during this time.

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Robin Woods is an interesting character because he isn’t a political figurehead like King George VI or Queen Elizabeth II.

In A Nutshell

Season 3 of The Crown gave us the opportunity to see a new side to the loveable, yet oftentimes under-appreciated Dean of Windsor. Actor Tim McMullan took on the role and played it with charm, intelligence, humor and soul. If you have not seen him in action yet, be sure to tune into Season 3 when it premieres on Netflix on December 8th.

What I Liked

I just finished watching the third season of The Crown, and I thought it was great. There are so many twists and turns throughout the season that keep you on your toes! One of my favorite parts was Tim McMullan as Robin Woods, the Dean of Windsor. He played a noble yet endearing character with such charm!

The Accomplished Robin Woods: Tim McMullan's Charming Performance in The Crown
The Accomplished Robin Woods: Tim McMullan’s Charming Performance in The Crown

He is the Dean of Windsor and was Prince Charles’ best man at his wedding to Diana.

Throughout his tenure on the show, he has been a steadfast supporter of Princess Margaret and her union with Anthony Armstrong-Jones, has been outspoken about the need for Charles to find himself before taking the throne, and has given Prince Philip advice on how to better handle being a father.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Tim McMullan?

The crown is a Netflix series based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, from her early days as a young woman to the present day. The show’s first season stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Phillip. The second and third seasons are expected to be released on December 8th, 2017. One of the actors that has made an appearance throughout the three seasons is Tim McMullan. He plays the part of Robin Woods, Dean of Windsor.

Who is Tim McMullan playing Atticus in ‘Magpie Murders’?

Tim McMullan is playing the character Atticus Pünd, an author and a professor. In the episode, his books are being questioned as he is implicated in a murder. The Crown TV series episode was written by Michael Dobbs who himself spent time writing for Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet.

What movies and TV shows has John McMullan been in?

John McMullan has been a part of a variety of different movies and TV shows, including The Crown. He was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his performance as Karl Tanner on the show Game of Thrones. On the big screen, he played Ensign Leonard James Akaar in Star Trek Into Darkness and was seen in The Dark Knight Rises as one of Bane’s henchmen. He also had a major role on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

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