chrome os features 2022, chrome os features, chrome os features 2021, learn chrome os features, what is google chrome os , Chrome OS has been getting better with each new release, and many people who try it out end up sticking with it permanently. There are plenty of reasons why Chrome OS has become so popular, but there are also some features you might not be aware of that will help you get the most out of your Chromebook or Chromebox setup. Here are ten features to look out for in Chrome OS that can help you do more with your computer.

Gesture Search
When you’re using your Chromebook, you can use a handy feature called gesture search. Open up your apps and hit CTRL+ALT+E to open up a search box. Type in what you’re looking for and as you type, all matching words are displayed above your keyboard. This makes it super-easy to find files or websites that contain specific information. If you want to narrow down your results even further, simply type file: followed by what you want to search for.

Full Screen App Mode
A quick shortcut to accessing a full screen app is to double-tap your Esc key. Alternatively, right-click on any app or webpage and select Enter Full Screen from either menu. When you do, you’ll notice a new icon in your lower right corner that gives you fast access to exiting full screen mode by tapping it once.

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Font Preview
One of our favorite new features in Chrome OS 40 is font preview. Simply hover over a font and a small box will pop up that gives you an idea of what your text will look like before you select it. This is particularly useful for things like email where you’re selecting from a large list of fonts, but it works on any page as well. This feature works with both Google Fonts and your system fonts.

Read Later on Desktop
If you’re running Chrome on your computer, add a button to your browser bookmarks bar that opens a list of your saved stories. Save it as something like Read Later or Pocket List. When you want to find something good to read, click on that bookmark and skim through what you’ve saved. Chances are, it will be full of other great articles and links.

The New On-Screen Keyboard
One of my favorite new additions to Chromebooks is an on-screen keyboard that pops up whenever you need it. In addition to normal text entry, there are special keys for copying and pasting information from one document or page to another. Many applications now use these keys by default; see if your favorite does, too! If not, I encourage you to submit a bug report about it. (Just click Menu > Help > Submit Feedback.) Your feedback will go directly to Google’s development team.

Ten Chrome OS Features You Should Try Out
Ten Chrome OS Features You Should Try Out

The Secret Google Panel
Did you know Google has a special panel that allows users to submit feature requests and upvote other users’ ideas? If you’re a long-time user of any of Google’s many products, it’s worth browsing to see if there are any changes you can request. Many of these features have been added in past updates—and your vote could help add a feature now!

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Copy/Paste Shortcuts
Save yourself a trip to Google Translate. If you’re copying text from another website or app, simply press ctrl+shift+c and then ctrl+shift+v to paste it wherever you want. The text will appear in its original format, no formatting necessary. Don’t know what these keys are? Press Ctrl + Alt + / to see a list of all keyboard shortcuts (if you’re on Windows).

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration
Yes, you can install whatever you want on a Chromebook. But if you’re buying in to Google’s whole ecosystem—which is what it’s all about with Chromebooks—you should be using Google for Work. And if you’re using Google for Work, your life just got better because now your organization can manage devices from within its own admin console rather than manually having to push things out on users’ individual machines.

Multi Device Management (MDM) Integration Section 10 ) Cloud Print & Secure Printing
Google has added support for MDM integration in Android 4.2, which will allow mobile and desktop devices to be centrally managed by an administrator (Android 4.2 was recently released) Cloud Printing: With Google Cloud Print anyone can send a print job from any web-connected computer and get it printed on their HP ePrint device (or any other printer that supports Google Cloud Print). The result is a much easier printing experience where you can just print from your browser or use one of our convenient Android apps!

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