In an effort to better compete with WhatsApp, Telegram may be introducing its own free premium service, it has been reported. Users will now have the option to pay up to $1 per year to remove advertisements from the app. However, those who don’t subscribe won’t miss out on any features or functionality – they’ll just have to deal with ads in the app’s free version. It appears that this change in philosophy was spurred by WhatsApp’s recent switch from a paid model to one that relies entirely on in-app ads and purchases of stickers and other content… Telegram to Introduce Premium Service Will Change Free Tagline

Telegram Plans to Change its Free Status

Telegram’s popularity has exploded over recent years due to its unique use of privacy and focus on speed. Since it’s been a free app, it has become one of the world’s most popular messaging services with more than 100 million users. However, with increased competition from paid messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (not to mention iMessage), Telegram is facing difficulty keeping its service going in an ad-free manner. To combat these changes, Telegram will introduce a new subscription-based premium service. This feature will allow them to offer valuable perks such as no ads on their platform as well as higher limits for data backup and message sending. This way they can continue offering their service while charging a small fee per month instead of advertisements.

Telegram to Introduce Premium Service Will Change Free Tagline
Telegram to Introduce Premium Service Will Change Free Tagline

Why Are There Two Possible Changes?

Telegram’s well-known tagline So many messages. So little time is set to undergo a change. The reason? To introduce their premium service. According to sources, Telegram is working on a paid version of its popular messaging app that will offer users more storage capacity (likely 1GB or more) and eliminate advertisements from it. It’s possible that an enhanced ad-free paid version of Telegram could be in the works as well. More details are expected at a later date when an official announcement is made about Telegram’s premium service.

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When is the New Launch Date?

The new service was originally set for March 20 but has been pushed back by its founder. Pavel Durov said that it would be launched before April 4, with him adding that he can’t say it will be earlier than that because you never know what can happen. The date for the launch is expected to be announced via its official Telegram channel once everything is ready. It’s worth noting that users have been able to sign up for a pre-launch waiting list since March 1 and users have had a few hints as to what they could expect in its premium service so far. At least some of those features are expected at launch including enhanced support and longer privacy when sharing media with other users on public channels.

What will be Different After the Launch?

Telegram is known for its commitment to privacy and security. It’s ironic that some people who spend much of their lives in search of anonymity on Telegram (for political or other reasons) have come to rely on a free service. If you are one of them, you will be able to continue using Telegram as before. To start with, nothing will change at all: you can continue using Telegram completely for free just as you do now. Over time we hope that these changes allow us to introduce new features and benefits—some of which will be very useful and sought-after.

Telegram to Introduce Premium Service Will Change Free Tagline
Telegram to Introduce Premium Service Will Change Free Tagline

Will there be a Complete Chat Archive in Private Chats?

Telegram’s free chat service has no limits on data storage. This way, you can send an entire library of movies and music files over Telegram to your friends. Now it seems that is changing. Some users are getting a pop-up message when they invite people with an existing account who do not have Telegram installed yet: Beginning with version 4.8 there will be ads in some chats and new limitations on free accounts including a limit on how many messages you can send per day and messages being auto-deleted after several months (this includes group chats). There are also rumors that Telegram may introduce its own in-app payment system allowing users of its paid service to purchase other content via their app without leaving it.

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Is there Additional Data Storage with Paid Version?

According to sources familiar with Telegram’s plans, the app will soon introduce a paid service that gives users additional data storage. This is a smart move from Pavel Durov (founder of Telegram) since it allows for his app to make money without asking for access to user data. If you’re like most people, you likely have a huge amount of private messages in your Telegram account, which are only going to get bigger as more and more people become aware of its security features. In all likelihood, Durov knows that he can no longer guarantee data privacy as things stand today—but by charging for an extra layer of security on top of existing features, he can bolster consumer confidence while also making some money at launch.

Can You Try Out the Premium Version Without Paying First?

Yes, users will be able to try out a number of features. In particular, they will get access to some stickers (for free) and be able to buy others. According to sources familiar with Telegram’s plans for its premium service, however, that is not how it will work when Telegram actually introduces its premium service. At that point users will have several months in which they can use all of Telegram’s services before they begin being charged.

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