On last night’s finale of The Afterparty, audiences learned the shocking truth behind Xavier’s murder and got to see Xavier’s killer arrested. In one final farewell to the show, we break down what went down on the big episode and give our overall thoughts on Season 1 of The Afterparty as a whole! Who do you think killed Xavier? Let us know in the comments below! Surviving the Finale of The Afterparty

Survivor’s Elation

This is a tough one to gauge. On one hand, I’m excited because it was a really fun and satisfying season! We got to see how talented our fellow writers are and what they could do with prompts and as part of a team. It was also interesting learning about some people’s tastes, talents, and writing processes that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. On another hand though, I’m sad to see it go.

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Murder Mystery Solved

Fans and viewers across Twitter spent all night trying to figure out who killed Xavier. A few managed to do it early on, but for most, it wasn’t until we witnessed Officer Norris handcuffing Beatrice that we were able to put all of our suspicions together. If you missed any details during tonight’s show, here are 5 things that you might have missed

Other Suspects

In addition to Schemmer, another primary suspect was Jason’s friend Ben Taylor (Simon Kassianides). Ben seemed unemotional over Jason’s death, and at one point got in a fight with Lola when she accused him of killing her boyfriend. Although he denied any involvement, his actions were suspicious—as well as how he conveniently left town for a business trip right after Jason’s murder.

Surviving the Finale of The Afterparty
Surviving the Finale of The Afterparty

Something Missing…

Along with its stellar cast, great writing, and captivating storyline, Season 1 had one crucial thing going for it: mystery. No one knew who killed Xavier. For a long time, in fact, even I didn’t know who did it.

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Drunken Rant, Celebration, Fall-Out

I’m sorry I killed your son, Dr. Mitchell told Evelyn over and over again. He had to wait for an open window to make his escape, but he knew she would eventually forgive him. She was a good mother, that bitch. Meanwhile, Xavier’s grave became a place of pilgrimage in honor of Evelyn’s son who died trying to protect his love interest in crime; Marshawn Woods ended up in jail awaiting trial as he watched on helplessly.

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