Jungkook, the youngest member of the K-pop boy band BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys), has always been referred to as the baby or golden maknae in the group. Not only does he have to deal with the common pressures of being the youngest, but he also has to deal with having one of the most energetic and fun-loving personalities in BTS; he receives A LOT of attention because of this, including having an incredible amount of fans who are constantly watching his every move on stage. Stage God Jungkook Shares Insane Energy Levels

Kim Seokjin

an anonymous big fan of BTS. I wanted to show you how amazing stage god Jungkook is, so I took pictures of him on stage with my phone. Stage God Jungkook Shares Insane Energy Levels

What’s your favorite BTS song?

My favorite BTS song is called Butterfly. I love that song because it has a very nice melody and rhythm, as well as powerful lyrics. Every time I listen to it, I’m emotionally moved by how beautiful it is. The lyrics also hold deep meaning that inspires me. If you haven’t heard of BTS yet, please go watch them on YouTube!

Who is the member you want to see most?

i really want to see jungkook. He looks so cute but at the same time he is really charming. In my opinion, he is not only an idol who only shows energy on stage but also a being that has feelings like a human being. If you would ask me why i like him so much, that would be difficult for me to answer because i dont know exactly what it is about him. But just looking at his appearance and how he shows off his performance makes me smile!

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First impressions of Jungkook?

The first time I saw BTS on stage at their Arirang performance, I was in shock. I was thinking to myself, who is that?! because of how talented he was, but his looks immediately drew me to him. He’s so cute and has a really sweet voice!

Stage God Jungkook Shares Insane Energy Levels
  • Born: 1 September 1997 (age 24 years), Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 1.79 m
  • Full name: Jeon Jung-kook
  • Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul; Global Cyber University
  • Siblings: Jeon Jung-hyun

Favorite moments with BTS?

Being able to see K-Pop boy group BTS perform in person at their LOVE YOURSELF world tour was easily one of my favorite concert moments so far in my life. Not only are they absolutely stunning when they take to their sleek, custom-built stage, but they also have an insane energy level and presence on stage.

A message for ARMY?

You guys are our power. I’m always full of energy when I see you guys. Don’t be lazy and come to ‘Music Bank’ in our free time! Although we love to do concerts, it makes us feel happy when we have time off. We need you ARMYs. Thanks to you guys, I got through my first year in a healthy state, so let’s enjoy another great year together! Let’s go on without getting worn out!

Could you tell us about some behind stories of BTS songs and performances?

A lot of fans have asked me about why we have choreography in our songs and performances, it is because we believe dance can be another expression besides singing. We practice really hard on how to do a good job with stage shows. It’s also a way for us to connect with our fans better through our music and dance. We always come up with ideas on how to make our performances better, but that depends on what kind of song or message we want to convey for each performance.

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Any habits that are different from other members?

In Big Hit Entertainment’s V Live broadcast on April 3, Jungkook revealed, When I’m exhausted, I sleep for a long time. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, I sleep a lot. Because of that, my manager always wakes me up and says, ‘Jungkookie!

How can we use our talents well?

We all have natural talents, whether they’re on stage or behind a camera. We should aim to use them as much as possible. It may not always seem like fun, but it’s important to push yourself past your comfort zone. With practice and determination, you’ll be amazing at whatever you put your mind to.

What’s inside BTS dorm room refrigerator?

I think they [their dorm mates] are afraid to open it up too much because they think I’ll yell at them if they eat all my food, he says in a recent interview. In reality, there’s nothing but things that nobody likes in my fridge. My favorite food is gimbap, so when I’m hungry I just grab it and eat it. I actually don’t care about cooking.

An ultimate goal for BTS?

BTS’s Jimin revealed that, the ultimate goal of us is to be a group that all generations could enjoy, while V spoke on their vision of BTS in one hundred years. We would like to be remembered as a group who have always stayed true to themselves until their last moment. We don’t think about when we will become old and retire.

How do you spend time in between schedules? Section: Any memorable souvenirs after overseas concerts or promotions?

What’s your favourite food and restaurant in your free time?: 《 Mention at least 2 types of food. Example: Seafood, Pizza 》 Your Must-Have Food: 《 Mention at least 2 types of food. Example: Seafood, Pizza 》 What is a specific part that you focus on improving?

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Why is Jungkook called Bunny?

Because even though he is a stage god, he’s still soft and squishy on the inside. Like a bunny.

How old was Jungkook when he joined BTS?

It’s a common misconception that BTS members have to audition and compete to be in their group. It’s not like that at all. After J-Hope joined Big Hit Entertainment and introduced Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope and now Jungkook to them, they immediately signed them on. Since then they’ve been working hard to get as far as they have today.

Did Jungkook go to college?

BTS’s youngest member recently became a hot topic after winning an award on MBC FM4U’s Radio Star. When he was asked how he managed to keep up his energy levels while on stage, he answered, Actually, I practice very hard in order to achieve that kind of performance. I think of it as a special technique that only I know.

When did Jungkook join Bighit date?

April 28, 2015. Due to an appearance on a radio show in February 2015 and multiple instances of Super Junior’s Yesung featuring him, he was apparently in talks with Bighit Entertainment. On April 28, 2015 it was officially announced that he had joined Bighit Entertainment as part of a new group called BTS. Prior to joining BTS he had been working as an underground rapper for two years.

 jungkook age

how old is jungkook? Is jungkook older than yoongi? Are you min yoongi or jung hoseok on ig? stage god: why does jungkook know when to leave a stage? How old is jungguk that’s what my daughter wants to know, can you answer her please.

 jungkook net worth

It was reported that Taehyung made $5 million in 2017, but by 2018, he had already brought his net worth to $7.5 million. YG Entertainment has allowed him to use a large portion of his income for philanthropic purposes. His charitable efforts have included donating proceeds from various products and events to charity. He even has an official Facebook page that keeps fans updated on his charity efforts as well as personal activities, so they can easily become involved if they wish.

Did jungkook make a cover of Falling by Harry Styles?

A cover of falling by Harry Styles. THe song is about being addicted to somebody (fell for you) jungkook also has a fan who he says he’s addicted to. Is there a connection? Could be an allusion to jungkooks aslyum tour where his following was so big it could be seen as an addiction.

What happen to Jimin and jungkook?

On Naver V App, a user says, When I saw Jimin and Jungkook performing ‘Save Me’ on stage yesterday, then shared a GIF of Jimin dropping down from an elevated platform. The user asks if that was supposed to happen, saying it seems dangerous

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