Spotify users who create and use playlists will soon be able to take advantage of the ‘Swipe to Queue’ feature, which allows them to add one or more songs from an artist’s new album to their existing playlists, as opposed to having to create a whole new playlist each time they want to listen to something new that Spotify has recommended. The company quietly announced the rolling out of this much-anticipated feature via its official Facebook page on Thursday. No other details were revealed at the time, but those eager to try it out can do so by updating their mobile app or simply waiting until they get the new version. Spotify Rolls Out New ‘Swipe to Queue’ Feature

What Is the Feature?
The new feature, which is now available on Spotify’s mobile apps, allows users to quickly add new tracks by swiping left on a song. To use it, click play on a song you like and then swipe left on it; you’ll see that track added to your queue instead of currently playing. Swiping right will remove a track from your queue; if you want to remove more than one at once, just tap and hold on them.

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How Does it Work?
The update features a new gesture—swiping right on an album or playlist cover art now adds that item to your queue. Previously, users could only add tracks by searching for them or via a simple tap-and-hold gesture, making it somewhat of a cumbersome process when looking to add many songs at once. The new feature looks like it will be particularly useful when adding songs from playlists into another one of your own.

Spotify Rolls Out New 'Swipe to Queue' Feature
Spotify Rolls Out New ‘Swipe to Queue’ Feature

Will it Make My Life Easier?
While playing with Swipe To Queue, we can say that it’s pretty fast. You simply swipe right on a song or album and you’ll be brought to a screen with three options: Add This Song, Add This Album and Play Next. If you choose Add This Song or Album, then you will be taken to your saved music and presented with two buttons: Confirm Album Adds and Confirm Song Adds. There is also an option on top of each song/album if it is available for streaming.

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What Are Its Limitations?
Spotify says it’s only available on iOS at present, with Android set to follow soon. It also isn’t currently possible to swipe to queue from Spotify’s desktop app, though you can still drag and drop new tracks in manually for now.

Should I Update the App Now?
We all have apps that we never open, but which sit on our phone cluttering up valuable storage space. The latest update from Spotify may be just what you need to deal with that problem. Spotify has added a new feature called swipe to queue that lets users who follow an artist simply swipe right on their profile in order to add them (and their entire discography) directly into a playlist.

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