Spiderhead, starring Miles Teller (Whiplash, War Dogs) as Jeff, is an intense thriller that explores the dark world of addiction and mental illness among young adults. The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast including one of the hottest names in Hollywood; Spiderhead stars Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, Scream Queens) and Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse, Silver Linings Playbook). This captivating story will appeal to the indie crowd and anyone looking for something different from mainstream films. Spiderhead – An Intense Thriller Starring Miles Teller as Jeff

The plot

Loner on campus Jeff (Miles Teller) is haunted by a traumatic incident from his past. When he starts to see and hear strange things, he assumes it’s part of everyday life until he learns that a new drug called spider juice is being used at his university. What started out as just another hallucination becomes real when dark forces follow him home. Now, to save himself and his friends, he must fight back against some very real monsters in an all-out battle for survival.

The setting and mood

Set in a psychiatric ward and told from multiple points of view, Spiderhead is intense. If you’re not familiar with Miles Teller (Whiplash, That Awkward Moment), prepare to be blown away. He plays Jeff, an 18-year-old teen who has been committed to a mental institution after being accused of manslaughter.

Spiderhead – An Intense Thriller Starring Miles Teller as Jeff

The first half of Spiderhead takes place in a padded cell where Jeff is being observed and tested by Dr Willard (Jeffrey DeMunn) and his patients on Ward F. During his stay, he befriends two others: Coco (Nicola Peltz) and Gabriel (Trevor St.

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The characters

This was my first time seeing another version of Uncle Ben’s famous advice about power and responsibility. Unlike Tobey Maguire, I couldn’t help but wonder what other spiderlike abilities might be lurking inside our hero, who is looking for a way to break free from his mother’s grip without hurting her or losing her love. This self-proclaimed superhero isn’t just breaking out into an origin story. He’s breaking out into something deeper and more philosophical—the difference between using your powers for personal gain versus using them to protect others and do good in the world.

My review

Spiderhead is directed by Peter Cornwell, an up-and-coming film maker. It’s not every day you get to see a unique take on horror. I think that’s what makes Spiderhead so compelling. The movie takes place at an institution for people who are criminally insane and who have homicidal tendencies. This of course puts a whole new spin on what if scenarios in my head: What if someone got loose? What if they just went berserk? Would anyone survive?

The plot

Since age 14, three years after witnessing his mother’s suicide, Jeff has been committed to a mental institution. He discovers that he may have hallucinated her death and no one believes him except an ex-cop, who wants to help prove Jeff’s innocence. Together they get tangled in a conspiracy that involves corrupt cops and psycho ward residents’ violent tendencies. When their investigation points to someone from inside the place, Jeff makes a run for it along with two young patients: Gus (played by Jamie Blackley) who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and Simon (played by Dope star Kiersey Clemons). They’ve only got 24 hours to get out of town before people are sent after them — but escaping is just where their troubles begin.

Spiderhead - An Intense Thriller Starring Miles Teller as Jeff
Spiderhead – An Intense Thriller Starring Miles Teller as Jeff

The setting and mood

Spiderhead is a dark and intense thriller, but unlike other thrillers, Spiderhead isn’t full of violence. There are moments where we see Spider’s past, flashes of what happened before he was put in isolation. These memories show us how violent and angry he can be, but even these flashes aren’t very graphic or gory. Instead, they tend to look more like hallucinations or daydreams than reality—more surreal than horrifying.

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The characters

Jeff and Spiderhead is about a drug dealer in his 30s, who’s wife has left him, and just fired from his job. He has two sons one of them is going off to college in a couple months and he’s scared that he won’t be able to send him. His only hope is to start a new business with an ex-friend but it all goes down hill when he doesn’t take care of his personal needs first. While trying to find his way in life, he makes some tough decisions that could impact everything around him including himself. You’ll find yourself wondering if you’d make those same choices… or will they be ones you can look back on and think I was right. That’s for you to decide!

What is Spiderhead movie about?

Spiderhead is a 2016 American psychological thriller written and directed by Todd Sklar, based on his short film by same name. It stars Miles Teller and Maika Monroe. In Spiderhead, a lonely janitor at a pharmaceutical company finds himself taking part in an illegal clinical trial for a new drug created to cure social phobia. The drug has some strange side effects on its subjects that neither he nor his superiors could have foreseen. He begins to develop spider-like abilities, but he soon learns these abilities come with a price… His thoughts are no longer entirely his own. The movie is scheduled for release January 29, 2017 in United States of America (USA).

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When was escape from Spiderhead?

Released on April 19, 2015. Spiderhead is a 2015 American drama thriller film directed by Keith Arem and written by Joe Ballarini. The film stars Nick Jonas, Emily Browning, Eddie Redmayne, Peter Vack and Miles Teller as Jeff Mathers.

Where is Chris Hemsworth from?

Australia. Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Victoria, to Leonie (Brune) and Craig Hemsworth, an executive producer/production manager. He is of German descent on his father’s side and English ancestry on his mother’s side. In 2007, Hemsworth moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. His first major role was in 2009 when he landed a starring role on Neighbours opposite Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Shortly after he moved to Los Angeles in 2009 for pilot season; he won his first big break by securing a recurring role in American TV series The Cabin In The Woods playing Drew Price

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