Fans were shocked and saddened to see Britne Oldford leave the cast of Heroes Reborn in season 3, but I think that’s because we didn’t realize how much she had changed us until she was gone. She played Sparrow Number Three in the first season of Heroes Reborn, as well as provided the voice for her counterpart (Sparrow Number Five) in Dark Matters and Game Over. This version of Sparrow showed everyone what it means to be brave, kind and true. Her sacrifice changed our lives forever, and she will never be forgotten. Sparrow Number Three may be gone but she will never be forgotten

A Star in the Making

In her short time on Falling Skies, Britne Oldford made quite an impression as teenage rebel and Tom’s daughter. Now that we know what happened to her character, Fei Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Three (season 3), it’s time to honor one of Falling Skies’ greatest heroes.

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The Importance of Being Unique

I love how in today’s society it is widely accepted to create a character for yourself online. You can create whatever personality you wish to have (as long as you aren’t hurting anyone) and share that with friends and family across your social media platforms. We are so unique and different from each other; I believe that it is very important to embrace what makes us individualistic. What do you think? Leave a comment below. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed reading!

Sparrow Number Three may be gone but she will never be forgotten
Sparrow Number Three may be gone but she will never be forgotten

A Career Cut Short by Fate

While filming for season three of Crowded in January 2016, it was announced that Britne Oldford (Fei Hargreeves / Sparrow #3) had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She was immediately hospitalized and production halted on her character’s storyline.

Her Legacy lives on Forever

The legacy of being a wingman is one that deserves to live on forever. This character had it all. She was a fighter pilot and an angel, who could bring down monsters with a single look. Unfortunately, her recent TV series has not been renewed for another season; however there is still plenty of merchandise out there to remember her by.

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