Charging your phone is no small matter and it is something we all have to do every day. But how much do you really know about charging your phone? Those inadvertent bad charging habits may have already damaged your phone. Take a look if you’ve fallen for any them. Smart Phone Charging tips

Smart Phone Charging tips

Bad habit 1: Using public charging points

Charging points can be found everywhere in shopping malls, cinemas, stations and other public places. When you go out and your phone runs out of battery, you usually find a charging point to charge your phone, but are they really safe? When using a charging point, a notification will usually pop up to allow debugging. Generally, phones can only be charged once debugging is allowed. If you allow debugging, you risk openly exposing personal information such as photos, SMS messages, contacts, and even bank account information to criminals. Shuddering at the thought? Therefore, except in special circumstances, it is recommended to charge your phone at home as much as possible to avoid using public charging points.

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Bad habit 2: Waiting until the battery is almost out to charge

There are bound to be a lot of people that wait until their phone is almost out of battery before thinking about charging it and then fully charge it in one go. In fact, this very easily accelerates battery degradation and reduces battery life. Therefore, try not to wait until very low battery to charge as your phone can be charged at any time. It’s fine to be a little capricious at times!

Bad habit 3: Fully charging a new phone for 12 hours

When many people buy a new phone and charge it for the first time, they first use up the battery and then fully charge it for 12 hours. This is what everyone calls activation. It was necessary to do this for phones in the past, but the lithium batteries used today do not require this. In fact, most phones when they leave the factory have at least 50% battery, and smartphone batteries work best at 40%-80% power. Therefore, when charging a new phone for the first time, there is no need to run out the battery first, nor charge it for 12 hours. Just charge as normal.

Smart Phone Charging tips

Bad habit 4: Never cleaning the charging port

Perhaps some people will read this and think that charging is just charging and wonder why they also have to clean the charging port, or perhaps they will wonder how to clean such a small charging port. Feeling confused? In fact, after being used for a long time the charging port will gather dust. If it is never cleaned, it will cause poor contact between the charging port and the data cable, which will lead to slower charging, and in severe cases, your phone may fail to charge. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the charging port from time to time and just give it a quick wipe. There’s no harm in a bit of hard work.

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Bad habit 5: Not using the original charging adaptor/cable

Not using the original charger/cable when charging your phone will create potential security risks and affect the charging speed. Therefore, you should try to use the original charging head/cable when charging, because they are specially developed for your phone, and ensure safe charging and guaranteed speed.

It is best to pay attention to the given points on charging your phone so as to avoid a number of potential safety risks. Are you all the wiser having read them?

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