Silene Oliveira, who you might recognize from her role as the runaway girl in Tokyo, is one of the Professor’s best employees when it comes to executing his heists. She’s smart, focused, and can keep her cool under pressure. She does whatever it takes to get the job done — including hurting or even killing people. Silene owes her loyalty to the Professor because he saved her from a life of hardship and desperation, but money is her top priority in life and she’ll do whatever it takes to get more of it. Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who’s in It for the Money

Silene Oliveira (Tokyo) Memories From Money Heist

In late December 2017, a Spanish tv show Money Heist debuted on Netflix, and everyone was talking about it! Its popularity can be attributed to its suspenseful plots, like how a group of individuals led by The Professor get together to rob Spain’s Royal Mint. The criminals are all given specific jobs, which they must execute flawlessly, but there is one character that stands out above all others: Silene Oliveira. She has incredible composure, inner strength and resolve; she would do anything for money. So let us explore her character by taking a deeper look at her backstory and what we can learn from her actions. All opinions are strictly my own and have not been influenced in any way. There may be minor spoilers so read with caution!

Ursula Corbero as Silene Oliveira (Tokyo)

a runaway turned robber who is scouted by the Professor, then joins his group and participates in his plans. She also acts as an unreliable narrator. Silene is brash, rude, and direct. She hates complicating things, even if it means she might miss a good opportunity to do so.

Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who's in It for the Money
Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who’s in It for the Money

Ursula Corbero made her acting debut at age 13

She was discovered by director Vicente Aranda while accompanying her mother to a casting call. She then appeared in El Niño de la Luna and La Mujer de Luto, both of which were released in 1987. In 1993, she starred as Lolita Montenegro, an abused girl with an unhappy home life, in TV show El Último Romántico (1993), directed by Carlos Saura. This role earned her a Goya Award nomination and a Konex Award.

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Ursula Corbero Best Scene In Money Heist

The Underground Plan with English Subtitles Best Scene In Money Heist: The Underground Plan with English Subtitles In today’s scene, Silene Oliveira (Ursula Corbero) is about to turn on her soon-to-be partner, The Professor (Alberto Ammann). With a quick twist of fate, she ends up saving his life and she is brought into his group. This scene should be watched twice because you will see something different every time! What was your favorite part of Ursula Corbero’s performance? Leave us a comment below! Click here to buy an awesome money heist tshirt! If you like our videos please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Money Heist Tokyo passion is unparalleled

Watch season one of Money Heist on Netflix. In it, we follow a group of criminals dubbed as The Professor, and his team who are on a mission to loot 500 million Euros from a high-security building. Each episode has one plot twist after another and will leave you wanting more—and that’s exactly what happened when it debuted all over Netflix on August 22, 2017. The series was produced by Sony Pictures Television for Televisión Española with Media Pro Studios and ATM Grupo Zeta. Don’t wait any longer—start watching! You’ll be hooked!

Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who's in It for the Money
Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who’s in It for the Money

Her enemies should tread carefully

Corbero delivers a masterful performance as Silene. In many ways, she is at once both naive and world-weary. As a child, Corbero was homeless with her mother and sister; as an adult, she is lost between two worlds (the lawless slums of Jakarta and wealthy America). She is also desperate to protect her sister from being taken away by social services. Throughout The Rainmaker (the film based on John Grisham’s novel), there are flashbacks to Silene’s childhood—they demonstrate how complex relationships can become when desperation sets in. For example, Silene goes from a happy child with loving parents to a resentful teenager who would do anything for food or shelter.

What does Silene look like?

Since Netflix recently released a new show, it’s probably obvious what Silene looks like; however, there are very few images of her online. One description from Glamour: Ursula Corbero is an actress known for her role as Silene in Elite (Netflix original series) and Sônia Monteiro on General Hospital. She also appeared on episodes of Cold Case, Without a Trace, and The Americans. But that’s about all we know about what she looks like! Google Image searches yielded only a few pictures and not one was even close to being confirmed as real. I guess we’ll just have to wait until season 2!

Why does she join the gang?

Like every character who joins Dorante’s gang, Silene is looking to solve a problem. She’s forced to be a prostitute by her pimp, but she sees working with Dorante as an opportunity to get out of that profession for good and hopefully make some money along the way. Eventually, she does move on from being part of Dorante’s group because of their relationship (he’s engaged) and his unwillingness to take care of her even after all that she has done. Since Silene is always looking out for herself, it wouldn’t make sense for her to continue helping Dorante if there isn’t anything in it for her.

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What happens to her after the events of Gang Leader for a Day?

Netflix isn’t wasting any time. Gang Leader for a Day has just been added to its library, as of Nov. 19. And as we discovered by watching it, Ursula Corbero is alive and well and getting into more trouble — though we don’t learn what happens next in her life. But there is another Netflix original that does share some similarities with Gang Leader for a Day: Wild Wild Country, which was also directed by Macdonald and similarly features characters who introduce us to their lives through an unreliable narrator (who in that case is an Indian guru). Netflix might be able to revisit these characters further down the line if enough people get hooked on Gang Leader for a Day.

What about her relationship with Segundo?

She has a lot of chemistry with Segundo, who is head over heels for her. But she is unsure what to do about it—if anything. She never really thinks about him as more than a friend at first, and then as someone who could help her get what she wants. Their relationship doesn’t get any deeper than that, until Silene learns something that drives them apart forever . . .

Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who's in It for the Money
Silene Oliveira (Tokyo): A Runaway Turned Robber Who’s in It for the Money

The role of Silene Oliveira in the book/movie

Silene is a 16-year-old runaway and a thief who steals from tourists and sell her loot to pay for food. One day, however, she gets caught by Alan Clay. From him, she learns about Ichimei Ginza Ltd., and it’s owner, The Professor, whose stories of his past as a powerful businessman have made him Silene’s idol. She then meets The Professor himself on a trip to Tokyo with Alan where he recruits her into Pantheon Global Enterprises (PGE), PGE being an organization composed of runaway children modeled after businessmen who act as bodyguards and assassins that deal mainly with corporate espionage.

How reliable is her point of view?

When we first meet Silene, she’s a newly-turned runaway who has a huge chip on her shoulder. She’s furious with her brother, Carlos, whom she believes was responsible for her mother abandoning their family to run off with another man. In retaliation, Silene steals money from him and runs away—to Tokyo. When Carlos later tries to reach out to her through his boss at The Mergers & Acquisitions Bank (who is secretly working with Professor Shibusawa), he hires an elite team of private investigators that includes Eikei Suzuki and others who pose as kidnappers before revealing themselves as agents working under Kogoro.

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Who is Tokyo in Money Heist in real life?

Alba Urra, better known as Silene Oliveira (Tokyo) is a Spanish actress. She was born on May 13, 1993, in Zaragoza, Spain. Her career started when she participated and won third place at Miss Universe Spain 2013. At that time she was studying law, but soon after her victory she made her debut as an actress in TVE’s Física o Química alongside Ana de Armas.

Who does Tokyo’s voice in Money Heist?

Ursula Corbero (born July 8, 1980) is a Spanish actress. Her most notable roles include Silene Oliveira in La casa de papel, María Teresa San Román in Velvet and Natalia Borja Sotomayor in La que se avecina. She has also had minor roles in films like Planta 4, Las brujas de Zugarramurdi and Vengo. She recently played Ángela Peralta on Amar en tiempos revueltos, replacing Blanca Suárez who left due to personal reasons. In 2019 she will play Professor Montse Peters on Animalista 3000.

Why did Tokyo leave in Money Heist?

When we first see Silene, she is living on a houseboat, likely dreaming of a better life. Unfortunately, her dreams are cut short when it becomes clear that those around her are all criminals. She meets with Pablo Escobar and his gang, who have stolen $10 million from Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA). We later find out that Tokyo left because he felt guilty about stealing from such an important institution and being involved in laundering money. Ultimately, he leaves to try to stop what they’re doing.

How did police identify Tokyo in Money Heist?

It took time, but authorities eventually identified Tokyo as Venezuelan actress Ursula Corbero, who was already known to Colombian police. In fact, when director Alex Garcia spotted Corbero at a Paris airport after shooting had wrapped, he called out her real name while pretending to be a fan. The actress initially denied any involvement with Tokyo before confessing that she had acted under strict instructions from Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel. The cartel leaders allegedly paid her $25 million to portray Tokyo and become one of Colombia’s most wanted criminals. All she knew about her character was that she would wear a white mask and arrive on an aeroplane prior to each robbery.

Did Rio and Tokyo date in real life?

When Tokyo and Rio first meet, there’s a definite spark. That is, until he finds out she’s a robbery consultant, who provides information to crooks to aid their crimes. Upon meeting her, Rio says I can’t date someone who assists criminals! but he then accepts it upon learning that she herself wants no part of it and just lives from gig to gig. Their relationship starts off rocky but deepens as time goes on. From what we know about both Rio and Tokyo in real life – yes, they were definitely dating at one point (at least for some time). They do have a child together now!

Is Tokyo and professor dating in real life?

Ursula Corbero has confirmed that she and Guillermo del Toro are dating. She also confirmed that their relationship began during filming of Tokyo. In an interview, Corbero said they met while shooting a scene with a tricky technical problem and it was only later that they realized they had been flirting unknowingly all along. The two were married on October 22, 2015 and currently live together in Venice Beach, California. Del Toro has cited his marriage to Corbero as the best thing that ever happened to me. They also worked together on Pacific Rim 2 (scheduled for release February 23, 2018).

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