She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, has fought crime in her own right as the superhero She-Hulk since the 1980s, but she’s always been more than just a hero and has had a very interesting life off-screen. She’s already part of the MCU thanks to her presence in the series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but she’ll finally get to shine on her own in the new Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law! She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!

Meet Jennifer Walters

Jennifer Walters had always been different. In high school, she excelled at science and math–activities that weren’t normally considered girly. When her cousin Bruce Banner got involved in the lab accident that made him turn into the Hulk whenever he became angry, Jennifer wasn’t afraid of him but instead tried to reach out to him. With help from Dr.

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The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Walters

Some people might say that Jennifer Walters has it all– she’s the daughter of Bruce Banner, making her the cousin of the Hulk. She can turn into a giant green powerhouse with superhuman strength. She holds two law degrees, and has had many adventures in both human form and as She-Hulk.

Her Transformation Into She-Hulk

What makes Jennifer Walters different from Bruce Banner, who transforms into the Hulk when angry? Her transformation is triggered not out of anger but by extreme stress, thus being described as a green monster not of rage but of love. She-Hulk uses her great strength to battle crime both as lawyer Jennifer Walters and hero She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!
She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!

Becoming She-Hulk

Every day is something new for Jennifer Walters as she lives her double life as a lawyer, but at night, she becomes She-Hulk – super hero extraordinaire. When times get tough and the need arises, She-Hulks sets aside her formal wear to fight crime on the streets of Manhattan with power that few can hope to match.

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Her Powers as She-Hulk

In her superhuman form, Jennifer Walters transforms into the green-skinned (and apparently, bra-less) She-Hulk. Unlike her comic book counterpart, the show’s She-Hulk is not immune to bullets – but can heal from them within minutes. Instead of carrying around a big, physical mallet like in the comics, She-Hulk generates one on contact.

Comic Relief

It’s kind of embarrassing to say out loud but I love being She-Hulk. I’m one of the smartest people on Earth, says Shulkie in the interview. I just find myself so much smarter, funnier, and stronger when I’m She-Hulp. It’s difficult to be human – there are so many rules about how you’re supposed to act, behave, dress, what your relationships are supposed to look like, she told Comic Book.

She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!
She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!

Learn About Her Allies and Enemies

This green-skinned, musclebound lawyer with superpowers is also known as Jennifer Walters. She comes from humble beginnings as the daughter of middle class parents. She is a fighter for justice in all forms, both on the streets of her city and in the courtroom defending some of the most cunning criminals on Earth.

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Frequently Asked Auestions

Is She-Hulk related to the Hulk?

The Hulk was already established as a Marvel Comics character, with his own backstory and origin story, when She-Hulks solo debut took place. As such, it is impossible for She-Hulk to be the sister of Bruce Banner’s version of the Hulk. The major change between these two characters is that She-Hulk is able to maintain her form for longer periods of time than Bruce Banner can.

Which She-Hulk episode is Daredevil in?

This issue of Marvels She-Hulk: Attonec at Law starts with our heroine opening up her law firm on the first day. A new client arrives, he is waiting for somebody. The sign in front of his office says Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. The thing is that the offices are mostly empty. We see Jessica trying to talk to her client when Daredevil arrives, dressed as Matt Murdock, attorney at law.

She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!
She-Hulk Is an Attorney by Day and a Superhero by Night!

Is She-Hulk going to be on Disney Plus?

Disney+ is making their own Marvel Universe TV show called She-Hulk, which stars Elizabeth Vandervoort as Jennifer Walters. The series will focus on Walters’s life as both lawyer by day and superhero at night. There is no release date for the new series yet but filming has started in Toronto this summer.

Is Marvel making a She-Hulk movie?

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