Seth Gabel had never heard of Andrew Pierce before he was cast in The Watcher, but that didn’t stop the young actor from doing his homework when it came to getting into character as quickly as possible. It helped that Gabel knew the person who would be directing him in his feature debut—his uncle, Anton King, an Oscar nominee who was making his own debut in feature films after years of being one of the most popular commercial directors in the industry. Seth Gabel Sheds Light On Playing Andrew Pierce In The Watcher

A boy playing a boy

The series is based on The Watcher, a book written by author James Patterson. The series follows the main character of Andrew Pierce, a young boy who witnessed the brutal murder of his parents and spent much of his life under house arrest for his own protection from the murderer. When he finally escapes to try and track down the killer so he can avenge his parents’ death, he meets up with FBI agent Jane Tracker (Emma Dumont), who has been tracking him for years.

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Getting into character

Before taking on the role of Andrew Pierce in The Watcher, Seth Gabel had never seen an episode of the show. So he decided to binge-watch the entire first season before filming began, so he could make his character as authentic as possible. Speaking about his experience working with director Dagen Merrill, Gabel said: I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a director that was so collaborative and open to suggestion.

Working with co-star Kathryn Rossetter

When you’re staring down an enormous, snake-like creature that looks like it could swallow you whole, there’s not much to do except stare back. At least that’s what actor Seth Gabel found when he first came across a life-size animatronic version of one of The Watcher’s creatures while on set shooting Fox’s new drama series The Watch… The giant snake head was in front of me and I just had to look at it, Gabel says with a chuckle.

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Acting as method acting

Seth Gabel was always interested in acting. He grew up with a family full of artists and began appearing in plays when he was just a teenager. By 2006, he had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career on a full-time basis. A year later, he got his first starring role as Seth Fisher on One Tree Hill for five episodes. But it wasn’t until 2010 that he became known for his work when he appeared in five episodes of season four of Fringe as Agent Lincoln Lee.

Turning off social media

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, said Gabel, who deleted his social media accounts on May 15. It felt really good. It didn’t feel too difficult, to be honest. … One of my main reasons for doing it is because it can get out of hand and become super addictive, and people don’t have much time for anything when they are stuck on social media all day long.

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First Place: Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Seth Gabel’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star was unveiled at 7752 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood on Thursday, March 19, 2015 . From Fringe to Salem, Seth has been taking over screens and stages for years now. After his success playing FBI Agent Lincoln Lee on Fringe he joined WGN America’s show Salem as Cotton Mather for two seasons before recently moving to Los Angeles.

Seth Gabel Sheds Light On Playing Andrew Pierce In The Watcher
Seth Gabel Sheds Light On Playing Andrew Pierce In The Watcher

Second Place: New York Times Bestseller List

The science is clear: our addiction to fossil fuels has put our climate on a catastrophic, irreversible course. So it’s time for an energy revolution—to prove once and for all that we can build a safe and clean energy economy that will create millions of jobs, save families money, and help us protect our planet from climate catastrophe. I know what some people may be thinking: Bill McKibben, who was saying we had to do something about climate change in his book The End of Nature back in 1989?

Third Place: Academy Award Nomination

Seth Gabel, who recently was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Shape of Water, tells us what it’s like to be on set with actress Sally Hawkins and co-star Octavia Spencer. He also talks about his life and career.

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