I am lucky enough to be living in the future, when we have awesome things like NETFLIX and movies that get released on it (one of which happens to be The Marked Heart ). In The Marked Heart, Sebastián Martínez plays Zacarías, an evil man who terrorizes the Guerrero family. It’s an intense film, but not quite as intense as how Sebastián Martínez becomes this character! Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías in NETFLIX’s The Marked Heart

A little bit about the author

Sebastián Martínez is a Colombian-born actor and model, who will be known for his role as Pablo Escobar in Netflix’s Narcos. Sebastián was born on July 17, 1989, in Cali, Colombia. He attended Universidad del Valle to study communication sciences, and earned a degree before moving to Bogotá to start his acting career.

A little bit about the film

When a young boy with learning disabilities discovers that his parents are keeping him locked up because they believe he is cursed, it sets off a desperate escape attempt. But just when all seems lost, he meets an older man who takes him under his wing and teaches him what true courage really means. This gripping Netflix original film stars Sebastián Martínez (Altered Carbon) and features an unexpected twist. Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, it’s now streaming on Netflix.

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What you need to know before watching

As hard-boiled and slow-burning as Netflix’s newest Argentinian crime drama The Marked Heart might seem at first, it’s a deeply moving series about family, loss, love, faith, and what defines us. There are big twists—and bigger villains—here, but ultimately there’s no better character than Sebastián Martínez’s masterful depiction of Zacarías.

Things to look out for while watching

Sebastián Martínez is well known for his work with director Lucrecia Martel, and their filmography includes such titles as The Headless Woman (2008), La Niña Santa (2011) and Zama (2017). In Netflix’s new series, Sebastián stars as a lonely paranormal investigator. I really enjoyed his performance and thought he was quite convincing throughout; if you watch carefully you can also notice some of his interactions with spirits throughout.

Some behind-the-scenes details

Director Carlos Martínez-Lázaro and his brother-in-law Sebastián Martínez, who plays Zacarías in THE MARKED HEART, go way back. In fact, director Carlos cast Sebastián to play his character’s son in his first feature film, AMOR MÍO, almost twenty years ago. I was a very naïve and inexperienced actor when I started working with him on my first movie.

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Final thoughts on Zacarias

Sebastián Martínez plays Zacarías, a young man who works with his father at a machine shop. He’s popular, charismatic and comes from a good family; it’s easy to see why he has no trouble getting girlfriends—but not so easy to see why he would want one. You see, Zacarías is also secretly involved with Alejandra (Priscilla Delgado), who manages a vintage clothing store that sells black-market goods on the side.

Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías in NETFLIXs The Marked Heart
Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías in NETFLIX’s The Marked Heart

First Look Video

A detective (Sebastián Martínez) and his ex-wife (Claudia Traisac) join forces to solve a mystery in Netflix’s dark thriller, The Marked Heart. A serial killer has been cutting out hearts from their victims, leaving only a single black mark on each victim before disappearing into thin air. As they begin to investigate these murders, they find that there is more at stake than just solving these crimes.

The Marked Heart is a gripping story about love, revenge and redemption which will be available for streaming globally on April 25th 2018.

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What happens next?

Now that you’ve seen Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías, here are our final three thoughts about his performance: 1. An actor can say anything or do anything for one moment, but it’s only when a director cuts away and transitions to another shot that we actually see how well (or poorly) he pulled off what he was attempting to accomplish. 2.

Questions Answered by Sebastián Martínez (Zacarias)

What was it like shooting your scenes with Mónica (Anahí de Cárdenas) and Jonathan (Mauricio Ochmann)? It was a lot of fun. In general, I had a great time doing it because they are people that I’ve known for years. What is it like filming a series so unique? It was really hard. We were working under very difficult conditions: we were very far from civilization; we couldn’t have contact with anyone outside of our group; we couldn’t use any modern technology; and all of us were suffering from some kind of sickness. All in all, it was a challenge but also a lot of fun to be able to shoot something so different than what I am used to doing. How did you prepare for your role?

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