The original Saints Row was a game that changed the world of gaming forever. It was innovative, amazing, and funny all at the same time, giving you a gang to call your own and letting you do whatever you wanted. So where does Saints Row 2022 take place? Let’s find out! Where does Saints Row 2022 take place? How far in the future is it? All these questions and more will be answered in this article, so keep reading! Are they making a Saints Row 5?What city is Saints Row 3 based on?Is Saints Row like GTA?Will they remaster Saints Row 2? Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?

What happened in between 2017 and 2023

There’s a nine-year gap between Saints Row IV and Saints Row: The Third, but where does that leave us going into Saints Row V? Well, while we don’t know exactly how many years will pass before we get to play as Johnny Gat again, there is one game that might give us some hints about what’s coming. That game is Gat Out of Hell, which takes place in Stilwater (the game’s fictional setting) eight years after The Third. We know that Gat Out of Hell happens after the events of The Third because developer Volition included a message from Ash Williams — otherwise known as Steve Blum, who voiced Ash in Brimstone Adventures.

What kind of story would they tell in 2023

When you take into account what we have learned about Saints Row 2 and 3, a lot of interesting story points open up. We know that Boss passed away (and he was alive in SR3). We know that gangs are less of a threat and there is no Ultor Corporation. But, on top of all that, there are all sorts of other details to look at, such as an alien invasion. By looking at where SR1-3 left off and guessing where they might want to go with it, I can reasonably guess that we will see aliens invade Earth and they will be stopped by Boss (now risen from death as an AI) who acts as a distraction so Zinyak can’t kill them all.

Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?
Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?

How many characters can we expect?

The Saints Row franchise has always done a great job at making us care about our characters, so we can expect to see some old favorites. We’re also expecting to see a few new characters in place of some of our old favorites. In particular, we’re really hoping for some more customization options for our character than previous entries have given us. (Is it asking too much for custom characters?) We also know that there will be three main story characters; although names have not been released, we do know they will be played by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, who both play pivotal roles in other games like BioShock Infinite and Halo 5.

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Reusing previous characters

With Saints Row 5’s lackluster sales and mixed critical reception, I think it’s unlikely that we see a Saints Row 6—I mean, it’s been 12 years since Saints Row 2 came out. The franchise is probably too burned out to continue at this point. Even if we don’t get a proper sequel, though, I can imagine some of SR5’s characters will make an appearance in Saints Row 2022. After all, they have 5 more years to recuperate and figure out how to save humanity again.

New Characters

While I’m hoping new games will introduce a whole new set of characters, there are plenty of ways they could continue with old favorites. Let’s start with Gat and Shaundi. These two would be able to carry their own spin-off game without too much effort, though I’d like to see both characters get fleshed out before that happens. It’d be great to have them headline a game in which players got some insight into where these two came from and why they’re so loyal to Pierce. Even better, there’d need to be some sort of overarching threat in play for Gat and Shaundi to tackle as well, perhaps something personal or something from their pasts that has come back around to haunt them.

Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?
Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?

Going back to old versions of our favorite characters

Some might suggest that we start at a point in which our hero, The Boss, has already defeated X. They’d argue that it would be more interesting to see how they developed as a character after they lost so much and then faced losing everything else as well. On one hand, I think that could make for an interesting story – but on another, I really just want to see more of The Boss kicking ass and taking names. It was never about saving the world for them; it was about paying back her enemies for all of their awful deeds.

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Going with completely new faces for the cast

Building off of what’s been established in Saints Row IV, there really is a huge potential for some new characters to step up and carry on with what’s been started. With both Pierce and Shaundi out of commission (and possibly dead), it’s time for some new voices to fill their shoes. My hope is that they’ll introduce two new main characters, one male and one female, who will then pick up where The Boss left off. Think of them as Shaundi and Pierce 2.0—stronger, smarter, better at shooting people in weird ways… still just as goofy as ever though!

Where does Saints Row 2022 take place?

Saints Row 4’s Enter The Dominatrix expansion came to an end after beating Zinyak and his alien empire. Enter The Dominatrix ends with a spaceship that takes us into space, where we meet Jane Valderamma as she takes over hosting duties for Matt Miller. She gives us a preview of Saints Row 5 but then warns about what happened next. From here, there are two ways to interpret what happens next in Saints Row 5; it could be set in a post-apocalyptic setting or it could continue on from where SR4 left off.

Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?
Saints Row 2022: Where Does the Story Pick Up?

Will there ever be a new Saints Row?

It’s hard to imagine a world without Saints Row, but although Volition is busy with Agents of Mayhem, it hasn’t ruled out returning to its flagship franchise. VP of Development Steve Jaros said that For sure we’d love to [return to Saints Row], but we can’t really say anything right now. With a new generation of consoles on the horizon and many eagerly anticipating what form they will take (and no doubt hoping for backwards compatibility), we may not have long to wait. And while nothing has been confirmed by anyone at Deep Silver (the company behind Saints Row) about any future plans for a new entry in the series, it might be wise not to lose hope entirely just yet.

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What is the best game right now 2022?

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In Overwatch, players select one of several hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and role classes. These heroes are divided into four categories: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Players can switch between heroes during matches, allowing them to strategically alter their team’s composition to fit whichever situations arise.

How many GB is Saints Row 2022?

If you’re playing on an Xbox One, it’ll take up 50 GB of hard drive space. This is because its install size includes not only all of Saints Row 4 and all its DLC, but also remastered versions of each game from SR1 to SR4, including Gat Out of Hell. All in all, that’s a lot of data! It’s clear that Volition felt very strongly about including every past title in their new release. Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready for what amounts to six full games on your console though – you can start playing from the beginning at any time after booting up.

Is Saints Row 2022 free?

Saints Row was originally intended to be a free-to-play game. However, that game was never released and publisher Deep Silver created Saints Row IV instead. On November 27, 2018 THQ Nordic (the owner of Saints Row) announced that it had acquired Koch Media (the parent company of Deep Silver). This put control of both companies into one entity and as part of that acquisition THQ Nordic acquired all intellectual property rights for Saints Row. The result is that THQ Nordic now controls everything regarding both franchises, including character development, plots and stories – so any ideas fans might have about where SR2022 should go are no longer up for discussion with either company since they will only be listening to their own team.

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