In the book Love & Anarchy, Ronny Lund, the CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt, is determined to leave his wife and live with his mistress. The only problem is that his boss Axel Lagerstedt doesn’t want Ronny to leave and continually blackmails him into staying at home with his wife by threatening to fire him if he doesn’t. Ronny finds himself in this dire situation because he did not take the time to plan out what he really wanted before agreeing to be Axel’s second-in-command at Lund & Lagerstedt.Ronny’s Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt

Who Is Bjorn Kjellman

Bjorn Kjellman is a Swedish actor and photographer. He has been nominated for two Guldbagge Awards for his role in Love and Anarchy. Kjellman began his career as an apprentice with Benny Fredriksson at Riksteatern where he performed in several productions between 1982 and 1989. Since 1990, he has performed in over 30 productions at various theaters, including The Misanthrope (1990), Les Blancs (1991), Uncle Vanya (1992), and Drunken Master (1993). His breakthrough came in 1993 when he was cast by director Nils Gaup as Olav Håkonsson, a Norwegian resistance fighter in Werner Herzog’s film Hansten’s Journey.

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Bjorn Kjellman Play as Ronny

Ronny is a weak-willed lawyer turned head of an advertising agency, forced to decide between his family life and love. It also stars Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo), Rebecca Liljeberg, Elias Rylander and Gabriella Wright as the most competent employee in town. Viewers will be captivated by Ronny’s dramatic journey to find balance between family, career and love.

Ronnys Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt
Ronny’s Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt

Watch for his wife Carolin (Rebecca Liljeberg) to support him through it all—and their son Andreas (Elias Rylander) along for the ride too! This drama has everything from gambling secrets and cheating spouses to unexpected romance.

How do you rate this movie?

7,5/10 Good movie but with a stupid ending! Maybe one of my favorite Swedish films ever. Bjorn Kjellman is great as always and all scenes are shot in Stockholm (Sweden) I recommend it to everyone that want to watch a good thriller! A movie that is not like anything you have seen before! You will love it! No matter how bad life gets, how sad or confused you may feel, realize that there is someone somewhere who has it worse…. yep, one of my fav movies because of those lines.

What did you like about it?

I like how Bjorn Kjellman plays him perfectly. As a person I find Ronny very compelling, he is charismatic and people seem to love him, but you always get a feeling that there is something dark beneath. It’s also a true story and in many ways it felt real and authentic as well. People would ask me what it was like working with Bjorn Kjellman on such an intense film and I simply said He is just as charming off set as he is on set.

Ronnys Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt
Ronny’s Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt

What makes this story compelling?

This is not a fictional story. It’s based on a real life Swedish CEO who was caught having an affair with one of his female co-workers. He’s been fired, but he still gets to keep most of his pay (around $5M) and benefits including company car, apartment, retirement plan etc. It will also cost 50 people their jobs because he was responsible for almost 1/3rd of all revenue at Lund & Lagerstedt which does trade business overseas. To top it off; there are no laws in Sweden that force companies to disclose infidelity by its executives. This lack transparency and lack retribution has turned him into a local celebrity; which makes sense when you consider how little exposure most CEOs get here in America from media outlets.

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What traits make a good leader?

I was impressed with his ability to show such a range of emotions and reactions to his problems. He wants to support his family and be a good husband, but he is also curious about what’s outside of his current life. His world is turned upside down by things happening around him that he doesn’t understand or have any control over, like when he realizes there’s something sinister in the company. When you work in an office environment, you sometimes lose sight of what really matters; however, I believe Bjorn Kjellman accurately portrays how most people react in similar situations. He does something unexpected when faced with adversity—and it had me laughing at times as well as contemplating my own feelings towards a life-changing decision.

How does this compare to other stories about leaders we’ve heard?

What made you love or hate it? : What did you like about it? ______________. What did you dislike about it? ______________. What do you think was done well in filming and why? _______________________________. Any advice to make it better, if possible, given that filmmaking is an expensive medium and often requires big budgets?: – Always spend money on a great script. It’s your best tool and a foundation for everything else.—Bjorn Kjellman, as Ronny, in Love & Anarchy

Ronnys Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt
Ronny’s Love & Anarchy: The Weak-Willed CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt

Why do you think this story was so popular?

It is a very entertaining story about how to make money on negative campaigns and how it goes wrong. I think its like you see in every company that have or just had a merger. The big fish will eat up smaller ones, but then they regret it. We are all working with numbers on companies every day, we know that companies even get cheated sometimes, but we never guess what happen at a newspaper? We work with numbers on companies and no one has a clue what they do behind closed doors… Crazy world! But it is good entertainment! It was full of suspense! And seeing how politicians can be bought off… It was so interesting to read and imagine why people act like they act in real life.

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