Doctor Who (sometimes stylised as Dr Who) is an upcoming British television series created by Steven Moffat and produced by Brian Minchin. Set to premiere in 2022, the series will be the ninth season of the programme and the first full series featuring Amelia Pond as the Doctor since 2013’s The Angels Take Manhattan. It will also feature Rochenda Sandall as Azue, an alien who travels alongside Pond. Rochenda Sandall to play Azue in Doctor Who 2022

About Rochenda Sandall

Actress Rochenda Sandall will be starring as the villainous Azue in Doctor Who 2022. Rochenda has played many other villainous roles and she is excited for her upcoming work on Doctor Who. Doctor Who’s producers are looking forward to creating a new character with this talented actress and everyone can’t wait to see how they come up with their version of Azue.

What We Know About the New Series

We know a lot of Doctor Who fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for any news about the much-anticipated Doctor Who 2022. Well, they’re finally here. The BBC has announced that Rochenda Sandall will be playing a role in the upcoming series and she is scheduled to start filming in December 2020. No other details have been released as of yet but it is thought that she will portray a character named Azue.

Rochenda Sandall to play Azue in Doctor Who 2022
Rochenda Sandall to play Azue in Doctor Who 2022

The Cast So Far

Doctor Who 2022 stars Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, with Sharon D. Clarke, Yasmin Paige, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole as friends. It’s just been announced that Rochenda Sandall will be joining the cast as a character called Azue. Details on who she’ll be playing are yet to be revealed. It’s a big year for Rochenda; she also stars in crime drama Criminal: UK.

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10 Facts about Rochenda

1. Her acting credits span both stage and screen productions, including Small Axe (2020), Line of Duty (2012) and Criminal: UK (2019).

2. At the age of 23, she was spotted by an agent while reading a play at a local open mic night.

3. She holds degrees from both Oxford University and Manchester Metropolitan University in human geography and sociology respectively.

4. Rochenda is also known for her work as the ‘Media Artist-in-Residence’ at London’s Royal Court Theatre, where she wrote and directed Raw Blue Jam (2017) with co-writer Andrei Seale.

5. Raw Blue Jam debuted at London’s Royal Court Theatre to critical acclaim, before going on to tour internationally in New York City, Sydney, Toronto and Prague amongst others.

6. The critically acclaimed production was shortlisted for an Olivier Award in 2018 and won a Drama Desk Award that same year.

7. In 2019, it went on to win Outstanding Production at Broadway World Awards 2019

8. The show has toured around the world over two years and is now available to watch worldwide on Amazon Prime Video

9. In 2020, Rochenda will star alongside Elisabeth Moss in Claire Denis’ latest film High Life , due out later this year.

10. She is currently preparing to begin filming for Doctor Who 2022, which sees her taking on the role of ‘Azue’.

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Why this Cast Member Was Chosen

Sandall is the perfect actress for the role of Azue, with a rebellious personality. She was known for her character as Small Axe on Line of Duty, who takes part in a robbery, proving that she has the edge to take on this new role. Fans also speculated that her as Nigella Maxim might mean she would be replacing Alexis Georgoulis as Daleks Nurse Preator at some point which turned out to be true when it was announced that Georgoulis would not be returning.

Will She Get Along With Her Co-Stars?

Doctor Who has always been a show with diverse leads and supporting characters, as evidenced by the phenomenal cast that played lead roles in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors’ eras. It will be interesting to see how Rochenda Sandall, who is best known for her work on British crime dramas like Line of Duty and Criminal: UK, will get along with the rest of this talented group. Sandall has commented on Twitter that she is overjoyed about joining such an iconic show.

Why This Character Was Introduced

Doctor Who 2022 introduces the latest incarnation of The Master, known as Azue. This character is a celebrated Aboriginal Australian actress and winner of ‘Best Actress’ at the Venice Film Festival for her role in Small Axe. Known for both dramatic and comedic performances, she has an extensive list of film credits including Line of Duty (2012) and Criminal: UK (2019).

How Her Character May Evolve In The Next Series

Doctor Who 2022 will be very different from its predecessor. The 12th Doctor is going to be a woman, and this will change the dynamic of the TARDIS team. It’ll also introduce new villains for the team to face off against, and one of them will be played by Rochenda Sandall! We don’t know much about Azue yet, but it’s clear that she has telekinetic powers like Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) did as The Bad Wolf.

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Rochenda Sandall to play Azue in Doctor Who 2022

5 Possible Storylines For Her Character In The Next Series

1. Azue is a tough, no-nonsense policewoman who has devoted her life to fighting crime and keeping London safe.

2. Azue becomes so immersed in policing that she uses it as an escape from the death of her family when she was young.

3. Azue grew up with a brother whose devotion to the Sikhs made him drift apart from her over time.

4. She spent many years living on the streets as a teenager after being abandoned by her mother – taking care of herself and her little sister as best she could until they were taken away by social services.

5. As a single mother, Azue finds happiness in caring for all people equally – whether they are friends or foes. Azue manages to fight back against prejudice and hatred through humour and love.

She meets The Doctor when he takes her children out for ice cream one day during school holidays.

5 Possible Plotlines For Her Character In The Next Series

1. The Tennant-era companion meets up with the next one, but since she’s older, the Doctor insists she not have a full-time assistant

2. There’s a plague, and as one of the few people who was spared, she and her best friend/love interest must navigate a treacherous world together and find out how it can be stopped

3. She becomes an engineer on a generation ship and struggles to stay sane while raising her son alone

4. She is sent back in time after saving some lives during the London Blitz, then spends 20 years living as if WWII never happened

5. She is captured by cannibals that worship aliens and their technology, which they believe will lead them to salvation when their planet dies.

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