Description of the story

Kung fu Panda is an animated movie that tells the story of kung fu goddess Khmini and her epic journey to become a kung fu master. Khmini is the daughter of a kung fu master, and she dreams of becoming just as powerful as her father. One day, while practicing with her father, she defeats an opponent much larger than herself – and learns something important: never to give up. This story follows Rukhmini’s journey towards achieving her goals, and includes action sequences set in various locations around China such as the Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountains. Along the way she clashes swords with bandits, outwits rival clans, and trades punches with monks in search of training that will help her stand up against any adversary. Can she become a true star pupil under the tutelage of Master Shifu?

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Plot summary

Are you ready for a good old-fashioned Kung Fu Panda movie? If so, make sure to catch Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda in theaters soon. This installment is filled with action, adventure, comedy, and drama – perfect for those who love a good movie franchise. In addition to the action and adventure, the film is also packed with some beautiful plot twists and turns. So, make sure to bring your friends and family along for the ride!


Parents and kids of all ages will love Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda. This animated movie is perfect for children 5-12 and is full of humor, action, and adventure. The story follows their adventures and teaches kids about traditional Chinese culture and values, such as filial piety and perseverance. Plus, it’s an entertaining family movie this holiday season. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it today!

Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda
Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda

What is the name of the red panda in Kung Fu Panda?

Rahnuma Panthaky is the red panda who has a significant role in the movie Kung Fu Panda. If you’re a fan of the film, be sure to check out Rahnuma Panthaky’s website for more information! This character is highly respected by fans of the movie and his story is essential to understanding the plot. If you’re curious about the red panda’s name or want to learn more about its history, watch the movie again or read up on it online. Rahnuma Panthaky is an important part of Kung Fu Panda, and learning about him is sure to deepen your love for this beloved animated film.

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Who is Shifu in Kung Fu Panda?

Rahnuma Panthaky is the voice of Shifu in Kung Fu Panda, and his portrayal is standout. He expertly balances humor with intensity when training PANDA on his journey to find Erisetty. His background as a kung fu master makes his portrayal of Shifu truly insightful and engaging. Learn more about his role in the film below, and be sure to check out his outstanding performance when Kung Fu Panda releases in theaters on March 23!

Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda
Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini: Kung Fu Panda

What is the movie Kung Fu Panda about?

Kung Fu Panda is an action-packed movie that children and adults will love. It follows the journey of an unlikely hero, Mufasa, as he trains his son, Li Shang, in kung fu. When Mufasa is killed, Li Shang must find a new kung fu teacher and protect the valley. Along the way, he meets other characters like Po the panda, Gobi the dragon, and Rahnuma Panthaky, a kung fu expert who becomes the new protector of China’s Valley of Peace. Rahnuma is a powerful fighter who uses his skills to protect the valley and its people.

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