The shocking season 4 finale of FOX’s hit television show, Lucifer, showed us the birth of Amenadiel and Dr. Linda Martin’s little boy who, according to Amenadiel, is the first half-angel half-human child to exist in the history of all time. But what does this mean? And where does Dr. Linda Martin fit into all of this? Here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Linda Martin on Lucifer! Rachael Harris and Lucifer’s Baby

First ever half-angel, half human being was born

Charlie is considered to be first ever half-angel, half human being. In season 4 Rachael Harris gave birth to him. He was later abducted by Uriel.

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He is an angel of vengeance

Discover what it’s like to be a half-human, half-angel baby when you are born on Earth from your father, an angel. No one knows what will happen when you grow up because no other person with these characteristics has ever been born before. One thing is for sure though: You won’t be an ordinary little boy…

Experienced immunity from reapers

When another reaper named April Kelly, who had experienced immunity from reapers, dies after being stabbed in her heart by Uriel, Linda seeks out Dr. Martin to determine what happened to her. During their session, Linda discovers that Uriel was going after baby Charlie next but is knocked out by a hallucination of Amenadiel.

Able to see visions from God himself

Rachael Harris plays Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer’s Stanford-educated psychotherapist in Fox’s hit show Lucifer. In season 4 she gave birth to Amenadiel’s son Charlie who is considered to be a first-of-its kind half angel/half human child in all of existence.

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Not affected by magic spells

One of Linda’s many superpowers is that she can’t be affected by magic spells. What makes her different from all other psychotherapists who are affected by magic? None of them were born without their supernatural powers. Dr. Linda Martin on Lucifer has a great life, perfect marriage, and two loving kids, but unlike other Angels living in Los Angeles, she doesn’t have any supernatural powers.

Rachael Harris and Lucifer's Baby
Rachael Harris and Lucifer’s Baby

Can calm down angry people with his presence

The son of Amenadiel, God’s most angelic angel, Charlie is a miracle: half-angel, half-human. With his very presence in a room, he can calm down angry people — except his father. When looking into his big blue eyes you might think there is something more to him than meets the eye. As little Charlie grows up there are signs that he’s special but how special will become apparent as time goes on.

Throwing knives

Rachael had to learn how to throw knives for her role in order to stab Dr. Linda. She trained with a stunt coordinator, which she said was helpful. During a panel Q&A, when asked if she’d actually use knives for self-defense, Rachael said I would use my fists! If I can’t run away then I would like to think that I could fight off an attacker without having to use a weapon. But… you never know.

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Being his father’s eyes on Earth for him

Being his mother’s eyes on Earth for her: Being his brother’s mouthpiece on Earth for him: Being his sister’s voice on Earth for her

Able to find John Winchester using his powers

While she is just a baby, Charlie is able to locate her father, John Winchester. While her mother wasn’t able to do so, Amenadiel states that their son may be stronger than both of them since he is half-angel. The power manifests at a young age as she was apparently able to find John while still in utero in a hospital room.

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