Today’s the day! PUBG has announced their much-anticipated April store update, which will bring new versions of weapon skins and items to the game. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about it below, so keep on reading if you want to know more about the PUBG April store update! PUBG’s New April Store Update!

What Do I Need To Know About The Shop Update?

The shop update is relatively small and mostly cosmetic, though it does come with some really cool new items that you can purchase to show off in game. If you don’t know how to get these new items, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s available (1) Logo Hoodie ($8): An updated version of your old uniform, with a logo on it; (2) Baseball Cap ($3): A standard baseball cap; (3) Tracksuit Pants ($5): Athletic pants that go over your boots; (4) Camo Bikini Top ($6): Camouflage bikini top. That’s right—you can now wear camouflage while taking a dip in Erangel. There are three different camos to choose from: desert, jungle, and snow; (5) Face Bandana ($3): A bandana for your face—just like those worn by so many streamers out there.

What Can I Expect From The New Shop?

I’m happy to announce that PUBG’s very first Early Access Shop is coming very soon in April and will be featuring five special skins (not collectibles, unfortunately) that you can only get from our store. We worked closely with our partners at Grab Games to design these brand new cosmetics so they fit seamlessly into PUBG. They look fantastic and I’m super excited for everyone to get their hands on them. Here are a few sneak peeks of what you can expect from our April update:

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The Scarecrow Collection: This collection features an assortment of costumes designed by both us and Grab Games which are inspired by traditional scarecrows. These outfits have been carefully designed to reflect PUBG’s distinct style while still being instantly recognizable as scarecrows thanks to some clever visual design work. The Scarecrow collection includes six different outfits: Cotton Hoodie, Cotton Shirt, Cotton Pants, Plaid Jacket, Raincoat, and Rainbow Scarf. Each one has its own unique flair but they all share similar silhouettes which makes it easy for players to tell them apart during gameplay.

What Are They Selling? PUBG’s New April Store Update!

There’s a new batch of items on sale in PUBG for April! Whether you’re looking to outfit your character with new clothing, guns or vehicles, there are new goodies available at every store. Here’s what you can expect The Emote Crate includes 10 emotes that can be used during matches. Each emote will cost $1 and will be exclusive to crates until May 30th when they’ll become available in other ways. You can also get up to 50% off on past crate items. For example, if you missed out on last month’s crate item (the USAS-12), it’s now only $20. But hurry because these discounts won’t last long either! You’ll also find new firearms, helmets and more at discounted prices. This update is live now so go check it out!

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Why Should I Buy The Stuff Off The Shop In Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile has been on Google Play and App store since January 2018. And it is probably one of my most favorite game. If you like battle royale games and want to play it in your android or ios device then Pubg mobile is a perfect game for you. The gameplay, graphics, controls are all awesome. The only thing that makes me feel bad about pubg mobile is its microtransactions. You can’t buy anything with real money but you can buy some stuff with BP which is called Battle Points which are earned by playing matches and completing missions. The best part about PUBG MOBILE is that they update their game frequently with new maps, weapons, vehicles etc. Which keeps things fresh and interesting every time they release an update.

PUBGs New April Store Update!
PUBG’s New April Store Update!

How Can I Get My Hands On This Goodies?

The best way to get your hands on all of these items is by purchasing them on PUBG’s store. You can view each item in detail here and see exactly how much you’ll be spending to secure your own set of loot. We don’t want you to have any buyer’s remorse, so please keep in mind that each purchase will require $19.99—and not a cent more. If you haven’t already purchased some of PUBG’s other limited-time offers, we recommend doing so before checking out. There are currently two skins available for purchase: one for The Reaper and another for The Shroud. Both offer up plenty of style points at a reasonable price point, with no extra bells or whistles to weigh down your loadout. If you really want to deck out your character with some unique gear, however, then we suggest looking into some of PUBG Corp.’s other offerings like Camo Cuts Bundle II or Camo Cuts Bundle III. These packs include everything from slick new hairstyles to fancy gloves—all at an affordable price.

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Could I Win The Amazing Gifts?

Ever since PUBG announced its new gift system, I’ve been wondering about a few things. Could I win all these new gifts? Would there be some cool prizes? Or is it just another useless system created to make money from people who don’t understand how rigged they are? Well, now we have a better idea of what it could offer and after looking into each item in detail, I have my answer… The store update will go live on April 22nd so if you want to check out any more information or see what other players think of it, click here.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

The most important thing you can do is have a contingency plan. If your startup is a little slow to take off, do you have a back-up plan? You need one and you need to be ready to act on it quickly. Worst case scenario, you’re going to have to shut down and sell off all your assets for as much money as possible, pay back loans with that cash, and regroup. Think of it like playing poker—only play when you’re ready to put down your last cent if you lose. Avoid being in debt and avoid raising more capital than you actually need at any given time because dilution sucks. Worst case scenario here could include having no money left but what are some of those worst case scenarios?

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