PUBG Mobile has taken the world by storm, with more than 200 million downloads and counting. In recent months, we’ve seen a new trend emerge in the game that many people have unfortunately become familiar with: cheaters. With such an enormous user base, there are bound to be some who want to take advantage of others’ hard work and winnings, especially given how easy it can be to cheat in PUBG Mobile these days! PUBG Mobile: Beware the Imposters

An Introduction to PUBG

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online battle royale multiplayer game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole. A spin-off of popular PC game Battle Royale by Japanese developer H1Z1: King of The Kill, PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017 and later released for Xbox One via its Game Preview program in December 2017.

New Update – Danger Zone

New Update- With new features, items, and modes in PUBG’s massive Danger Zone update, there are also some highly dangerous surprises lurking around every corner. Don’t get tricked into falling for these traps—or you might lose it all. Here are a few ways to keep your wits about you when playing PUBG. If it seems too good to be true… It probably is. We’ve seen plenty of players fall victim to their own greed in recent weeks as they loot chests or grab an item off of someone else only to find that their prize is not what they expected. The most common scams include enemies placing rare weapons or items in unassuming spots like trash cans or even just regular cars on a city street, so make sure you do your due diligence before taking any valuable items from another player.

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New Vehicle – Fishing Trawler

This is a new type of vehicle coming to PUBG Mobile as part of its 50th update. This boat will be able to move quickly across water and can sustain damage, but its main feature is that it offers an immersive fishing experience while you move around Erangel. Plus, it can hold a lot of supplies! Here’s how it works: You get on board by jumping into one of three seats at the front of your boat. Then, open up your inventory menu and select fish from your list of items. Once you’ve got bait in hand, cast your line into any body of water (the fishing rod will automatically snap onto any nearby fish). You can then reel in your catch once they bite on your hook—but be careful not to fall overboard!

Collaboration with Innersloth

To commemorate its second anniversary, PUBG MOBILE has announced a collaboration with fashion brand Innersloth. On July 3rd (Friday), players will receive free Innersloth Outfit which includes a stylish shirt and skinny jeans in 4 colors (White, Blue, Black and Red). Through July 8th (Tuesday), a 24-hour Flash Sale will be held on Innersloth items at 50% discount.

Tencent Is The Publisher PUBG Mobile: Beware the Imposters

Tencent is PUBG’s publisher, and thus they have an enormous amount of influence in what goes on with their game. It’s common to see new maps and skins added to PUBG Mobile thanks to Tencent’s partnership with other companies. That being said, when a company like Innersloth wants to get involved in PUBG, Tencent has no choice but to allow it—they can’t refuse if Innersloth pays them enough money.

South Korea Is The Developer

According to an exclusive report from Innersloth, South Korea has partnered with Tencent to develop a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) . This partnership comes as no surprise, considering PUBG was first released on mobile in China last year. The Chinese PUBG is run by Tencent and has proven quite successful with over 100 million active players. As we can see, all that success is not going unnoticed.

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Key Differences

The many instances of similar looking app names for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE has left players scammed and either downloading a fake app or paying for a subscription on an app that isn’t actually PUBG. The biggest giveaway that you are looking at a fake PUBG Mobile game is if you are playing on iOS, an iPhone, or iPad.

What’s Your Favorite Version?

Let’s just start off by saying that none of us here at PUBG Mobile want to start a flame war, but we do want to make sure you know about a new update that has been made to our beloved game. It seems as though there are some new versions of PUBG Mobile out there in the wild.

PUBG Mobile: Beware the Imposters
PUBG Mobile: Beware the Imposters

Why It’s Called ‘PUBG’ And Not ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’

PUBG Corp, formed by former members of Korean publisher Bluehole (the company behind PUBG), argues that Battlegrounds is too similar to its parent company’s Korean name for its game, 싸움의 장면 (Ssawonig Jangmyeon). Instead, it wants to use PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as a compromise.

I Made An Account. Why Am I Not Able To Play?

When you click on play, you are directed to a Google Play page. There are many fake versions of PUBG Mobile out there. All look like they’re the real thing—but when you make an account and enter your data, you aren’t actually making an account with Tencent or PUBG Corp.

How Do I Get In-Game Currency/Coins?

In PUBG Mobile, you get coins by opening crates. Crates are earned as rewards for a variety of activities, including leveling up and winning games. If you’re looking to level up faster in PUBG mobile, completing Daily Missions is one way to do so. Remember that some tasks may take several days (or even weeks) to complete! Remember: You can only win three crates per day.

Why Are There Ads When Playing PUBG Mobile?

On your mobile phone, you might get an ad or two before launching a game. This is completely normal and in no way indicates that anything is amiss with your device. On the other hand, you may notice a seemingly regular game or app suddenly show ads when you play it on PUBG Mobile. If you see one of these games running ads from another developer, then your device is infected with malware and needs to be cleaned up immediately.

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How Does Tencent Make Money From PUBG Mobile?

Tencent’s PUBG earnings come from a variety of sources. The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases that let you buy things like new outfits for your character, emotes, and even other games (we’ll get to those later). Tencent also sells V-Bucks, which can be used to buy skins for your character as well as things like crates.

How Many Players Are There On Average Right Now On This One Server?!?

There is an average of 7,500 players playing per server. There are two other servers that have an average of 5,000 to 7,000 players on each one. The rest of them have less than 2,000 players on them. This means there are a total of about 25,000 people playing PUBG mobile at any given time right now. That number will most likely rise as more and more people find out about it and start playing it.

Which Phones Can Run PUBG Mobile?

With PUBG’s worldwide launch in September 2018, one of its most burning questions was how compatible it was with smartphones. It turned out it wasn’t too bad, as Android players across a number of brands were able to run PUBG and enjoy its mobile-optimized gameplay. And today, as an important update for PUBG Mobile rolls out worldwide, we discover that iOS users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues either!

Are pubg mobile players bots ?

No, these players are not bots. However, there has been a lot of discussion around their performance and if it was influenced by cheats or hacks. Here’s what we know so far: Over 600 players were banned in April for using unauthorized software to play PUBG. The developers at Tencent also released a statement saying they will continue to monitor and ban cheaters. They are even offering rewards up to $50k to find PUBG cheaters.

What is Pubg imposter ?

A pubg imposter is an individual who mimics another person’s avatar, either by name or portrait. These are separate entities and have no relation to each other. Whether it is deliberate or accidental, changing your name to someone else’s can be considered as a form of impostering as a result of users suffering from identity theft due to hacking or account sharing.

PUBG Mobile: Beware the Imposters

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