Bridgerton fans often compare and contrast the Bridgerton sisters. But there’s one Bridgerton sister who is often overlooked in this discussion – Prudence Featherington, the eldest daughter of Benedict and Angelica Featherington, born into the Featherington family in 1868. And we think that’s not right – Prudence has her own strengths and weaknesses, her own story to tell, just like her younger sisters Penelope, Leonora, and Caroline do. Prudence Featherington: The Unfair Portrayal of the Eldest Bridgerton Daughter

Fact vs Fiction

Bessie Carter is known for her portrayal of Prudence Featherington in one of my favorite period drama novels, To Sir Phillip, With Love. The eldest daughter to Lord and Lady Featherington, she is known for being quiet and bookish, unlike her younger sister, Aurelia. While both are well-written characters with distinct personalities and desires that drive their storylines forward, there are some times when Bessie’s performance feels very detached. Some might argue that she’s not allowed to show much emotion because of how calm Prudence tends to be as a character – however I believe that Carter could have done a better job at conveying how Prudence was truly feeling in certain scenes without going overboard.

Why I didn’t write Prudence

I didn’t write Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington because she represents everything I don’t admire about that series. She is superficial, naive, and self-absorbed—her behavior is an embarrassment to me. It has nothing to do with it being historical fiction, either. Believe me when I say that if there were a character in a modern story that behaved like Prudence does, I would be disappointed and upset with their portrayal. Why am I doing a project about expanding women’s roles if I can’t even respect one woman? That was another big reason why I didn’t pick Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington; she wasn’t very independent.

Prudence Featherington: The Unfair Portrayal of the Eldest Bridgerton Daughter
Prudence Featherington: The Unfair Portrayal of the Eldest Bridgerton Daughter

Why it upset me so much

I have always loved all books in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series and have recently read Prudence which is a book that is set during World War II. In one part, Prudence goes to a dance and she has already been asked by someone else to be his partner. He was going to propose that night but when he shows up, it turns out she had already promised her services as a partner to another man! The next day, he does not ask her to marry him; instead he asks for her help in writing some poetry for him.

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To Fans of Prudence

There is something that has been bothering me for a long time, and I finally had to break my silence on it. If you know me, you know how much I love romance novels. And if you follow my reviews, then you’ve probably figured out by now that I am not a big fan of what I call romance novel tropes. Recently one trope has been bugging me more than usual, and that is in relation to Bessie Carter’s portrayal of Prudence Featherington in her series Bridgertons. So many people read these books and see Prudence as just another typical bossy little sister in a historical romance novel. But she isn’t!

To Everyone Else

It seems that every character in every romance novel is either a beautiful and perfect paragon of virtue or an eccentric cad. But what about those characters in between? What about realistic women who make mistakes, who aren’t perfect and aren’t trying to be, and are okay with that? If you’re looking for strong female characters with flaws (i.e., more than one dimension), you should read The Bridgertons. I guarantee it will make your life better. However, if you decide to pick up a book by Julia Quinn because of my positive review, please don’t let me influence your decision: JUST READ THE BOOKS ALREADY! You won’t regret it; I promise. xoxo ~ Bessie Carter =]

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Who married Prudence Featherington?

It’s an age-old question among avid historical romance fans. No, not who will she marry? (Answer: Benedict Bridgerton.) It’s a question that both pertains to her character arc in Julia Quinn’s famous Bridgerton series and who readers thought she should end up with.

Prudence Featherington: The Unfair Portrayal of the Eldest Bridgerton Daughter
Prudence Featherington: The Unfair Portrayal of the Eldest Bridgerton Daughter

Who played the Featherington sisters?

Lizzie was portrayed by Sarah Gadon (in her first film appearance), Lady Isabelle by Lydia Wilson, and Prudence by Bessie Carter. The last name is pronounced like a combination of words prude and curtain in American English; I don’t know how it’s pronounced in British English, or if there are varying pronunciations. So you can call her Prudie for short if you want to avoid long names.

Who is Imelda Staunton daughter?

Imelda Staunton is an English actress who has had a successful stage and screen career, encompassing theatre, film and television. She is currently starring in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 as Dolores Umbridge, a cruel Ministry bureaucrat who tyrannizes both Harry Potter’s world and Hermione Granger’s world. Her other film roles include Mrs.

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How old is Bessie Carter?

I’m not entirely sure, but I suspect that she is somewhere in her mid-thirties. She’s played by Frances Fisher, who I believe was born in 1958. It seems like if Frances Fisher were to play a character in her early twenties (or even thirties), she would be playing it up for all its worth and make us forget about any acting abilities she may have.

Who inherits the Featherington Estate book 2?

It is generally believed that Bessie Carter will eventually inherit. As for when, it is not clear whether her parents plan to leave their estate to her as soon as she turns 25, as stipulated in Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s wills, or if they have yet to add a specific date of inheritance on an update will. Regardless, Bessie becomes aware that some believe she might not inherit on account of her marriage to Will Bridgerton.

Who does Penelope Featherington end up with?

This question has been a much-debated topic in fan fiction circles for years. It’s time to settle it once and for all, with facts, common sense, and maybe a little analysis. To get started we have to define what makes someone right for Penelope (or any character, really). Is she seeking a strong personality? An intellect that matches her own? A romantic who will leave her breathless?

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