For the past few months, Telegram has been testing a premium subscription plan that allows users to pay for additional features and stickers in their favorite messaging app. The service has already rolled out some of these new tools to its users, but now it’s also moving ahead with plans to launch the premium subscription model to all Telegram customers starting this month. Here’s everything you need to know about premium Telegram subscriptions and whether you should subscribe yourself. Premium Telegram: Everything You Need to Know

Why do people love Telegram?

People love that Telegram is fast, secure, and simple. It’s an app for Android, iOS, and desktop computers that lets you send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (documents or MP3s) quickly. These messages can be sent one-on-one or in groups as big as 5000 people; you can create public channels for broadcasting messages out to even bigger audiences.

How does the new subscription service work?

It’s fairly straightforward. Subscribers can pay either $5 a month or $50 a year to gain access to additional features that aren’t available in free accounts. It’s worth noting, however, that these are just opt-in options that come as part of an update—Telegram isn’t forcing people who use its service for free to start paying if they don’t want to. The new features include increased upload speed, which comes from cloud servers instead of each user’s device; up tp 1GB of storage on Telegram’s servers (current users get 200MB); special bots with advanced capabilities; and stickers related to politics and other news-making events around the world.

Premium Telegram: Everything You Need to Know
Premium Telegram: Everything You Need to Know

What would I have to pay for?

Many people wonder what they would have to pay if they signed up for a premium plan. The truth is that pricing information hasn’t been announced yet, but we can make some educated guesses about what it might cost. Telegram has promised that its subscription services will be priced competitively, so it’s likely that you won’t have to pay very much. However, you shouldn’t expect premium accounts to be free either. When WhatsApp introduced its own subscription model, all users were given a one-year grace period during which they could continue using their existing accounts without paying anything—but new users had to pay $1 per year of service right away.

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What about WhatsApp Status?

The next Snapchat? WhatsApp Status lets you share pictures, videos and GIFs with a status message of up to 200 characters (or As Whatsapp Say as they like to call it). You can also tap on your friends’ status updates if you want to reply or like what they’ve posted. The main difference between WhatsApp Status and Snapchat is that there’s no private option – all status updates are public by default. However, you can choose which contacts can see your Status Updates and which ones cannot. People who get notifications when their number is mentioned in a status update will be able to see your profile photo and name, but only if they’re one of your contacts.

How can I learn more about this?

If you want to learn more about premium membership in Telegram, go ahead and sign up on their official website. Once you’re logged in, it’s a good idea to check out your profile details where you can learn even more about how premium membership works. You’ll be able to see how many characters you have left before hitting your limit per month, as well as how much of that limit has been used. If you hit the limit without knowing it or need additional features or benefits right away, head over to their help page and start browsing through resources like FAQs and support articles.

Premium Telegram: Everything You Need to Know
Premium Telegram: Everything You Need to Know

How can I subscribe on Telegram?

It is just like any other messaging app. First, you will have to search for @BotFather and start a conversation with it. Now, you need to wait for a response from it in order to get some information about subscriptions on Telegram. There are two different kinds of subscriptions, which include Public Accounts and Private Channels. If you want access to Public Accounts, then all you need is $1 and an email address, along with your phone number in case there’s an issue regarding your account or if someone needs to contact you on a private matter. However, Private Channels require more effort in terms of subscription fees as well as creation process and other administrative costs in general.

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Does Telegram need subscription?

The company thinks so. Pavel Durov, who founded and currently serves as CEO of Telegram, announced on Tuesday that it would start charging users who don’t want to see ads or share their data with third parties. Those who sign up for a subscription will be able to unlock special features, according to a post on his public channel. He said users could decide which features they wanted, though he didn’t explain what that meant in detail. And unlike Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp—which offer subscriptions through monthly payments—Telegram doesn’t plan on giving its premium service away for free.

Is Telegram free or paid?

There’s no need to worry. This July, Telegram will launch a premium subscription plan, but there’s plenty you can do without paying a dime. Even if you never plan on subscribing, you can use these tips and tricks to start enjoying your time with Telegram right now. That way, when premium comes out next month, you’ll be in a prime position to take advantage of it. So check out our list of best-kept secrets and hidden tips below – they’re guaranteed* (*not really) to give you more power over your favorite chat app!

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How to cancel Telegram subscription?

As stated in their FAQ, you have to delete your account. This can be done by opening settings and pressing on delete my account. Afterwards, an email will be sent that asks for a confirmation of your decision. In order to cancel your subscription via SMS you need to send STOP from Telegram web app or from any device with access code in settings menu of Telegram web app. If it doesn’t work immediately, don’t worry about it and just give them some time – sometimes it takes up to 24 hours. So if there is still no response after 24 hours, open a new chat with @SupportTelegramBot and send /unsubscribe command then follow their instructions.

How can I get free subscribers on Telegram?

a number of ways to get new people added. Firstly, you can simply add friends yourself using your phone or desktop app. Alternately, if there are people you’d like to connect with on Telegram but don’t know their account name (their username), you can use an invite link. These links allow anyone with a Telegram account (not just users who already have your phone number in their contacts) to view your profile and send you messages—and, just as importantly, it lets them subscribe for free.

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