Pooja Hegde Radhe Shyam took to Twitter to share her experience with Amul butter after she tried it for the first time and was not able to control herself and finished the entire pack in one go. Pooja posted a video on Twitter of her gorging on the Amul butter with bread saying, I couldn’t control myself!! Had to finish the whole thing in one go! You may notice that Pooja has been using Amul butter since her childhood days, but we are sure she will be using it more frequently now! Pooja Hegde Radhe Shyam tries Amul butter for the first time

The product explained

Amul butter is a brand of clarified margarine or unsalted butter that is manufactured in India by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. It was launched on 1 July 1949. The product has evolved from traditional packaging to new ones, including sticks (which are 30 cm long) and individual containers, through which more convenient and hygienic usage is made possible. Butter has many nutritional benefits including vitamins A, D and E, all of which contribute to healthy bones and teeth.

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This is what happened

Pooja and I have both recently been shooting in Dehradun, and she just happened to be staying in my bungalow. On her second day in town, we were both pretty tired from a long day of shooting, so she came back home to freshen up and rest. When I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said, Whatever you cook—that’s when I decided to surprise her with some delicious homemade bread made with Amul butter.

Pooja Hegde Radhe Shyam tries Amul butter for the first time
Pooja Hegde Radhe Shyam tries Amul butter for the first time

What she says about the product

It’s fresh and creamy, light and flavorful.: Actress Pooja Hegde recently tried Amul Butter for the first time at home. It’s delicious! My mom loved it too.

FAQs on Amul Butter

Is it authentic? Yes, Amul Butter is a delicious product of India. It’s authentic, trusted and has many loyal consumers! Where can I buy it? You can buy Amul Butter from any shop that stocks Indian products. What does it taste like? It tastes delicious. How is it different from other butters in terms of texture and flavor? The texture and flavor are unique to Amul Butter.

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Testimonials by other celebrities

According to a report in The Indian Express, actress Pooja Hegde has revealed that she has never tried Amul Butter and that while on a recent visit to India, she finally relented. In America I eat peanut butter but somehow never got to try our indigenous brands. So when I was home, my dad introduced me to it, she says. Actress Pooja said she is a big fan of regional specialities such as guava juice and papaya milk.

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